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As Opposition to DeVos Swells, Hope for Her Rejection Builds


As Opposition to DeVos Swells, Hope for Her Rejection Builds

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

There may be enough opposition to Education Secretary pick Betsy DeVos to overturn her nomination, as activists, teachers, and members of Congress step up their resistance.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Thursday said he would vote against DeVos, stating that the billionaire heiress and proponent of privatization would "single-handedly decimate our public education system."


Well, if her job experience includes "billionaire heiress," doesn't that automatically qualify her for any cabinet-level position?

Is that the term she uses, or is it just CD trying to be sarcastic? Anyway, I thought Amway was essentially a Ponzi scheme.


Can it be that we are reaching the outerlimit of "just accepting" our fate as peons? Her family fortune s/b investigated for fraud​:slight_smile:


You mean the Dems have found one they will really fight to stop? It should be all of them. We need the names of Dems that vote for any of this cabinet. They should be voted out in two years. No excuses, no "we have to pick our battles crap" and no pragmatism. They better start acting like the opposition party or they're gong down with the Repugs.


This woman will destroy our education system. Her ideas have been tried and demonstrated as failures. She is for no accountability - a recipe for expensive schools that are even worse than our existing schools. VOTE NO!!!


EXPEL the witch now! La bruja tan fea, tonta, y malvada.


The Democratic Party is picking the wrong battle to fight... DeVos is clearly unqualified and I have written and called my Senators to tell them so and wrote an op ed piece in opposition... but... what if President-elect Trump nominates a qualified candidate to replace DeVos--say a University professor or urban or experienced public school administrator--- who advocated an expansion of privatization? The Democratic party would be hard pressed to push back against such a person given their most recent appointees to that position. https://waynegersen.com/2017/01/18/the-democrats-devos-dilemma/


Why stop with fraud: collusion, espionage, theft, misappropriation of federal funds, under-the-table bribes (baksheesh) and self-dealing, graft, and unbridled corruption. And that goes for Amway (mumsy and dadsy), Blackwater and other supposed "security service" entities (bro Erik), and DeVos herself with all her "fund raisers."


Cannot we consider her brother Eriik Prince a mercenary terrorist who Trump can water board? To call people who believe that they are fighting for their homeland and religion terrorists is one thing. Prince is truly a disgusting type of terrorist, perhaps more appropriately called a criminal thug.


Well, you obviously oppose them as well. She is both unqualified and a right wing ideologue that has opinions on education that are in opposition to the majority of the public. She is also a Christian theocrat. If they nominate a more qualified right wing radical, you oppose them as well because of the impact their policies will have. If the Democrats can’t do that, screw em, just more evidence that they aren’t up to the task at hand. Given the neoliberal Democrats’ support for school privatization (which Booker is the leader on), might be what the call a teachable moment.


Interview with Glen Ford on Cory Booker, a horrible neoliberal if there ever was one:

AS: So let’s talk about Booker’s election and ascent, which was simultaneous with Chris Christie, because the popular narrative in the mainstream national media saw these two as this kind of odd couple, they would not get along normally but somehow they were able to get along on certain issues and I wonder what you thinking is on that.

GF: Well Cory Booker is a real right winger. He was not suborned, forced off of traditional Black liberal Democratic politics by the allure of money, he’s the real deal! Cory Booker was running two private school voucher private schools in Newark, New Jersey and was part of that whole network of private school advocates who were seeking school vouchers at the time and that network was a Republican network. It included lots of Republican office holders.

Just in 1999, I believe it was, they were summoned by a group of corporations to Milwaukee to create an organization called the Black Alliance for Educational Options and that was the group created as I said out of whole cloth just with right wing Republican corporate funding to create a demand that had never existed in the Black community before for the public funding of private schools and a whole ragtag group of mostly Black Republicans but some Democratic politicians and assorted hustlers manned this Black Alliance for Educational Options which was funded initially to the tune of $3 million, but as soon as George Bush got into office since school vouchers were an essential part of the Republican platform, they were adopted by the Bush administration, got federal funding, and a whole lot more private capital funding became a real presence on the national scene.

And Cory Booker was a vice chair of the Black Alliance for Educational Options and, along with a former Black congressman from Queens, Floyd Flake, who had been the most right wing member of the Congressional Black Caucus, they were the most prominent members of this school privatizing factoid newly arrived on the Black scene. But they were basically creations of the Republican Party, so of course Cory Booker would have a working relationship with Chris Christie, the top Republican in New Jersey. And any differences between the two were the kind that, well, politicians routinely concoct in order to make it look like there’s really a great deal of difference between the parties on issues in which sometimes there is not. There is certainly no difference between Cory Booker on school privatization and a host of corporate issues at all.

… And if anything he will be a more right wing Obama, he is, as I said, the real article, a genuine Black corporate-to-the-bone politician who is if anything more fervent about school privatization than Barack Obama, who is the king of school privatization!

Although Barack Obama was the greatest gift to charter schools, Cory Booker comes from an even older privatizing tendency and that is to give public aid to private schools, so he would embrace that. And Cory Booker shows up with his old friends, Republicans many of them, at speaking engagements all of the time, so if his candidacy does materialize for 2020, and if there is anything that would be worthy of a progressive opposition in the Democratic Party, he is going to be prime meat.


Ah, Counterpunch...an objective, unbiased credible news source, to be sure (NOT).

"Regular CounterPunch contributor Israel Shamir was part of the WikiLeaks organisation and an associate of its director, Julian Assange

Israel Shamir (Russian: Исраэль Шамир; born 1947), also known by the names Jöran Jermas and Adam Ermash, is a Russian-born Swedish writer and journalist. He is a commentator on Arab–Israeli relations and Jewish culture. Originally from Novosibirsk, Siberia, Shamir moved to Israel in 1969."

Shamir is yet another Bibi apologist by virtue of his ethnicity. Any explanation for the variety of names he has used?

Just read that which suits your agenda, not very much unlike the Breitbart afficionados.


Agreed! It is either the moment wen the Dems show us they've abandoned the failed NCLB/RTTT "reform" movement or those of us who want public education to be something other than test prep might have to look elsewhere...


Just great. The Amway Scam Family.

She's a great argument that we should abolish the outdated concept of a billionaire. She's an uneducated idiot. She shouldn't even be allowed to sell fake Amway "health" products. If I had a nickle for every time some huckster tried to make me pay money into the Amway Pyramid Scheme, I'd be a rich man.


Last I saw, Schumer voted 4 to 0 for T's cabinet picks. He and the other corporate dems are in the bag for their corporate donors and have just knuckled under. I have been calling my senators offices every day in opposition to this evil woman with hopes that they will stand up to RESIST. So far, the democratic acquiesce has left me with a stunned, cold fury.
The corporates have set their sites on that educational money-pot forever. They will not rest until they are skimming that money for themselves. If they can toss in their Koch-bros, right wing indoctrination along with the windfall, that is just icing on the foul cake.


A long time ago a friend invited me to an Amway meeting and I really did not care to go, but to accommodate my friend, I agreed to go, but after we left ( I think he might have been a double diamond or something like that) when he asked me: " what do you think"? I answered: " nothing but a ponzi scheme"! Haven't seen him since.


Your comment is so dense that I don't know if you are joking or not. I don't want to take it seriously, since it isn't really a serious comment. What the hell does any of that have to do with the contents of the interview? Who in the world thinks they lack a bias or that the sources they get information from lacks a bias? Are people really that naive? What matters is whether or not their work is factual, logical and based in reality. I couldn't care less whether or not you like them. I'd be interested if you could point out where they are wrong factually or whether or not you can provide a convincing counter-logic. Well respected economists like Michael Hudson writes for them. I guess his amazing work is toast because of so and so, right? Vijay Prashad? Ellen Brown? Nonsense.

"Just read that which suits your agenda, not very much unlike the Breitbart afficionados."

My god everyone, we've found someone with no bias and no agenda at all! This person here floats through reality untouched by the physical world. No ideas, no values, no focus on one set of ideas or facts more than others, it's all evenly weighted. Sure sign you have nothing of substance to say, you attack one person as a means of undermining an entire organization, you name call and then equate me with a group of people you don't like (even if it is absurd on its face). Piss off.


Can we trust Schumer or Warren to do what's right. I'm not sure anymore.