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As Number of Dems Backing Green New Deal Swells to 18, Campaigners Demand All of Party 'Stand up to Fossil Fuel billionaires'


Speaking of green jobs.

What are the best resources (online) for researching possible employers? How can I research for example, whether companies are taking sustainable initiative approaches in their businesses, lowering their carbon footprint etc. and not just hyping a few “Earth day” celebrations?

Like ecowatch for job seekers, even in fields that may not seem “green” at first thought.


Nuclear energy is not green energy. It’s a disaster that already happens.


What do you recommend?

Oh, I know. Let’s do nothing.


What do you think green energy is?

There is no actual definition for this term and no scientific organizations have a consensus for what determines green energy. So its marketing term open to subjective opinion. I dislike this term even more than renewability (which has become just as much of a marketing term considering how RPSs are given out), which is why you should use sustainability - nuclear absolutely falls under this scientific term.


How about mustering up the guts to deliver an ultimatum: On this issue we don’t budge and we’ll stay home on election day if you do.

Or should we stick with pretending that d-party House members have a reason to do the bidding of liberals who are going to vote for them no matter how much they bait and switch?


And how much of their own money are the willing to invest for this effort?