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As New Ukraine Peace Talks Begin, Risk of Broader Conflict Looms


As New Ukraine Peace Talks Begin, Risk of Broader Conflict Looms

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France, and Germany gathered on Wednesday in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, to try to broker a peace agreement after 10 months of conflict that has claimed more than 5,000 lives and set the stage for a protracted proxy war, with the U.S. and NATO forces on one side and Russia on the other.


How does no one investigate exactly how this coup happened? What exactly was Victoria Nuland doing there? Why was she the one hand-selecting Ukraine’s “transitional” government?


Why does every Putin apologist bring up the name of Victoria Nuland? A foreigner who does not even speak the language (Ukrainian or Russian) was able to intimidate and snooker a nation of 40 million+ into doing what Putin considers to be against their own best interests? Those hundreds of thousands in Maidan had nothing to do with it?
Maybe she’s Darth Vader in drag. That would make Putin…Luke Skywalker. Appropriate, because the farce is strong in him.


This video will make everyone at Commondreams feel a gush of joy and pride for the courage these two Ukrainian women have when they take the mic from a military recruiter who is there to take their men into the military to fight in Eastern Ukraine:

These women are our sisters in peace and common sense.


The M/I/I Complex is in the process of exporting itself overseas and waging profitable wars against its Fatherland.


Whether or not the US sends weapons and trains Ukrainian soldiers, the outcome will be the same in that bitter end. Ukraine will be the loser and US weapons will fall into the hands of the rebels. The EU will become the US battle field and all those who will get killed in this blatant US aggression against Russia. For the Russians and east Ukrainians this an existential struggle, the US being 10000 miles away won’t be seriously impacted in the short run, however the whole of Europe will bear the horrific consequences of US aggression. And should a nuclear exchange ensue then no one will be spared.


I am not a Putin apologist. I don’t even like Putin. I am guessing, tarapita, that you have not heard the leaked phone call or seen the photos of Nuland hand selecting Ukraine’s interim government or the leaked phonecall of the Estonian foreign minister casting doubt on the whole lie that government forces were shooting at protesters or seen and know that McCain was also there representing the “Fund for Democracy” (a slush fund for overthrowing governments). You would have to be a complete willful idiot to think that Nuland (whose husband is the founder of the Project for the New American Century) did not orchestrate the coup in Ukraine.


Dear Americans,
your president Obama has done nothing at all to contain or stop the violence in Ukraine - it was your bully, the putschist Poroschenko, whose shoulders are slapped today all over Europe and the US, who has been pouring oil into the conflict from the start. It would have taken the snap of a finger from the White House to stop him doing that. So, that is where the responsibility for all the atrocities and and aggression lies.
Why is the world pointing fingers at Putin, why does the world have to ruin Russia with sanctions? Why are Merkel and Hollande negotiating with Putin? - It is the US president and your putschist regime in Kiev we should point at with fingers - it is the US and Kiev we should sanction. Merkel and Hollande should negotiate peace with Obama.
Be aware, Americans, we are not your friends out there in Europe and the rest of the world - our leaders are following you out of cowardice, opportunism and fear. Friendship is something different.


Each and every time we see this nation threaten or wage war on others.
You can bet you last dollar that Oil and pipelines are involved.
If we do not see by now that all we are doing in the middle east with our
illegal wars and killing innocent civilians oversea is creating more destruction
and war we must be deaf and blind.
We have been helping nations in the middle east like Saudi Arabia and
Israel by giving them military equipment , funds and waging war at their
Hell 911 by the information and facts we have if we wish to search for any ,
show that Saudi Arabia have more to do with the terrorist of 911 than any
other persons or nations.
The very persons or nations which have been behind this endless war
are the only ones which are benefiting by it.
We the citizens are paying the price both in our taxes and military