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As Nikki Haley Resigns, Critics Forced to Clarify That "Pro-War, Pro-Imperialist" Sycophant for Trump Is No "Moderate"


Let the warmongers on both the left & right drown in that swamp.


Imagining that your kids future is ultimately any brighter with one set of corporate shills than another is the kind of belief that has gotten us to where we are today.


I’m curious. Have you voted for any political party other than the Duopoly in the past 20 years?


I fell for the hope con once, but the scales have fallen from my eyes.


I’m going with the “moral clarity” point. The hoopla about her not being “moderate” is just people foaming at the mouth.
She presented a clear and present threat in front of the UN as the representative of the American Empire’s ‘morality.’
That empire is guided and driven by the purchases that its citizens make every day. One dollar; one vote. Those dollars (mine included) are a huge, well habitualized and coerced majority that is voting by the billions every single day to burn up this planet come Hell or high water (search “Cedar River crest”, “Florence”, or “Michael”).
While the Left whines and pooh poohs any attempts to accept that Republicans are using all of their tools to follow their mindset, the Right pooh poohs…well…basically everything that isn’t putting the fear of their imaginary sky puppet and His minions (who they AND the Democrats AND media all think includes themselves) into anyone and everyone that isn’t selling us their souls on the cheap.
Consumptionism wins, and its political face is the forceful Nikki Haley.
I suspect that she’s leaving for very compassionate reasons that she can’t say in front of this vindictive, mindless Empire. This world doesn’t want to be saved, and whether or not her method was the right one, I think she’s realizing how far gone it is and what a waste of time she’s spent working for it’s salvation when she could have been praying and guiding a faith-based organization instead of a nightmare-based one.


The Witch of the UN is planning to soon take a seat in the Senate when Ms Lindsey Graham becomes Attorney General and the governor of SC appoints her the new Senator.

A stepping stone to 2024 when she is hoping the Warmongers of our country remember what an insane woman she is.


Yes - his idea of a good friend was Roy Cohn. That says a lot.


Arguably one of the worst, ignorant tool of Deep State American politics that has ever warmed the US UN seat. Only probably exceeded by Colin Powell’s “WMD” UN presentation in 2003.
Don’t let the door hit you in your sycophant butt as you leave!


I’m sorry Upthepeople, but I don’t understand your comment.

Might you explain, and in so doing, offer an answer to my question?


Read up on the 2007-2008 campaign. See what was said, then check what was done.


She’s among the worst humanity has to offer. Hope she doesn’t think of running for office again.


Well, since Trump is not pro-war, maybe that is why she resigned? Try using some logic when forming opinions. On the other hand, Clinton and many democrats are pro-war if that is important to you!


When I first read your comment I assumed you were referring to Clinton because it is such a perfect description of her. Of course there are many other adjectives I would also use to describe Clinton that would be a hell of a lot worse than that, too!


Nikki Haley may have very strong conservative values, but she definitely is not a tool for the deep state! That very evil and corrupt group is reserved mostly for democrats who accept dirty money to break the law for their wealthy patrons! Though there are a few republicans in the club too, it is only the very wealthy ones like the Bush family and a few others. Any other newcomers can be easily identified by how quickly their bank accounts increase to the millions though they’re only earning government salaries, which are really pretty damn good compared to what we the average American people have to exist on and struggle with financially, but it won’t make them rich quickly!


HI nephewsam
and LOL, I hit on the heart but it wouldn’t move. I guess it was full What a wonderful comment and my first laugh of the day. Thank you! : )


Grab hold of whatever thread you can, 'cause she blows holes clean through the lefts arguments that conservatives don’t like women, or immigrants.