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As Nations Get Ready for Nuclear War, Their Governments Work to Create the Illusion of Safety


As Nations Get Ready for Nuclear War, Their Governments Work to Create the Illusion of Safety

Lawrence Wittner

Ever since the U.S. atomic bombings of Japanese cities in August 1945, a specter has haunted the world―the specter of nuclear annihilation.

The latest report from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, issued on January 24, reminds us that the prospect of nuclear catastrophe remains all too real. Citing the extraordinary danger of nuclear disaster, the editors and the distinguished panel of experts upon whom they relied reset their famous “Doomsday Clock” at two minutes to midnight.



As a Nuclear Veteran who was exposed to the first US air-dropped H-Bomb and about six or seven others, two of which were classified as “Dirty Bombs,” I don’t have a lot of hope for an attack of sanity to hit the warmongers of the world. There is no such thing as a limited nuclear war. The first idiot that pushes his or her “button” will be "the man, or woman, that destroyed the world." He/She will be able to take that badge with them, all the way to Hell.
*I survived my exposure. Many thousands of guinea pigs to our nuclear testing did not. The government is waiting for us all to be gone, so there will be nobody to bear witness against them as they prepare the final act.



There is no such thing as nuclear defense, really, in a literal sense. This is so redundantly true as to leave little reasonable doubt.

  • Historically, attack trumps defense. It is undertaken at advantage and directed at weakness.
  • Bombs and missiles improve; walls don’t much. Our walls are better than those at Jericho, some of them, but not be orders of magnitude
  • Western countries are dotted with nuclear targets near population centers, these including both caches of arms and materials and also power plants
  • Either the US or Russia could destroy the other country by detonating their missiles in their own silos, just by the creation of a nuclear winter.

Practical or faux-practical considerations of nuclear survival mostly come down to surviving an accidental attack along the (updated) lines of a Strangelove scenario or else sufficiently crippling the opposite power in a first strike so that the losses would be regarded (by whom?!) as “acceptable,” the calculation of that latter probably including special protection up to some certain point for the people making the decision.

This latter consideration is particularly frightening, given the tradition of hubris among American commanders particularly, and the obvious bullbaiting and sabre-rattling that has been going on as the MIC, hydrocarbon, finance, and nuclear industries throw their collective weight around.

One defends with nuclear arms or WMDs by creating a deterrent. So, for example, we see that the US very carefully checked and investigated Iraq for around a decade before deciding that the WMDs they had delivered to Hussein during the 1980s had deteriorated and had not been replaced. They located the remains, sent soldiers near it to experience the results, and blew it up. But they would not likely have risked the entire invasion on the possibility of a genuine WMD attack.

The deterrent works as long as no one sets the arms off–an admittedly problematic condition.

The United States clearly has plenty of technology and plenty of arms to supply a deterrent. So do the other nuclear powers, probably including North Korea. It is very hard to turn a profit on actually getting oneself bombed, even with one nuclear weapon. Among other things, it is apt to cost a lot of the “political capital” that rulers manage to gain at least at the start of conventional wars. It is also not a reasonable way to cull most of the population–even were one to imagine that such an idea were reasonable–because it will mostly kill by destroying habitat.

But we are definitely here with the spiritual or anti-spiritual descendants of Douglas MacArthur and Allen Dulles–people who would have merrily nuked Moscow and Beijing and Hanoi in one year or another and thought the idea humanitarian and prophylactic. There is no more radical or extreme idea, no more dangerous idea across the entire spectrum of politics, yet the people involved in it include those whom we often term “centrists,” simply because these are ideas espoused by the command of both major parties.

Violence tends to not engender positive or constructive change. But any measure that would effectively supplant the current cabal–heads of commerce and finance, officials elected and unelected–would be a move towards moderation.



Well, you-all hang in there.

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HI miniture: OMG, you have actually been nuked, I’m glad you’re still here!

I was just reading Truth Dig and there’s an interview that people need to see before the bombs start dropping. Apparently the secret keepers have been lying since the Tennet man was in charge----and the CIA helped to kill the 3000 Americans on 9/11---- because it seems they were interested in keeping their jobs as the CIA is not supposed to be involved in i.e. activities on America soil . Because they ignored that, they knew what was coming but did not speak up -----so nukes are bad enough , but the spy people really are soulless,sigh–the book is called,“The Watchdogs Didn’t Bark: The CIA, NSA and The Crime of the War on Terror. ( by John Duffy and Raylowosrlski… it seems that dirty spy agencies are worse than dirty bombs. : (
And apparently the NY Times et al are ignoring it as are many of the BIG media guys-----I read that old saying” Vanity, Vanity all is vanity." Sadly, it seems it that has to be updated to: "Collusion Collusion all is collusion and Collusion is money. " The truth seekers are waiting----but lips have been silent. : (

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A segment of our population has given Mushroom Dick two years to rape and pillage our nation.

“Lord, help us keep this man from killing us all.”



Bill Gates is wondering why we haven’t produced more and better nukes. As Professor Galbraith said:
" People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage." John Kenneth Galbraith



And there we have it: The real reason for the insanity which saturates our public planning decisions: death over life, hate over love, greed over common sense. This stuff is definitely not about our much ballyhooed “security”.

All of this money could be used for things which actually make Americans, and others,
more secure. Things such as infrastructure improvements, climate-change adaptation and amelioration, education, health care, just to name a few. But no…our Empire and its death-wish cult much prefers to go down in flames, guns blazing, pockets full of money.



I wonder if there has ever been a species which had so much self hate as to invent the means to wipe itself out before.

Until we can put leaders in place who will act out of love and compassion instead of fear and greed, there’s not much hope we will survive our own technology.



The Fat One is probably not aware that ever since Ronnie Ray-gun’s “Star Wars” project, hundreds of millions, perhaps billions have been spent trying to come up with a missile defense system that works and is reliable. What has happened is that once or twice a year or so, a new anti-missile missile has been taken to the Marshall Islands and tested. It is to destroy an incoming missile that they have all the information on including the flight details and timing. Their success rate is less than 50%. Then they get another few hundred million to design another one that is supposed to work. Pretty good income for a project that is supposed to produce as many as two toys per year, most of which don’t work. (Can you imagine the success rate, responding to a bunch of incoming missiles you had no information on except for incoming tracks on the radar?)
*“Calling Doctor Strangelove! Calling Doctor Strangelove!”



That is a theory why we haven’t seen any intelligent alien life. Maybe it is the destiny for all sapient beings to eventually wipe themselves out. Maybe it is just the natural process of the universe. Like how a rat colony will eventually cannibalize itself.



the number is $1.3 trillion to enhance and operate the USA nuclear weapons over the next 30 years. That is $4 million every hour of every day on US nuclear weapons. There are still 14,000 nuclear weapons around the globe. All very much more powerful than those that killed hundred of thousand of people in Japan in WW2.



My father told me that when he was in the navy after the end of the war, he was part of the atoll tests of nuclear weapons. When I was in my 20s’ he told me that the government told him that it was possible for his male children to be sterile. Which proved to be true for me.
They used our people as guinea pigs to see what effects nuclear weapons would have.



Hi Skip,
*Sorry you got bit. We used to have a nuclear veteran site which kept track of most of us and we could stay in touch. Then one day, the site disappeared.
*While it was active, many people came on the site to ask for help. The government wanted nothing to do with its guinea pigs. I acted as a Councillor for a long time, trying to connect people with someone that could help. Often, many people just wanted to talk it out and I heard many stories. Yours is not unusual. Many people had birth defects, even grandchildren of nuclear veterans. The people of the Marshall Islands are still suffering greatly. I could get graphic, but I won’t.
*I’ve spent much of my life working to awaken the people as to what was coming if we didn’t act. Might have done some good. I’ve written to world “leaders,” my alleged representatives and many others.
*After I recovered from my radiation exposure, I didn’t expect to live to be twenty-five. I had a number of illnesses which I thought might be the big one. Fortunately, I recovered and am now in my eighties. I grew up in a Constitutional Republic, which treated its people pretty well. I grew up during WW-II and got too used to seeing new Gold Stars in windows. My big brother was at Pearl Harbor, and later had three ships sunk under him.
*After the first test series, “Operation Crossroads” at Bikini, some of the target ships that didn’t sink were towed back to Bremerton for study. My folks were invited to see them, so I saw what nuclear war was all about.
Ten years later, I was a seventeen year old sailor, watching the bombs from my ship at Bikini.
*The number of people who really know what nuclear war is about is a handful of survivors from the various test series. We’re fading fast.
*The jackasses that now run this country, and those who live in the Pentagon, have no idea of nuclear warfare and its side effects. To them, it is just like a computer game. “Blow up a city! Wheee! That’ll fix 'em!”
*As I said above, I grew up in a Constitutional Republic, and it looks like I’ll die in the Fourth Reich.
*I’m hoping we can turn this around and I’ll get my Republic back. Then I can die in peace, or maybe spend my last years writing stories and poetry, which I had to put aside for the Twenty-first Century.
*Hang in there, Skip. I guess we’ve all got to just keep trying.

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As least my father didn’t suffer like you have. But he also didn’t talk about it much. My father was not one to question authority. Nor stand up. He only mentioned it because I was about to get married.
As it turned out, both of us were sterile after many years of trying.
Shit, my father could have been at Bikini with you on some ship.
Right now we are an oligarchy and heading downhill. I compare what is happening to the latter years of the roman empire or any empire. When the Vandals came to the gates, the romans couldn’t raise an army to defend the city. No one cared anymore. That is the place we are fast approaching, who will care enough to defend the republic?
We are a people divided and the house won’t stand.
Hey as a frustrated writer myself and an author (no books sold yet), keep writing anyways. Your writing may be the only thing that comes out of the fall of the republic.
We try in our own way to have some effect. To stop trying completely means to just give up. And I am not dead yet.



Western civilization is a cancer.

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Hi Skip,
*Thanks for the kind words. Keep up your writing!
*Do you know what year your dad was at Bikini? I can see what test series he was in and may be able to give you some details, if you want them. Here is a poem you might enjoy. It is an acrostic poem.

Lately the news seems filled with hate and tragedy;
Only occasionally does love and kindness appear.
Verily, we need a new strategy
Encouraging empathy and forgiveness instead of fear.

Teachers revered throughout history have always taught love,
Hatred is proved but a sordid blind alley.
Youth has always sought a path of enlightenment in the light above.

Now we are facing a cult of hate and destruction,
Engorging itself upon power and greed.
It is time We the People begin giving instruction,
Growing love and compassion with new seed.
Hatred is like being chained to an oar in a galley.
Brotherly love can snap the chain and break the oar,
Or, take the galley and head for an halcyon shore
Resolving in peace, that of hate, we will take no more.

Steve Osborn
28 May 2017

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Just think about all of the apocalyptic movies we have seen where the inner city is a “no man’s land.”
The rich will have the high rises to themselves with security below, and many years worth of food and medicine at their finger tips. The street dwellers will kill each other off one by one eliminating that threat.
Or maybe a country like Mexico could come to our aid, if only they could breach that wall.



I have no idea. He only mentioned it once and didn’t give any dates. I think he was on an oil tender, he always talked about how great destroyers were, but never served on one. He never saw action, that I know. By the time he entered the navy the war and was given a ship the war was over. I know that he served in the pacific and saw ports in that area.
I don’t whether he was ashamed that he never saw action or what. He talked about how the food was better in the navy than other branches and that destroyers had the best of all. If he was supplying destroyers he probably knew what they were getting in the way of food. I had the feeling he wanted to serve on a destroyer.
My father was not someone to talk about things too much. I think it had to do with him being the youngest of six and watching his older brothers being abused by their father. Being silent was safe. I know his father scared the hell out of me when we visited. He was not the kind to bounce you on his knee. And he had this disapproving glare if you invaded his space.
My other grandfather was an abusive alcoholic, but he died a few months after I was born. So I only knew him from the lies my mother and grandmother told me while I was growing up. It wasn’t until I was an adult that the horror stories came out. But it helped me to understand the abusive nature of my family.
That’s a nice poem. Too bad love and kindness isn’t more common.



If I was mexico, I would just let us die. But maybe they would be nicer than we are.
The rich can hide, but sooner or later, they will be devouring their own. When there is no one else left, they will have nowhere but themselves to fight.