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As New Fires Rage in Amazon, Global Calls for Urgent Action to Avert 'Astronomical' Impacts to 'Life on Earth'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/25/new-fires-rage-amazon-global-calls-urgent-action-avert-astronomical-impacts-life

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Astronomical impacts…right to the point. This is our asteroid hit, caused by us, not some piece of space debris. Bolsonaro is the poster boy for The Doctrine of Discovery; he’s just out for the Benjamins(or the Brazilian equivalent). I stand with my Indigenous brothers and sisters globally, not just in Amazonia. I will grapple with the suicidal, ecocidal, economic system in place to my last drop of blood. To my last breath, I will grapple with thee…


Macron’s statements are reactionary and ludicrous in the face of violently repressing the people’s opposition to the policies of G7 governments:


Although the fires in the Amazon are catastrophic and indeed newsworthy there are more and larger wildfires currently in Angola with 6,902 fires and in the Democratic Republic of Congo with 3,000 fires.


We need a UN with teeth! This horrific threat to Life along with the renewed nuclear arms race demands it. No individual nation, no individual madman, should be able to destroy Life as we know it. Let that sink in and more: none of us are separate and what we do affects all of us.


I was thinking the other day about this subject, and decided if the world had half a brain, all of the countries who possess them, should donate one airborne tanker, come together and use them to put the fires out, with or without permission from Brazil. Some will say, but that’s against worldwide treaties, who cares, the rest of the world deserves to breath.
Now that Brazil has been shamed into it, the rest of the world should help, provide Incident Commanders and equipment, and extinguish these fires as fast as possible.


Most people here get that. I can’t think of one republican I know (Trump voter or not) that would accept any of that. Not sure how to reeducation them even if it could be done in time


I would also add, no individual nation should have power over the UN, like the US has now either.


No doubt these fires are important also, perhaps the UN (or some other worldwide body) should consider assembling a airborne tanker brigade to attack these massive fires around the world when they pop up. Yes I realize they also need to be addressed politically in each country to suppress the cause of them, but until that time, lets at least put them out for the survival of mankind.

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We know the world is full of decent, reasonable people, but there are plenty that are not. Those that are not are a disease. Like a plague of run amuck bacteria they keep infecting us. We find ways to fight the disease and it eventually becomes immune. So we try different ways to stop the scourge of the bacteria (greed, averous, bigotry, war mongering, lying, cheating, and gathering riches by destroying indiscriminately.
We have had the cure by asteroid, world flood, plague, starvation, and now fire. The earth is trying to rid itself of us and some of these asshats are trying to aid and abet.


Where have all the calls for regime change gone?
Here is a coup installed foreign dictator who represents a genuine threat to the entire planet, and so far the responses have ranged from silent complicity to “denouncing and shaming”. Curious how that works.


“Pope Francis urges protection of “that lung of forests” and French President Macron says G7 nations pledged help at summit”

Pope Francis seems like the genuine article. However, I don’t understand why he doesn’t make the connection between too many people in the world and their destruction of the commons. The relationship between finite resources and human overpopulation, between science and religion. And how his church’s birth control and abortion bans are a direct cause of ecologic and economic violence.


Think you answered your own question there.

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Bolsonaro is not “foreign”, but he he does come from the heart of the 1960s US backed dictatorship that ended only in 1987 followed by the Constitution of 1988, which he and his cronies are shredding in order to rape resources.
He has sent in the army and the big question is - is it to finalize a genocidal action against the traditional and indigenous peoples on behalf of corporate interests?


Protests are mounting around the world targeting Brazilian embassies and consulates as well as some of the companies complicit with Bolsonaro’s agenda, and heads of state are calling for multilateral action to curb this disaster, given its implications for us all.


Overturn Citizens United. Pass the We the People amendment.


Just putting the fires out is NOT enough! The fires were intentional and pre-meditated and now that conspiracy must be reversed and perpetrators found and indicted.

RESTORATION of burned areas, re-planting the forest, strong actions to end illegal logging and deforestation for agriculture, palm-oil plantations, pasture for cattle strictly enforced and violators prosecuted - all must be restored to The Wild - La Selva remade/restored! Strong enforcement of restored environmental laws/protections must be instituted - illegal operators and those clearing La Selva for any reason removed and charged with environmental crimes! Indiginous tribal lands and people protected and their tribal land rights assured by law!

Re-planting areas burned is critical to make it clear such actions will not be tolerated or swept under the rug as a fait accompli

The bolsonaro regime policy that made it clear any “development” (aka rape and destruction) was fine with them, must be reversed.

World-wide protests and actions must not accept anything less than the reversal of these intentionally-set (or natural dry-season fires not attended-to) must be restored to viable vibrant jungle-La Selva!. bolsonaro, the Brazilian and/or international terrorists that tried to kill Mother Earth, and by that harm all living things, must pay for their crimes!


When we form the new UN no nation will be permitted to have standing armies and the UN peace keepers will be multinational responding to real threats to Life. So, it goes without saying neither the US America nor any other nation will be able to supersede the UN’s authority.


Coordinate globally, prototype locally.

If your company or your government (and lately the line between the two is blurred) wants to destroy the world’s atmosphere and make humanity in general quite hungry soon enough, then your money is no good with the rest of us and your products are no good with us either. Nor are sane people going to work for you. Nor are stores going to sell your product. Nor do you have immunity from paying for legal damages that you caused.

If your company (or government) wants to protect the world’s atmosphere and all of its people and animals, then you shall take your share of climate R&D risks right now, not when you are forced to.

BTW, we will need a new generation of fire fighting equipment and techniques because megafires are unacceptable. They’re unacceptable in Brazil, they’re unacceptable on the tundra and they’re unacceptable in Paradise.

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Bolsonaro really is the Donald Trump of Brazil, a reckless, crazy, right-wing asshole who would burn down his whole country for the sake of greed, power and a bankrupt ideology. At the time when the Earth needs a new way of thinking and action among its various peoples we are seeing the rise of right-wing governments around the planet. We are infected not only with the growing disease of neo-liberal exploitation but also the disease of nationalism which Einstein called the most dangerous force in the world.
Freud spoke of Thanatos - the death instinct. That force seems to have made a real comeback in the last 30 years. “Leaders” like Trump and his ilk represent a terrible new threat to world peace, environmental sanctity and social stability. I think that the 21st century will be our last chance to save ourselves and the environment from widespread destruction. I’d also suggest that we might want to change our scientific name - “Homo sapiens” has never seemed particularly accurate.


Hopefully, you’ve read Francis’ Laudato Si – an inspiring encyclical in a class by itself. The central focus (as I read it) is that fighting poverty and fighting climate change cannot be disentangled: it has to be the same fight for the the same people. Regarding “science and religion” it’s clear that Francis put a lot of effort into getting good scientific advice in Laudato Si.

But Francis also has disturbing blind spots, and he fails to step up on any kind of birth control, so far as I know. The best thing I ever heard about any Pope was after Francis incidentally insulted indigenous Chileans (I think it was Chile), which was truly awful, but afterward he very publicly apologized: “I just totally fucked up, there” or words to that effect. Evidently Francis does not subscribe to papal infallibility. That’s huge!