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As Pandemic Rages, Trump Admin. Approves Tennessee's "Reckless" Plan to Slash Medicaid

Hi fern:
sigh—I guess I never thought about states being so different. Wow, I am amazed. I grew up in CA, so—yes, I never realized how , not only different, but so substandard states can be. But on, the pandemic,----I’m so glad I left CA in September of 2019 and then in January 2020 Covid19 appeared!
Considering the differences in health care among states —this is why all people in America should have Medicare 4 All.

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Shame on you. Nobody deserves to be deprived of healthcare in a country as rich as ours. Nobody.

The US healthcare system is not what anybody voted for. It’s been forced on us by commitments which virtually nobody knows about, in a trade agreement.

That changes everything.

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Hi stardust

I didn’t either for a long time. There are still other provisions that apply but these services have changed over the last 20 or so years. It is more the federal standards that keep people safe and apart from that a state\federal contribution (Medicaid) that covers what other things don’t. The problem with M4A as it currently exists is that it caps Medicaid and changes funding for both Medicare and Medicaid among other things. It wouldn’t necessarily change how states meet their requirements either.

CA is very different but we still have a few public or general hospitals but there are far fewer across the nation. The biggest one is in Los Angeles, and serves a lot of people needing care, it is always on the verge of closing or maybe it already has.

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That isn’t entirely true, for Medicaid states match federal contributions and they decide how much money is spent and how it is spent. I read that Tennessee was trying to use some of that money to build roads. I’m not certain but I think I read that. Some states just don’t spend money on healthcare. They intentionally voted not to expand Medicaid.

proving that they are willing to kill their constituents for a profit(and that the Republicans are a criminal organization posing as a political party) —this is a sign of the evil that infests our system from stem to stern

If a wealthy person goes into a hospital and demands to be treated, and can pay upfront in cash, we’re not going to reject them because of the color of their money.