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As North Korea Halts Missile Tests for Talks, Pentagon Refuses to Put War Games on Hold


As North Korea Halts Missile Tests for Talks, Pentagon Refuses to Put War Games on Hold

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Despite warnings that they could completely derail recent progress toward diplomacy and peace, the Pentagon announced on Monday that planned U.S.-South Korea military exercises on the Korean Peninsula will proceed in April.


How typical and true to form from the pentagon and career generals, as well as the trump regime’s aggressive “big-hands” MO…

Whether NK and Kim are genuine in seeking an end to hostilities or not, any potential opening should be seized to lower tensions and explore peaceful alternatives to war. The SK leadership seems to be trying to walk the path to some potential rapprochement and sanity, or at least lowering/ending open hatred/hostilities and they should be lauded - US driven war games at this point in time regardless when “planned” are astonishing in their stupidity…but expected from the PTB.

Provocations like the “war games” on NK’s doorstep are hardly a positive response or lessening of tensions from the Pentagon and trump regime; they show that the way to defend is become a “nuclear club” member.

Any nation would see such “war games” as a deliberate provocation and prelude to attack/war and rightly so. The trump regime and especially the CIC is incapable of the emotional stability to conduct diplomacy, nor is the “War Department”/Pentagon whose mission is not peace or civilian priorities, but war and destruction - the diversion of resources from civilian priorities - the things that make a nation truly “great” to obscenely funded military “defense” spending, creating vast profits for the arms industry…Eisenhower’s Military Industrial Congressional Complex!


Trump will present a facade of negotiation while his real goal is to start a war he can blame on NK.


War is the ultimate form of consumerism. You pay your congressman to turn a blind eye while you use taxpayer money to purchase consumer war goods from the corporations you own.


Well you do probably get a cute “participation ribbon” for your dress uniform /sarc


From the article:

“Despite warnings that they could completely derail recent progress toward diplomacy and peace…”

That phrase seems to imply that “derailing recent progress” isn’t the whole purpose behind these “games.”


Making an effort to present logical solutions to a Neanderthal Bully, is well intentioned but useless.

The Neanderthal Bully, though his brain is underdeveloped, chooses to “appear” strong, instead of conciliatory.


It’s not just Trump, this provocation crap with NK with “war games” has been going on for decades. You probably know this, but most of the US does not.


Once Kim called Trump a “Dotard”, Trump became laser focused on one upping NK.

Thankfully South Korea officials have more diplomatic skills.


If I were in charge of northern Korean scheduling; my first move would be to inform all department heads to contact their peers in southern Korea and set up meetings that commence the day the war games start.

Advertisements should be placed with southern newspapers and other media outlets to run through the entire idiotic waste of borrowed money thrown down the rat hole of games that are no fun and couldn’t happen without borrowing money from China.


Between this and the likely plan to pull out of the Iran deal, why should any country take the U.S. at their word anymore? The world knows that the U.S. is the biggest threat to world peace and are just trying to create defenses against the bully.


For any US citizen – and for citizens throughout the world – it is clear that the
US is the “terrorist” nation – warmonger – weapons runner all over the world.

And this will only stop if citizens rise up together to get these wars – “illegal wars
of aggression” throughout the Middle East stopped.

YEMEN, but one example of US involvement which must be stopped.
1-833-STOPWAR links you to your representatives.


Nothing unites the country behind a president as much as does a war. Trump has little reason to avoid a confrontation and every reason to provoke one.


be this as it may. On the other hand, confrontation as in actual war could lead to global finality. It might be better to stop with the posturing already and get together to do some sensible talking. Doesn’t the option of peace, friendly trade and life, over the alternative of death and destruction seem more becoming to most of us…


Yes, but how do we convince Trump of that?


Hell a monkey has more diplomatic skills.


Of course the people don’t want war. But after all, it’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger."

– Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials


If South Korea really wants peace with the North, then why don’t they refuse to take part in the war games? Doesn’t that make sense to anyone? And just how much money is spent on the pseudo war games each year? I’m sure that money could be used for other things such as shoring up veteran’s health insurance or back into the food stamps program that many of them have rely on because they are told that there isn’t enough money for it.

This goes for Trump’s upcoming military parade. Geebus! How can people even think that’s a good idea? $30 million could help out a lot of Americans. But no …


this agenda has been in the plans for years “axis of evil”. imo most americans are sick and tired of the mic “wagging” the taxpayers for their “terrorist” global domination game. it is obvious from the unconscionable vote that allow us to continue to support genocide in yemen the the vermin in congress are THE problem.
somebody needs to DIRECT the freaking military boys to stand down before they manufacture an excuse to make the games real. as is also obvious these morons are stirring up an aggressive posture against the Russians who made americans vote against the worst political crook in my memory and vote for an idiot/conman. just in case trump gets cold feet the pressure is kept on with the muller investigation.
bottom line here is because of the absolute corruption of congress by “money” and the complicit corporate political parties, we do not have a say in our own future.


On the mark! Bravo jldillon! If only millions more citizens made their voices strongly heard by our corrupted by big-money duopoly and complicit politicians we just might begin to change the status quo!