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As Netanyahu Heads to DC, CodePink Tries to Shut Down AIPAC


As Netanyahu Heads to DC, CodePink Tries to Shut Down AIPAC

- Common Dreams staff

As Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is crossing the Atlantic heading to Washington to deliver Tuesday's controversial speech to Congress on Iran, activists are spending Sunday trying to shut down the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

AIPAC has been called “the most important organization affecting America’s relationship with Israel,” and one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the US.

At least 5 CodePink activists had been arrested by early Sunday afternoon:


“He is actually strengthening Iran”. General Ashef.

Yes, but General, that is the whole idea!


We need some prominent progressive American jews to speak up at the same time warmonger Netanyahu does.


Yes, but would the corporate media be able to ‘hear’ those progressive Jews, over the sound of repeated standing ovations in Congress as Nutty speaks?


Probably not. But they could reach a lot of people online.


How I hope that you are right. I guess I’ve become cynical about the prospects for change. Just last week I had an educated, compassionate friend look at me like I was from Mars when I mentioned that I was buying (very expensive) Palestinian olive oil online in an effort to support their livelihoods.


It’s not Republicans and Democrats. It’s neocons and neolibs. They are the real enemy. Fascist bankster military adventurers for profit.


The entire nation should stop what they are doing as soon as he takes the microphone. And go outside and moon in the direction of the capital.


And over the cries of “Anti-Semitism!” from AIPAC, JStreet, et. al.

And all that accompanied by the spinelessness of the neocons & neolibs like Obama, Hillary, Reid, McConnell, McCain, Graham, Grassley, Johnson, Feinstein, Schumer, et. al.


Okay it’s time out for a reality check. We understand that the problem with drugs is not just “drugs” per se, it is also their demand and willing usage by those seeking intoxication over sobriety.
Similarly, we understand that the problem with “terrorism” is not just “terrorists” but also the conditions that breed and recruit them to their cause.
Both “terrorism” and “drugs” have had “wars” declared agsint them and we see how far that has gotten their efforts.
Now we have the hue and cry to “shut down AIPAC” and show our objection to a foreign leader who, with congressional invitation, dares to come to the US and lecture us in the way that we (through our presidents) go and constantly lecture other nations on what they should and shouldn’t do.
The problem is neither just AIPAC nor Netanyahu–it is also a compliant political establishment willing to be on the make for whatever they can get from servicing the Israeli lobby and its pimp, AIPAC.
When the Greek national assembly was passing the austerity program whose impact finally brought the Syriza party to power, many of the protesters carried protest signs outside that assembly building that read “Whore House”.
Unless we address both the demand of political establishment’s whores in our midst willing to service clients like the Israeli lobby and submit to the demands of their supplying pimp, AIPAC, we are wasting our time getting in a kerfluffel over BIbi and AIPAC. They are the suppliers, and our political establishment is the demanding client, deal with both and not just one or the other.


“Ach! Mein Fuehrer, I can valk!” Dr. Strangelove


“…he is on a plane right now heading to DC…” I can’t help wondering if MH370 was a trial run or if they need another. Just saying.


What is the alternative to negotition? Americans to wage war againt Iran on Israel’s behalf? Is Netanyahu kidding?


Israel is one of the richest nations on the planet with one of the most powerful military in the world. So why should the US taxpayers pay for and the US military shed American blood to fight Israel’s wars as we have been in Iraq, Syria and Libya.


One dead demon will get quickly replaced by another, Israel seems to have an endless supply of these psychos.


Love to see Bibi N__yahoo lose the election in Israel. One of best things that could happen to Israel and the Middle East.


What is the most powerful possible voice to counter Republican idiocy in the United States? To my mind it is MSNBC, with a bunch of anchors that range from hard to soft. At the outset of Netanyahu’s arrival, however, they all seemed soft.

I refer to the man’s first speech, which occurred at AIPAC headquarters with all kinds of hatriot murals and nonsense up on the walls. When I call the MSNBC reporters just like 95 per cent of all American reporters the neologism “commentatoes,” I mean that they fail to react to what is actually going on.

One commentato referred to “the political football” that is Netanyahu’s trip. She would have been accurate if she had called it “the humanistic football” instead. The trip is a football on which Netanyahu stands in order to force out all hope by Palestinians and Iranians for improvement in their lot as human beings.

Twenty minutes passed before anybody at MSNBC said anything critical, and it was Michael Tomasky. The quality of the commentary would improve from that point but got off to a wretchedly slow start.

Of Netanyahu’s dubious statements and innuendo, the most specious was that Iran is the main force behind worldwide terrorism today. Iran is behind Isis? What poppycock!

His attempts to discredit supposed American “misperceptions” completely ignored our understanding that he faces election within two weeks.

This man may look heavyset but he is a lightweight. That said, his visit shouldn’t be permitted to grow antisemitism in this country. The trick is to disengage him in one’s mind from good Israelis. If looking for a group with which to identify him go no farther than run-of-the-mill American Republicans-- shallow, reactionary, obstructionist and unable to make meaningful distinction about anything.


“Jewish donors prominent in presidential campaign contributions
Sheldon Adelson is biggest giver of all; Obama’s top two donors also Jewish”

"JTA’ reports that as much as 2/3 of Democratic money comes from Jewish donors -

Explains a lot doesn’t it?


The three countries behind worldwide terrorism, IMHO, are the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.


I would need more evidence in the case of Saudi Arabia to become convinced. In fact I need more evidence all the time from everybody about anything.

Example off the subject: A hotbag who said on television this week that President Obama had declared his own executive action on immigration illegal twenty different times. I would need to see the quotes and/or other evidence all twenty separate times. In fact, I have heard President Obama say-- on television-- that his executive action was perfectly legal. The fact that he was editor of the Harvard Law Review, meaning that he was best law student at Harvard, helps me think he is right and the other guy an idiot…

On the other hand, Ted Cruz’s Wikipedia biography has him doing well at Harvard Law Review as well and being very successful in intercollegiate debate while an undergraduate at Princeton. That means he must have given evidence-- or he never would have won a single debate. But when he says over and over that Obamacare is “a trainwreck” he never gives any evidence. This helps me be very sure that he is an idiot.

When President Obama presents evidence of the success of the Affordable Care Act, however, he gives factual evidence which I then use to corroborate elsewhere to form and support my opinion. You’ve got to give evidence in every argument. Otherwise you are just a blowhard no matter how right or wrong you were to begin…