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As Obama Visits City, Teacher Sick-Outs Shutter Nearly All Detroit Public Schools



Civil Disobedience; that's what I'm talking about!! Way to go, brave teachers of Detroit.


"Detroit Public Schools has filed an emergency motion seeking a
restraining order and a preliminary injunction against DPS teachers.."

Talk about out of touch school administrations.

Instead of spending those tax dollars to squelch the truth, do your damn jobs and fix the schools.

Need money...If you are so bankrupt,

Start withholding salaries of those in state and local government for depraved indifference.

All of these afflictions are the poison fruit of the initial illegality.
That unelected dictatorship in the once Land of the Free, namely the "Emergency Manager"

Snyder needs to be tried and convicted and sentenced along with his cronies.

Missed a true American moment Obama.....
Had to try to put lipstick on a pig.
What Renaissance are you talking about.


I cried when I saw the horrifying conditions that students who live in poor neighborhoods have to face at school. Is it not enough that the conditions at home for most are unsafe and unhealthy (if they have a home/apartment)? Is there no safe haven for our nation's children? And people shake their heads in wonderment as to why crime in depressed urban areas is again on the rise. Yet there is always money to build high rises, beautify the downtown Detroit corridor (??), sports coliseums, and other large facilities to house eventS such as the car show. What a contrast: Detroit showcasing cars that most of its residents cannot afford while surrounding urban neighborhoods continue to fall into rack and ruin in addition to turning off water to tens of thousands of those residents this last summer. Take the price of one of the luxury cars and pay off the water bills of hundreds in need or repair the crumbling schools. Inequality is pernicious.



Also, remember that there was a country club that owed the city almost a million dollars in back water bills and the city manager did not shut their water off. I read that on Common Dreams.


The city and state officials are guilty of malfeasance and should be prosecuted. Time for one more class action suit. And fire the damn district administrators, they are a large part of the problem.


Obama as W before him are guilty of throwing America's poor and middle class children's futures into the toilet. The shameless wall street elites use all manner of wicked underhanded schemes to under mine public education with devastating effect. Chicago mayor Ram Emmanuel along with governors of Wisconsin and Michigan ought to be put in prison for knowingly and deliberately harming the American public education system and for transferring public funds to corrupt and inept private entities.


Excellent points, I sincerely thank you! :slightly_smiling:


It seems every president starting with Reagan has had to ensure enactment of one or several of wall street's anti social projects of course with the help of bought congressional leaders. Dismantling social security, passing NAFTA, TTP, TTIP, de-funding food stamp, stealing the postal service's retirement funds, teachers retirement funds, desapeaing 401K's, forcing Medical recipients to copay, closing and dismantling public education and the list goes on. I wonder what Hillary Clinton has been tasked to accomplish since I don't think Sanders is much beholden to wall street interests.


My pleasure.


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The rich and powerful who have taken charge of our government do not want an educated population. They don't want people who think to much. Our public schools are not crumbling by accident.


Seems to me the state's "Emergency Managers" are doing a bang-up job. Everywhere they go — boom! Emergency! Mission accomplished.


Yes we must get angry and channel that anger into arousing people all over America. We must take back what's been stolen from us for over the centuries.


Thank God (and CD) that we can comment again. I know that CD has had a lot of problems with trolls and some mentally ill people, but this site attracts many viewers for the comments as much as the articles. Thank you CommonDreams for allowing us to comment.
Having said that, it is deplorable that there is no emergency mechanism in the Federal governments tool box to be able to save Detroit. We should immediately halt all military spending and redirect those funds at rebuilding Detroit and other inner city nightmares instead of destroying hundreds of other cities across the globe. I can barely tell the difference these days from Aleppo and Flint or Ramadi and Toledo. If Detroit does' warrant emergency relief funds, then what place on earth does?


Henry (warts and all (and there were many)) Ford knew to pay his workers enough to buy his products. It's fair, it's real, it's that simple.


It's not at all the upper half, it's a mere 62 richest bitches who own as much as 155 million ordinary American's assets put together.


Good One

Hadn't thought of it that way, but Miss Piggy with bigger Lips

It Works........


Okay: here in the little city I live in we have a nearly monthly call out by the city commissioner's asking us to go into a blighted neighborhood and pick up trash. Do you believe that, well, it is true. Lisa and I get e-mails asking us: are you going to participate in the clean-up? Clean-up a neighborhood. Neighbor, as in people, as in a call for us who live on the other side of town to come and clean-up a neighborhood that has lazy, nasty people, populating it!? They won't pick up themselves, they just finish a beer and throw the can in the medium, for example, white and not white, people.
My question is this: why don't the parent's, the teacher's, the city commissioner's, go clean up the school's, that is what people who care do, you know. I'll just leave it at that.