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As Ocean Warms, 'Extensive and Unprecedented' Toxic Algae Blooms


As Ocean Warms, 'Extensive and Unprecedented' Toxic Algae Blooms

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A gigantic, toxic algal bloom that stretches from southern California to Alaska has forced numerous fisheries along the West Coast to shutter, in an unprecedented development that scientists warn could portend what's to come as the world's oceans continue warming due to climate change.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said this week it is mobilizing scientists to gather more data on the bloom, which it called "extensive" and "harmful."


I sit here, wanting to cry, but, I’m just like a zombie… it would help if someone else around me, knew this or understood what climate change really is and what it means for the earth…So, it looks like it won’t be much longer and the food supply is going to be cut down slowly at first… but within another what, ?..maybe two years?..Of course, the super rich will not be hungry for a while… though…till they are…


Soylent green is good, but it seems quality control is suffering as just last week I found what looked like a tooth in mine.


you are not alone, if that’s any consolation.


Hey, thanks… I do not have many around me who really get this… it’s hard…


Where is the followup coverage on this??? Frankly this UNPRECEDENTED algae bloom and its UNPRECEDENTED impacts along the entire Pacific coast is scaring the hell out of me. I find it astonishing that I haven’t been able to find any reports, studies, articles (especially on the NOAA website) about what’s going on. Is it dissapating? Are animals and birds still dying by the hundreds or thousands. What are the implications??? WHERE ARE THE SCIENCE REPORTERS???