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As Obama's Iraq War Rumbles On, Are Intel Books Getting Cooked?


As Obama's Iraq War Rumbles On, Are Intel Books Getting Cooked?

Jon Queally, staff writer

In what appears to look like an exhibit of the kind of thinking made infamous by the administration of George W. Bush in the leadup to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, reports are emerging from within Obama's Pentagon and intelligence community that internal assessments surrounding the ongoing war against the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria are being "cooked" or "politicized" to fit the public proclamations of the president, cabinet members, and military commanders.


I'm shocked to hear that Americans may not be told the truth by our government or press, shocked I tell you! How could that be in our democracy with leaders of integrity and honor?



More evidence that within an empire run by the military-industrial-complex (and/or Mars rules), there is no need for honesty or accountability. The only thing that matters is keeping those wars in motion to ensure that an economy so fully leashed to the manufacture of weapons--and items designed to DO HARM--can chug along.

Once those bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, like a serial killer who'd gotten away with mass murder on a phenomenal scale, the drug of destruction took hold in those who were and are morally damaged human beings. And it's been downhill from there.

For one thing, Eisenhower's warning was NOT heeded. For another, no morally intact person can pierce the depths of the kinds of minds that conjure conflict so that they can USE their "killer toys" ON live targets. It's an unfathomable black-hole deeper than anything Steven Hawkings can imagine.

Just as the horror of the Maconda oil drilling operation SHOULD have produced a reflex to NEVER again put so vast an ecosystem at risk, and therefore to cease and desist from all that drilling... instead, the maniacs continued on as if nothing had happened. In parallel, a similar moral vacuum inhabits those who have made careers out of finding ways TO USE infinitely more lethal weapons.

At a time when climate chaos is just getting into gear and millions of desperate people have been made homeless from wars AND climatic implosions, the LAST thing that should be currying massive investment is warfare!

The bell has TOLLED and it calls for citizens to put down (military) arms and join minds (in research) and hands (in peace) so that like a new global Manhattan Project--this one serving The Greater Good--wiser systems of energy production and ecological stewardship can guide humanity away from the abyss it's being PUSHED into by maniacs who WANT war and WANT to spread military domination and control--which is to say FASCISM--to each and every continent. That, after all, explains the existence of 1000 military bases when so many in our own nation go to bed hungry, are homeless, and can't find jobs.

This paradigm based ON war and militarism is a CANCER and it must be excised, if not exorcised!

A good start is holding the insiders who LIE in order to FIX cases FOR war--accountable and NOT in military tribunals that protect their own while punishing whatever truly brave, honest, and humane soldiers (like Chelsea Manning) dare to expose its deceptions!


They always have been cooked, processed into lies to justify the doings of the soldiers, spooks, and warlords. The biggest problem with all that is that The Big They who are running things start believing their own bullshit. Some of them are consciously lying, some are buying into the bogus facts others have put out there as cover stories, and the whole thing is a confused mixed up mash up that causes real people to be killed, injured, or imprisoned (or "disappeared") for nothing even resembling a good reason.. It all is a major contributor to the ongoing worsening of everything. Excuse making in the first degree.

A book I have been reading through a chapter a week "Killing Hope: US and CIA Interventions Since World War II" by William Blum, and it is amazing. 52 chapters and few if any of these "interventions" were in any way necessary, justified or made any sense whatsoever -- or made anything better in any way, all with increasingly inescapable negative consequences. Is there any comprehensible reason for any of the "edge of nuclear war' situations currently underway? Why are the Russians, Chinese, Syrians et al on the US "enemies list"? Written history that reads like satirical black humor satire. You can't mark this stuff up.

It would actually all be funny if everyone wasn't, as events continue to unfold, that we all weren't being turned into collateral damage whether wr believe in what's being done in our name or not.


If we learned anything from the Manhattan Project, it's that we can't trust the government. No one should be surprised by this revelation, especially within a heightened security state. The Party in control may change, but the neoconservative/neoliberal policies remain in place. As Ben Franklin so aptly put it, “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” It's more important than voting, IMO.


America is close to the tipping point where U$INC is considered more of a threat to the rest of the world than a nation worthy of respect. With President Trump and 400 selecting the next Congress, how long will the poor be willing to fight their wars and stock the profit prisons? Live in debt that can not be repaid? Watch bridges collapse? Since Vietnam the US has spent its "wealth" earning more wealth for a special few while tax-payers support their war machines.


I am reminded of the old aphorism that the first casualty of war is truth. Next, I go to Nietzsche's admonition to "be careful when gazing into the abyss, lest the abyss gaze into thee." And still I watch the train wreck, not really knowing what else to do.


Aaaarrrrgh! It's common sense that the more you tear people to shreds, the more freedom fighters you create.


Astore had a great article on our recent military forays a couple of days ago on CD. And he's a vet.


Our leaders are either too stupid to realize this, or they know it very well but continue in order to keep the military industrial complex fed.
After all there are plenty of people making loads of money from the misery of others.


Today, there are only 2 things that matter...money...killing things...all nation-states and the Planet are doomed...doubt everything and become your own light, Buddha said, I think he was speaking truth to power.


Our leaders are not stupid, they are insane! Like I have said before, if Amerika had no enemies they would have to manufacture them...and that is exactly what they do!


" Maniacs who want want war and want to spread military domination and control.. which is to say FASCISM.. to each and every continent."

In its foreign policy Amerika has been and is the Fourth Reich. 1000 military bases around the world, to protect you and me or the average U. S. citizen? PLEEEEASE! That canard is the same ol BS propaganda that has been fed to the American public for far too long. Most progressives know those bases around the world are there for one reason and one reason only: TO PROTECT THE HUBRIS, HEGEMONY AND VESTED INTERESTS OF THE FOURTH REICH.


The real shock would be to find out that the books were NOT "cooked".
I also suspect that the civilian who spilled the beans is now experiencing their entire world crumbling as the wrath of our corporate sycopaths in Washington have no mercy for those who expose the lies and deception of the government.


Have you ever considered that we do not live in a democracy and our leaders do not have any integrity and honor? I know Emphyrio means this comment as sarcasm, but the majority of American are not at all concerned. Most of us just want to pay attention to the meaningless spectacle on our propaganda box and have a beer while we check the baseball scores.

Those of us who do know that we do not live in a democracy and also know our democracy died some time ago, and we know our leaders have no integrity or honor, must get off our butts and do something to change the situation. Having a beer might ease us a bit but will not make a change in the behavior of our 'leaders'. We need new leaders who are not in the pay of the top .01% of the richest. Our democracy could be brought back to life if we could force our 'representatives' to really listen to the people of this nation.

This would not be that hard to attain. We must demand that our Representatives put on their web site all the bills coming up for a vote in Congress. They must give us the information about the bill and statements both for and against the proposed new law. In the last week before our Representative votes IN OUR NAME,


there should be a secure web site for registered voters who live in the district could advise our Representative how to vote. This is an idea for Direct Democracy. Never mind the corrupt 'representatives' who do not heed the voice of the people. Get rid of them.


Stop the train before the crash.


We need Orwell For Kids - a book for infants starting school.


Well, im shocked. No i'm not. A double game is definitely going on. How is it that our space cameras can read a newspaper over my shoulder but seem unable to see giant convoys of white trucks full of ISIS heading to decimate a new town, out in the open desert? They don't want to fight ISIS (or help anyone else fight ISIS) they only want to appear to be doing that.


So someone with a top security clearance decided to take the real risk of going to prison to expose incompetence in the intelligence services? The same services who saw their budgets doubled after the supreme 'incompetence' of 9-11? Sure. This is a press release intended to remind people that the bad men known by different acronyms are still out there even if they no longer resonate with a populace struggling to keep up with juicy domestic news. They even had to blow up some historic sites to get back on the bottom of the front page. After removing everything of value to be sold of course.