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As Nomination Battle Heats Up, EPA Pick Pruitt Awash in Industry Cash


As Nomination Battle Heats Up, EPA Pick Pruitt Awash in Industry Cash

Lauren McCauley, staff writer


And the nightmare continues. The fossil fuel industry has too much power and too much greed! What will it take before it is too late? A huge piece of ice just broke off in Antarctica, but the insouciant fossil fuel industry still will not acknowledge global warming as an impending catastrophe. And now we have a president that says global warming is a hoax!


So what was the most pressing problems during the last 8 years? and what got done?

Prosecution of corruption - not
Prosecution of war crimes - not
Getting money out of politics - not
reforming the lamestreet media - not

Healthcare that was written with the public interest but favored the insurance and drug industry which helps drives up costs.

Can we count on the dems to do anything? not, they have too much to continue to gain for themselves. Yes, there are a few good progressive and they are making noise and doing the right things but does lamestreet media talk about it. not.

Sorry to say, Our Goose is Cooked with this lawless administration. Much of this should not be legal but congress has not put in good laws to keep Congress accountable to we the people.


As a worker for a regulatory agency, I still cannot get my mind around what it is going to be like to have bosses who are outright and vehemently opposed, at the most fundamental level, to the legally-mandated (by acts of Congress going back to the 1930s) mission of the agencies. It is like trying to imagine a universe with alternate physical laws, or what life on distant planets might look like.

Sure, in the past we had cabinet secretaries who were not particularly enthusiastic about the agencies under their control (like Elaine Chao in my case). But aside from an order to do our memos and reports in an awful-looking font (Book Antiqua) she did not interfere with the agency mission.


No, according to the right-wing meme, George Soros only funds extremist left-wing organizations, not right-wing ones like "Protecting America Now".


Minor comment correction Shanti - I beg pardon - it is about to break off, but has not done so yet......


Boy-howdy, is my mind workin overtime. The headline fragment "EPA pick Pruit awash in Industry cash" was transmuted by my poor brain with the addition of an "r" to pick as well as "Pruit".......................


Lest we forget, Saint Ronald Reagan appointed an EPA head, Anne Gorsuch, who did her best to gut the agency. (See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Gorsuch_Burford) And Reagan's Interior Secretary, James Watt, was a notorious anti-environmentalist. Reagan appointed a number of people who were committed to destroy the agencies they were put in charge of.


Yes. I remember them. I recall stories of USGS geologists being told by Watt that their reports describing millions-year old mineral deposits cannot be right - everybody knows from the Bible that the earth is only 8000 years old.

But Anne Gorsuch did succeed in damaging and disabling EPA to an extent that it never recovered from. She didn't succeed in destroying the EPA altogether only because of Congress investigating her and a critical media. We won't have such a critical Congress and media this time, and Trump is going to make Ronnie Raygun look like FDR.


Scott Pruitt

His education was in Political Science and Law. He has no formal background in sciences such as ecology, biology or the physical sciences. Also he has no background in any engineering fields.

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Trump to name Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma attorney general suing EPA on climate change, to head the EPA

Scott Pruitt is part of the group of millions of Americans who deny that any of the following has significance.

Climate change: How do we know

The North Pole is an insane 36 degrees warmer than normal as winter descends

North Pole to warm to near melting point this week: 50 degrees above normal

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The Threat of Global Warming causing Near-Term Human Extinction
Temperature, carbon dioxide and methane

CO2 Concentration - Last 800,000 years

CO2 Concentration during the last 316-years

Atmospheric CO2 Rocketed to 405.6 ppm Yesterday — A Level not Seen in 15 Million Years

A large segment of the American population primarily focuses on near term issues such as taxes, tyranny, terrorism, immigration and federal government over-reach. That often leaves them blind to the trashed environment our offspring will be inheriting.


I remember. And when Ronnie tried to close the Department of Education the report A Nation at Risk came out and he had to back down or let the world know how pathetically ignorant he was.


This time it's the Planet at Risk, but this time not just the President, but also the Senate and the rest of the ruling class don't give a ****.


Thanks for the correction.


No Pruitt fan, his appointment and concerns about dismantling of the EPA may be overblown because the EPA is already under corporate control and ensures business as usual in the toxic states of America. Yeah, it could become worse i agree.


But this battle will provide for a brilliant Kabuki theater performance by the pseudo-progressive Democratic Party.


Damn good post! But unfortunately, the people that are climate deniers, like Trump and the fossil fuel oligarchs, will either never read it are say all the numbers and video's are a climate hoax!


Just possibly, just possibly.


The following is worth the read and to remember that it is the system that needs to go:


Those thin lips, steely eyes and overall nasty countenance reflect an inveterate curmudgeon whose sole purpose in life is self-aggrandizement...the quintessential T-dump anointee.