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As Nation Suffers 18th School Shooting in 45 Days, Trump Budget Would Slash Funding for Background Checks

As Nation Suffers 18th School Shooting in 45 Days, Trump Budget Would Slash Funding for Background Checks

Julia Conley, staff writer

As a Florida community reels from the nation's latest mass shooting—the 18th school shooting in the first 45 days of 2018—President Donald Trump is pushing for a new federal budget that would call for cuts to programs that aim to keep guns out of the hands of people with criminal records.

The National Criminal Records History Improvement Program and the NICS Act Record Improvement Program provide funding to states to improve their reporting of domestic violence and other violent crimes in order to include perpetrators in the national background check database for gun purchases.

Want to change gun laws in the U.S.?
Make sure Thugs and Dums are no longer around after the next election.
Vote for independents who will not deal with NRA lobbyists.
Thanks NRA for increasing the slaughter of Americans. So patriotic!


You are not alone…

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I’m sure none of the members of congress will loose any sleep over this. After all, to them it is just the little people - the nobodys who are getting killed. Now if one of their lobbyist friends from the NRA were killed in one of these things - they would be falling over themselves to get the their funeral and show their sympathy. With friends like them - who needs enemies.

The Clown in chief mentioned something about mental health so there must be increases in funding for mental health services in the Budget right … no it’s all being spent on the surveillance and storage of everyone’s electronic communications and 8 wars amongst other secret actions to keep the Muslim terrorists from harming Americans so sorry kids that you had to die but it was so the fight against terrorism could wage on indefinitely. Oh and sorry about everyone who dies because they didn’t have health care but you know it’s all so that resources for the fight against terrorism can be financed and same for all of those who get their lives destroyed by climate related disasters … such a screwed up country … SAD eh Donald

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The madness of such acts begins at the top with the person that “leads” the nation. The offensive and aggressive behaviors of the executive, the contempt for others, the self-absorbed vindictive accusations, personal attacks, overt lies, and most especially, culture of violence of endless wars, all feeds disrespect and aggressive behavior in others, especially the young and disturbed - That is no way to instill respect or, I will say, love in others!

Defunding programs of healing and teaching and inclusion, that make people whole rather than broken add to the climate of oppression and violence.

Violence and contempt for others, both general and individual, can be laid at the doorstep,at least in large part, to the MO of trump and his regime - its “leader”!


Every other industrial country provides health care for all of their citizens, but not the so-called exceptional country. USA, USA!

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Nixon and Thatcher … and Trump …
If you don’t like the law, the regulations, the program … Don’t fund it.

Looks to me like Trump is anti-background checks …
More shootings sell more guns, more profits for NRA.

Looks like Trump is pro-NRA and pro-gun violence.

Should be #1 question for voters now … do you support the NRA and guns?

Notice 11,004 Gun Murders in US every year –
UK – 26 Gun Murders every year.

Actually, notice that that’s MURDERS …
Not sure on my memory since I last looked at figures, but we have more than
33,000 - 34,000 Gun Shootings every year in the US.

Women in US have 11X the chance of being shot by a male with a gun here in
US – versus women in other wealthy nations.

And what are the odds that few of these people can any longer afford health insurance
in US?


My vote would be for neither of those options - which happens to be the reality in almost all cases.

My vote is that classrooms should be places where students learn to think, not where they learn how to cower under desks in terror.

The debates I see after each mass shooting on guns and mental illness and rarely informed on either topic.


No - not at all. I support lots of programs that would help eliminate root causes of violence and I fully understand that the second amendment gives Americans the right to bear arms.

Let’s look at our biggest problem with gun violence which is suicides, not mass shootings. I support programs that would lessen the number of suicides - keeping people engaged and connected to society and not isolated in despair. I support biometric or other technologies that help avoid people using a gun that is not theirs. I support safety training for those who own guns. I support a broad-based single payer medical system that allows people to be appropriately treated for conditions that might lead them to violence (not just handed pills and told to go away). I have no problem taking action on this issue. But your options are a completely false choice.

The GOP wants to slash funding for background checks. Trump’s first act after entering office was to repeal an Obama rule that made it harder for mentally ill people to get guns.

Are all you MAGA whores cool with this? Tired of all this awesome winning? Hope none of your children get gunned down at the next - because there will be a “next” - mass school shooting brought to you by the bought-and-paid-for whores in Congress who keep making it easier and easier for more right-wing white nutjobs to acquire semi-automatic assault rifles.

If we keep “winning” at this rate, there won’t be very many of us left to enjoy the victory dance.

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MORE guns is certainly not the answer. LESS guns is. Or NO guns. And nobody - not even the most intelligent, vociferous gun-nuts in the GOP - have been able to make a convincing argument why any American citizen needs to have assault rifles/bump stocks/weapons designed to kill as many people as possible in as short amount a time as possible.The sooner the laws are changed to FORCE people to accept this fact, the sooner the US’s insane gun-related death statistics will begin to drop.

Do you think this nutjob in Florida would have been able to kill 17 people as quickly as he did - or at all - if he had a knife? He might have gotten one or two before he was tackled. Do you think the nutjob in Las Vegas could have killed 55 people and wounded 525 with a single-shot .22? Sure, if he had several hours and they all stood still and the cops all went on vacation at the same time.

Sorry - there really is no evidence that people who commit mass shootings care at all whether the site is a “gun-free” zone or not. Also, your 97% figure is for a very restricted class of shootings - not one that contributes much to overall gun violence in the U.S. It is also a meaningless figure unless you compare it to the rate of shootings in surrounding “guns-allowed” areas. For example there are about 200,000 schools in the U.S., housing about 75 million students. How does the gun violence rate at those (nearly entirely “gun-free” zone) schools compare to the gun violence rate in the surrounding areas? You listed all of the recent school shootings in the U.S. in a previous post in this thread. That list is orders of magnitude shorter than the list of shootings elsewhere.

Too many Trump supporters are gun rights fanatics and racist. So Trump is ingratiating himself with the people that elected him with his gun rights decisions. Trump is also a blatant racist.

I don’t believe I disputed that number - I just pointed out that

  1. it uses a restrictive definition of “mass shootings” that does not, for example, include violence related to gangs or crime - even if unrelated innocents are shot, and does not include mass shootings that take place on private property, (with those other types of mass shootings included the number drops from the 95% range down to the 10-15% range), and
  2. that when you look at shooting rates in general they are way lower in schools than in “guns-allowed” areas which is a more relevant comparison.

I’d also note that your argument for the “soft target” theory has no evidential basis since interviews and writings of perpetrators don’t support it.

Let’ see … there are about 10,000 pawn shops in the United States (where you say owners/clerks predominately carry guns) while there are about 350,000 churches (which are predominately “gun-free” zones). Yet there are about as many shootings on church grounds per year as there are pawn shop shootings per week (i.e. the rate of shootings is more than a thousand-fold higher at the hard-target pawn shop than at the soft-target church).

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Again, you can’t supply any good reason for a person to own an assault rifle. It’s impossible to get logic from a gun nut, always will be. Which is why we have incidents with high body counts.

Didn’t expect you to. Another right-wing gun-nut wants to keep his penis-enlarger.

Yay, another right-wing Trump-worshipper has come to CD! Always enjoy these! Gets old preaching to the choir after a while. You guys sure do spice up the discussions :slight_smile:

Did not read the link due to the idiotic pro-drumpf sub-heading, because as we know when it comes to racism, words don’t matter, so forget all of his racist statements.