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As Pandemic Rages, Trump CFPB Plows Ahead With Rule 'Empowering Predatory Lenders to Rip Off Vulnerable Consumers'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/17/pandemic-rages-trump-cfpb-plows-ahead-rule-empowering-predatory-lenders-rip


What a surprise. Right out of the trump-RepubliCon usury-playbook; never miss an opportunity to enable those (or yourself) who prey on the vulnerable “little people” - crony’s and crooks screwing the most at-risk and fragile as usual while Congress dithers and remains complicit to the crimes…
A nation based on robbing the people one way or another while making some obscenely rich is not “great” by any measure!


What? Not enough deaths for you?

From The Wall Street Journal:

Reported U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Reach Record 4,591 in 24 Hours


From CNN on China–remember, this is a global pandemic:

Wuhan officials have revised the city’s coronavirus death toll up by 50%


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What use is unleashing maddening chaos, catastrophic plagues and sneering death on us, if you can’t turn a profit for your pals, hiding out on yachts or mountaintop lairs? Monitizing your victims’ death, liquidating any meagre assets, flipping our houses or renting them to workers they’d trained before succoming to novel virus brought over and spread by the speciously oblivious managerial class… it’s been in their “underclass” play-book since Columbus killed millions with disease (ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz?) But, when it’s yuppie’s packed into reefers, 110 a load… even NYT will be able to cash in?







Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The highlighted word is what is wrong here. Are we “consumers” or are we citizens, human beings? Being a “consumer” is capitalist -speak for upholding a predatory system, one that sees everything as a commodity. Ugly would be an understatement. People are borrowing on unprecedented levels just to pay for basic necessities with credit cards because the same cretins pushing this exploitation refuse to pay taxes and compensate fairly–let alone generously–the work being done by the workers themselves. Predation in the extreme.

Reclaim your worth, people!


Remind me never to go to israel.


Guessing: every nativist, racist, classist, exclusionary and bigoted fascist is blaming their defenseless victims for having to watch HBO & Netflix agitprop with their frigging families! Creative Class™ kvetch around the UWS in typical delusional denial, about 30% power-striding through old folks in masks, on Wednesday. The only folks in easily washed hoodies, masks, gloves and some times safety glasses, were gig workers, pushing carts full of reduced cruelty, gluten free, cage free artesian vegan catfood (and they are TERRIFIED!) Oh, BOY, phyto-polyphenols on sale!





Congress’ dismantling of the US Post Office’s postal banking during the late 1960s gave birth to the predator lending industry which soon owned enough Congresscritters to get its way.

Postal banking served Americans at the low end of the economic scale who have had nowhere to bank for the past half century other than “payday” lenders.

If the Democrats were not owned by Wall Street they would be advocating for restoring postal banking as part of a US Postal Service recovery program.


These people are following the playbook of the French aristocracy before 1789.


The DisgustoMeter is at all time highs!

Wake up and fight back or die as fodder for the aristocrats.

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