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As of Today, Humanity Has Exhausted its 2015 Supply of Natural Resources


As of Today, Humanity Has Exhausted its 2015 Supply of Natural Resources

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

As of Thursday, August 13, human beings have officially exhausted the planet's yearly supply of natural resources, meaning that for the rest of 2015, earth will be running an "ecological deficit"—accumulating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and depleting the planet for future generations.


Seldom is overpopulation, the greatest cause of resource depletion, ever talked about in the media.


It is much more than population that is creating our sustainability deficit, thought this is critical. The primary reason is that the thousands, perhaps millions of decisions made each day which result in the planet’s ecosystem decline are based on profit considerations, instead of what is “good” for us and the planet.

This is the structural flaw in our global economic model that must be changed if we are to survive. As impossible as it sounds, this must change.


How they gonna talk about that when “planned parenthood”, abortion AND birth control are all a part of their “Just Say No” platform???


Yes,you are so right… like when you see an ad for a kitty toy that has a string of food coming out of it… plastic toy…for a kitty… there are many out there… and like the indoor “beach” that was made in California… and sssssooooo many other things that are just sick and disgustingly frivolous… like NASCAR, PROFESSIONAL SPORTS AND THE STADIUMS… etc… with the mining disaster from silver and gold mining… and many other frivolous crap that we do and make… but I fear we will never get REAL… again, I asked a few “kids” what the know about climate change … today… and well, they knew nothing really… they were maybe 20… and one guy was not a kid… he was about 30 something… he did listen and said “I know it’s serious”… but said something else that showed he thought we had like a century to fix it… so, I explained…


Ya know, there is the NATAIONAL STRIKE…


Everyone should think about this seriously …


A huge contribution to Climate Change is the media. As above, It witholds from its readers the underlying sensory cause of this catastrophe as well as the remedy for it. It is insane to destroy our own life-support system. The 54-sense remedy for our insanity is readily available to any caring person while the media keeps omitting it. Learn and apply it via www.SaneEarth.com