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As Obama Moves To Replace Scalia, The Press Enables Radical GOP Obstruction



Big Money can't risk a FAIR Supreme Court, hence framing Obama as the problem.

These people have no low too low to stoop to in their "Ends justify the means" winner takes all system of inverted Democracy.

The idea that the court might not be reliably pro-business and pro-war is a great threat to those who have invested many billions of dollars in purchasing the best Inverted Democracy that their Dark Money could buy.

THESE people gerrymander districts to get unfair representation in THEIR favor.

These people purchase electronic voting machines that have NO paper trail... meaning they can be programmed to produce specific outcomes.

These people have gone after hard-won voting rights and sought to deprive poor and/or Black voters of this right. In Florida, in 2000, phony lists of felons prevented viable Black voters from voting.

They play dirty... every step of the way! (And that doesn't count the number of politicians their money purchases, or how they use nefarious Alphabet agencies to assassinate their political enemies and business rivals.)


" In Florida, in 2000, phony lists of felons prevented viable Black voters from voting."

And who just who were the corrupt people in Florida in 2000 that enabled this to happen?

And the final insult was that the SCOTUS selected Bush and denied a recount! And Gore was so corrupt and insouciant that he acquiesced.


Obama should not appt Sri to SCOTUS. Sri was just confirmed to one of the Court of Appeals less than a year ago. He is supposed to be very brilliant and right in the middle, but we need to see a track record on decisions which he does not have yet.


I wouldn't rule out the idea that someone sat Gore down and let him know his family might be in danger...that it was Bush's turn. There was the chance Gore might not go along with a planned 911 and subsequent planned Middle East wars to follow. After all, the Project For a New American Century documentation of this agenda was published PRIOR to 2000.

There's a scene in the Michael Moore film where the Black Caucus can't get any Democrats (whites) to stand with them to challenge the Supreme Court's block to a Florida recount.

The whole thing was fishy...

Sometimes one watches a movie that's so complex it makes sense to review the opening scenes to get a clearer grasp of the chain of events. It's easy to see how the 911 trigger about to be ignited required Bush in the White House... after all, Daddy Bush is a "Company Man" and THAT company tells the media moguls what to say and which story will get printed. And once the story is out and the lies get repeated... it's next-to-impossible to shake the public out of the induced deception.

Today's "reality shapers" understand the power of The First Impression.


... you mean no idea...


That "someone" was the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) whose play book (written when DLC was established in 1985) prioritized corporate contributions above winning elections.

The close vote in 2000 was driven by Bill Clinton alienating many voters who had always voted for Democrats. The DLC figured that letting the GOP win would bring some of those alienated voters back in 2004. With Ralph Nader giving the DLC a made to order excuse for Gore's loss, the DLC was all too happy not to demand a Florida recount and let the SCOTUS appoint Dubya.


Boehlert sez: "The New York Times stressed Scalia's death had sparked 'an immediate partisan battle,' suggesting the warfare ran both ways."

Apparently "battle" played better than "siege" in the editorial boardroom.


The Press did not meekly accept anything; the Press obeyed its corporate owners.


The nomination of an authentic liberal by Dear Misleader is as likely as Noam Chomsky being tapped to serve as Secretary of State in a Clinton administration

(Or a Sanders one, truth be told).


The MSM is completely untrustworthy and actually has been for a few decades now! Regardless, the Constitution gives a sitting president the right and duty to put forth nominees to fill an empty seat on the Supreme Court. The Senate's responsibility under the Constitution, in such situations is to consult and confirm, nothing more! In this particular instance, the Republicans are nullifying the Constitution by saying that they will not, in fact, consult and confirm. Instead they will either do nothing, or they will make political arrangements to prevent the president from carrying out his Constitutional duty and responsibility. That is anathema in a Constitutional Republic. It destroys the basis of American democracy.


What they actually want, and might as well admit, is forTHE NEXT REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT to make the appointment. I wouldn't put it past them to kick it around through many months or even years of another Democratic presidency. They assume that the Senate will stay majority GOP, and they are probably right.


Any idiots out there still want to argue about the "liberal" media now?


You must ascribe to the justification that those who are raped bring it on themselves by not being somewhere else when it happened.


Personally if rather not see the fake progressive fascist appoint a justice. I'll hope against hope that Bernie or Stein win and then we might get someone left of far right.


And the Republicans sent about 200 paid operatives to Fla in 2000 to stop the recount vote in Dade/Miami. They caused a riot and the recount stopped. A conspiracy across state lines, promoted by the president elect. The Brooks Brothers Riot so called.