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As Nominee, Stein Says She Wants to Assume Mantle of Sanders' Revolution


As Nominee, Stein Says She Wants to Assume Mantle of Sanders' Revolution

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The Green Party convention in Houston, Texas reached its climax late Saturday with presidential nominee Jill Stein calling on the American left to turn its back on the "two corporate parties" and "vote for our deeply held beliefs."

Vying for the support of those who previously backed former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, Stein championed her vision of "an America and a world...that puts people, planet, and peace over profit."

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Finally an article about the convention. "must be polling at 15 percent" guess we should start phone banking for Stein now. It should be an easy sell for folks to support Stein, to at least get in the debates. Also, fyi, btw, they need $.


I implore all progressive Americans to go for it. Set your fears aside and vote Green.

The alternative is what will in essence be a one party system with Republicans, Democrats and persons claiming themselves as progressives all flocking to the Clinton camp out of fear of Trump and this would not only be a disaster for the peoples of the United States, but for the world as well.


We did it for Bernie. Can we do it for Jill?


Would someone give me accurate information if Jill is registered in each state? Of course, Donald Trump was right in one comment that the game is rigged i.e. the race, the voting stations across the state. And, of course, both parties do it but if he doesn't loose by a large enough number, his supporters will be right there behind him revolting. We might need that as the DNC did not give us a good candidate.


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Don't let Clinton spoil Stein's chances of winning, Vote Green in November.

I have heard that Stein will be on at least 47 state ballots in November, enough states to accrue the electoral votes needed to WIN !




Thank you CD. Let's hope this is just the beginning of a trend.
If ever there was an opportunity for a third party upset, this is it.


Well, of course she wants to assume that mantle. The problem is she doesn't have what it takes to lead a revolution. She's doesn't have the experience in public office that Bernie has, she doesn't have the political credibility that Bernie's 40+ years of fighting for progressive causes, winning some of those battles, she doesn't have the name recognition, financial support, political infrastructure in the states Bernie was able to harness to his advantage, she doesn't have the legitimacy having long experience in public policy bestows when addressing the issues that have to change, be reformed, adopted to enact that change. And even if she did have the stage presence, and charisma to win over more supporters, that alone isn't enough if the experience necessary to set up a fully functioning organization to back the legislation that has to get passed isn't in her resume. Bernie's movement has hope of enacting change because it had, even still has, a fully functioning party in Congress with all of the things above necessary to enact reform and change. What that party lacks is a unified progressive caucus demanding that it do so. Lack of political will can only be changed by the will of enough people to demand that change. Jill Stein for all of the marvelous things contained in the Green Party platform cannot marshall that will unless it helps push the Democrats in the direction Bernie has already moved it.


Not a chance. You should stick with Bernie.


Green Party: a Movement and Party to protect the Peoples and Planet Earth. We live at a tipping point and your vote and your energy really do matter. Support the Green Party....for your children and the future of humanity.... If you vote for the lesser of 2 evils (Dems or Repubs) you are still voting for evil. Let us change the path that we are on........The world's fate is in your hands!


For anyone critical of those of us who are considering voting for Jill: for every argument you make against voting for Jill, apply that argument to staying home and not voting. It likely amounts to the same thing. Are you willing to criticize the people who will stay away from the polls this election day?

For anyone only considering voting for Jill if she is on their state's ballot, or on enough states' ballots to win, etc.: Compare that to staying home and not voting. If not voting at all is acceptable, then why is voting for an uncounted write-in candidate unacceptable?


The On going Email, Clinton Foundation, DNC Corruption probes show that the DNC is not fit to clean bathrooms at the football stadium let alone run the country. The evidence of HRC in bed with the Saudi Arabia Terror Funding Cartel and it's massive donations to the Clinton foundation show we have a major breakdown of law in our Criminal Justice system. Jill Stein is the only alternative to the corrupt cartels that are the Democratic and Republican Parties. The two Party System is DEAD. I was a LIFE LONG DEMOCRAT, I will never vote for the Democrats or Republicans again. They entire DNC should be charged under the Espionage Act for Rigging the Elections against Bernie Sanders. They should be made to refund the Many Millions of dollars that Bernie Sanders Supports donated to his campaign. The Corruption goes much deeper than just the Democrats and the Republicans, The problem of World Wide suppression of the truth is about to end. I am voting for Dr Jill Stein, She is the only candidate that has my respect as truly having the best interests of the American People, The Planet and a future peaceful existence on our planet as her goals. Vote your conscience, I am voting for Jill Stein


With her experience and connections, Hillary WILL be ready on day one to sell us further down the river.



Saying voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil reveals a lack of understanding of how political change is accomplished. It frames the responsibility of voters as a false meme, "vote for good or vote for evil," with those framing this false choice believing they are good and their political opponents evil. The reality that the Greens can not win this national election, but might gain a couple of percentage points of support, ought to inform people that if the Republicans and Trump win because support for the Greens helped support that win, those Green supporters IN FACT will be enabling the greater evil of a conservative takeover of the SCOTUS, the federal judiciary, regressive policy initiatives that have already and will continue to destroy the social fabric of this country. There is nothing principled or good about knowingly helping that come to pass.

"8) Conclusion: by dismissing a “lesser evil” electoral logic and thereby increasing the potential for Clinton’s defeat the left will undermine what should be at the core of what it claims to be attempting to achieve." What a shame that would be.

By the way, the word "Razed" means to "completely destroy." I wonder if you meant to use "Raised."


I will be voting for Jill. Will she win? Probably not.
The votes for Johnson or Stein are sending a message that there are millions of people who have had enough of the two party system that does not represent the majority of people.
Too many people are tired of voting for someone just because they are a little bit better than the other guy. This feeling is not going on only in the U.S., but around the world. People have had enough.


The message that will be sent is that people don't understand what is at stake, and that what Bernie was trying to do by running with the Democratic Party, who he has caucused with for years, was also misunderstood. Stein won't win, and if Trump wins, your "protest vote" message will do a lot of damage while signifying nothing good. Sure, it is your choice. I hope you don't help the Republicans win.



"According to RealClearPolitics...Stein hovers around four percent."


This is very low.


1) Scant media coverage.

2) Progressives focus on Sanders campaign.

3) First time voter Sanders supporters who - engaged w/his campaign - have not had the time as voters to be aware of the only alternative to the two party system that registers at all in U.S. politics.

4) Older, 'seasoned' Sanders supporters who - in this two party system - have long grown accustomed to 'lesser-of-two-evilism' and - short of Sanders - are prepared to fold'into the Democratic establishment. In other words, the large, 'loyal opposition' of the Democratic Party.

5) And last - Attention! This is the most important factor! - the failure of the Sanders movement to evolve into an independent political agent, independent of Sanders: not a full-fledged party, perhaps, but a movement with affinity groups, committees,regional alliances, inter-party alliances, and spokespersons: groupings that could have made demands - not only on the Democratic Party, but upon Sanders as their public servant - and formulated alternative scenarios...

6) ...Scenarios like: 'What do we do if Sanders isn't nominated AND the Democratic Party does not incorporate major elements of our 'shadow-Democratic-platform' platform, backed up by commitments to progressive cabinet appointments? We say they have not negotiated w/their better half, and we will therefore not support them, that's what.'

B) CALL TO ARMS (aka 'What is to be Done?')

Register as Green! Do it now! Yes, stop what you're doing and do it now! Yes, I KNOW it's Sunday! Google it and figure out a time to do it now!


Because progressives - even if you are a progressive not committed to third-party politics or the Greens - can benefit by enabling a third-party progressive voice to keep alive progressive positions.

Because progressives - even progressives prepared to vote Democrat in battleground states - can benefit by threatening the Democratic Party with defeat if they don't tack left in this election.

Because a strengthened third party that gets Democratic voters may force the Democratic Party left not only in this election, but in the long term.

Because - to explicate the above - a Democratic Party with a strong third party will be reminded that - on any issue that they tack left on - they don't have to worry about alienating swing voters (which are phantom, anyway: voters trend strongly Democratic or Republican), but will peel off some of those damned Greens.

Or because - to put it in their terms - they can 'afford' to tack left because...see above.


With Stein's experience and connections, on day one (which will never happen but still) she will drowned in her inexperience and lack of support.