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As Pandemic Rattles Global Food System, Report Deems Mass Malnutrition World's Top Killer

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/12/pandemic-rattles-global-food-system-report-deems-mass-malnutrition-worlds-top-killer

The little tiny hemp seed , if you have ever seen one ?..Can give your body almost enough nutrition to live on.Just about 30 grams a day is enough.
Packed with so much goodness, grows almost anywhere and you can add it to so many foods.
It makes great milk as well .
We are fightingly been undermined by non thinking adults.

Our nation has forgotten that being overweight is abnormal, is sickly, that it leads to diabetes and to sudden death by covid-19.

Real people eat great amounts of vegetables. Addict families eat (and drink) great amounts of sugar or substitute sugars such as white bread and other refined starches. Addict parents poison their kids, make them fat.

If you put good things on your plate and choose to eat them, you will be slimmer and healthier. Also, a mile of walking per day is good for you. With any luck, potential lovers will be falling all over themselves for you because you’re so good!

Again today, trump lies to the public from the WH. Yet nobody is willing to laugh him off the stage. Respectable people would not put up with being lied to on a constant basis, if at all.
The people being silent during these daily insults lose respect on a daily basis.

And it’s five-six-seven, open up the pearly gates, well there ain’t no time to wonder why, whoopee, we’re all gonna die.

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A solvable crisis hiding in plain sight.
Yet we wring our hands and clutch pearls over Covid19.

“The need for more equitable, resilient, and sustainable food and health systems has never been more urgent.”

As Vandana Shiva has repeatedly pointed out: Small, organic farms everywhere!

From Truthout:

Schools Are Struggling to Feed Hungry Students as Unemployment Rises

Deforestation and Monoculture Farming Spread COVID-19 and Other Diseases


Given the minimum recommended calories is about 1200 and if hempseed is mostly fat, 30 grams would have about 200 calories, these two sentences don’t go together.

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Actually I find it hard to believe the article statement that one in three are overweight or obese. Is that correct?

If you live in the Deep South, lots of your neighbors never leave their air conditioning all summer and they eat carbs, carbs, fats and secondhand pork fattening hormones.