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As North Korea Satellite Launch Spurs Fear, Cooler Heads Demand Global Ban on Nukes


As North Korea Satellite Launch Spurs Fear, Cooler Heads Demand Global Ban on Nukes

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) defied warnings from the international community and launched a long-range missile late Saturday, placing an earth observation satellite into orbit.

The launch, described by United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon as a "provocative action," violated current UN Security Council resolutions and quickly spurred international condemnation—as well as an emergency meeting of the Security Council in New York on Sunday.


How on Earth (or off it for that matter) can a launch of a Satellite into orbit be deemed "provocative"?

A number of countries do this each and every day. There little wonder the Government of North Korea so paranoid. Should the supreme leader so much as pass gas , the international community claims it as a provocation and a threat to world peace.


What is really happening as we are supposed to be watching this? Eyes in the sky or on the TV? Who is in control?


Wouldn't a "global ban on nukes" include, like... US? Run that one by the eventual Republican candidate. Actually, run that by Hillary, and Bernie, too. Simply not going to happen.


I'm not sure that Bernie deserves this smear. But you aren't shooting for accuracy anyway.


I wish he would say more about nuclear weapons, a defensive military, cutting the US "defense" budget to make all that he talks about possible.


Yes, it would. Another reason why a "global ban on nukes" won't happen.


Yes other countries do that but No Korea is the outlier... perhaps the only one like Bernie said. It is one apart from the rest of the community of nations. There is no guaranteeing anything with No. Korea.

North Korea has provoked a lot incidents and has managed to avoid retaliation. China helps keep the pot from boiling over and to help keep the outside anger from devolving into war.

This satellite thing is actually worrisome. It is exactly the small but big type of weapon a state like N.Korea can manage. Saddam used poison gas. There is the ever-present danger of weaponized biological warfare. Weapons that don't take hundreds of billions of dollars but have a relative big kill ratio for their cost.

This conflict in Russia is mostly posturing (our oligarchy and their oligarchy) and easily kept to a proxy war like in days of old (ye olde cold war) but No. Korea is too schizo to trust.

That is the problem. They are too schizo.


You must be joking if you think that Israel doesn't have the capability of delivering payloads.


After our Ukraine fiasco, our NATO belligerence, our ME debacle and our candidate's saber rattling, what's a little dictator to do?


Look back into recent history... does any of this seem new to you? Not to me. The daily brinksmanship and exploitation of instability/causation of instability proceeds like it always has.

Same old same old both them and us equally guilty fighting by proxies... it just isn't pretty and never has been but much is the way it has always been.

Nuclear No. Korea is f'n scary though. It's like peacefully standing next to a criminally insane violent offender who keeps getting angry because you are ahead of him on line.


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Too schizo?

Can you detail to me the number of Countries North Korea has attacked because they deemed them as a threat to their security?

Can you contrast that to the United States of America ?

How many people died to Saddam Hussein and his Iraq whio by the way GOT that poison gas by the "rational" United States of America? Contrast that to that "Rational" USA and its bombing of Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Afgnainstan, Iraq, Yemen and countries too numerous to mention because they CLAIM these countries a grave threat.

I am far more worried about the USA having Nuclear weapons, given they they the only country on this earth that had leaders so irrational they would drop them on cities than I am with North Korea having a missile that can launch a satellite into space even if the attached a nuclear weapon to it. The language of the leader of North Korea in deeming himself as exceptional is no different than that of the leader of the United States of America when he claims the USA exceptional over all other nations and the worlds indispensable nation.

The USA and its Military tries to foment a war with Russia. THAT is irrational and THAT is dangerous.


Indian Point is an accident if anything happens. No. Korea would be precipitating an attack.


Okay fine. You can argue in forums with this stuff. It's like college level debate... airy and not down to Earth. I mean that btw. Why no mention of No. Korea's flaws and pointing missiles at Japan and So. Korea? If No. Korea puts a satellite up which can be used as a EMP weapon, there is the actual danger that they'd use it.

You can rail at us from Canada that we are so - so bad here in the USA but we are NOT a military dictatorship run by a megalomaniac dynasty. That tends to make a difference in my mind.

We used the bomb in WW2 which is true but the bomb had just been invented and no one even knew if it would work. Both bombs were first time weapons. If we had used them (like with Kissinger's pathological insanity) in war after that, you'd have a better point but that never happened. It is not likely to happen now either wouldn't you say?

Do you feel as sure about that with North Korea? I don't. They are seriously unstable and that is the risk. A weapon may be dangerous to own but it is one thing for a sane person to have and a whole different thing if some maniac is waving it around screaming at you from his window.


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Being a space exploration fan, when I looked at that rocket launch, I initially let out but congratulatory cheer for this small country's technological accomplishment. But then I thought about the seriously misplaced priorities of this impoverished (and no, not socialist) country and I realized that this feat is pretty absurd. I guess the NC government's engineers and scientists enjoy a good living standard even if nobody else does.

But a "threat"? Nope.

And regarding the ongoing cold war at the 38th with S. Korea, it takes two to tango. This war could have been resolved long ago if the US wanted it to. Too much money to be made selling arms to S. Korea.


Would respond but I'm not sure what is your question? I am not saying Indian Point isn't dangerous. It is sitting on a damn fault line and what genius decided to put a nuclear plant so close to the most important city in the world (and back when they knew the technology was even riskier than now).

Nevertheless, saying that there is no difference isn't true either. North Korea is causing a direct threat based on its previous behavior. That matters sad to say. I am against war totally but I am also against wholesale slaughter. We fought the Nazis because the human race had to... that fact still remains. Humanity had to stop the executioners - the exterminators of human beings. Despite being against war and still opposing an old and now dead protester against all war - and a very honored and courageous soul ... humanity needed to save people from extermination. That war was the one war that needed to be fought. IMO


Faults are everywhere. The ones in the eastern US that crop out at the surface have been inactive for 200 million years.


Ahem? Not true. NY had an earthquake recently. Where do you get this stuff? Could you please just google and check some fact that YOU think is true see if it is true first before spouting your pronouncements?

Even if the fault is at present inactive the point is not that it is on a fault at all but that the plant is near a heavily populated area and it is leaking into the ground water. Put in a pipeline and well hell... hell is hot is it not?

Hot is in the geiger counter of the beholder.