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As New Studies Shed Light on Struggles of Trans People in US, Expert Highlights Trump's Attacks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/16/new-studies-shed-light-struggles-trans-people-us-expert-highlights-trumps-attacks

Would raising the pitch of Trump’s voice by two octaves persuade him to stop insulting women and trans people?

RIP Jordan Cofer - killed by his mass-murdering brother in Dayton on August 4, 2019.

Up until this article, I had mistakenly thought trans meant a guy undergoing hormone treatments, enlarging their breast. Also trying to afford surgery to have a female groin area.

I did not think it wise to utilize the DOD or VA dollars to pay for this individuals elective.
I do not know how many adult Americans seek this change. I do know that no teen or younger should be permitted to make this choice.

Those who have a birth defect which requires genital surgery are unfortunate and deserve our prayers and support.

Was just researching the number on this –
originally estimated at .003% of the population, that’s now changed to .006% –
In Oregon that means something less than 19,500 citizens –
Overall in US estimates are 700,000.

Many more citizens facing these difficulties than I had ever imagine.

Transgender history -
Transgender history begins with transgender people in ancient civilizations on every inhabited continent and continues to the present. Sumerian and Akkadian texts from 4500 years ago document transgender priests, and Assyrian texts document trans prostitutes; evidence suggests these gender roles go back to prehistoric times and may have a common origin with third gender roles that were accepted in America before European colonization, some of which survived colonizers’ hostility. Graves of trans

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  1. nothing is normal, in the actual statistical study of a population.
    1a) data is put aside and not used by the researcher for various reasons. Usually, because it does not fit their hypothesis.
  2. The .003% estimate is 5.5 sigma if there was normality,
  3. Calculates out to 10,000 persons in US population of 335 million folks.
  4. since this is for all age groups, there are 143 age 25 persons in this category.
  5. I estimate that this birth defect has a genetic, inherited because of the ancient history you present us.
  6. Parent of infant having this were told by physician to wait a while. They decided to raise the child as a boy. He would be about 29 years old now.
    thank you
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