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As Pandemic Surges in US, Trump Says 'People Are Tired of Hearing Fauci and All These Idiots'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/19/pandemic-surges-us-trump-says-people-are-tired-hearing-fauci-and-all-these-idiots


Trumps supporters were never open to science in the first place, walking on water is fine, “just going away” is fine. Racism, bigotry hate and violence are fine. Lies and deception are fine - anything but truth and science.


Trump does one thing–and only one–very well: character assassination. In fact, he is less of a “President” and more of “Professional Character Assassin.” He has a few pat phrases he uses in various combinations and modulations in tones to stamp out virtue wherever it raises its ugly head. A Trump slander is tantamount to receiving the Nobel Prize or being enshrined in Cooperstown. Consider it an honor, Dr. Fauci!


Inoculate the nation, the vaccine is good for only 15 more days!


State public health management, county health departments, hospitals, clinics, and the citizens owe Dr, Fauci credit for constantly promoting masks, distance and washing hands.

Thanksgiving get togethers.
If weather permits where you live or visit - stay outside.


If Trump believes that people are tired of hearing Fauci then one has to wonder why he simply has not sacked Fauci months ago. At the same token one also has to wonder why Fauci has not handed in his resignation to Trump. Does Fauci not realize that as an infectious disease expert he would not have to work for Trump in order to hold press conferences and inform people about the pandemic?

It is a sure sign that this country is going backward when its nation’s leader believes that scientists should be ridiculed while Trump’s prediction that the virus would disappear like magic never materialized.


Wow, this lying fascist Hitler/Mussolini wanna-be becomes more and more despicable.
Want to see the world’s most dangerous idiot, Fuhrer Daughterhumper?
Look in the mirror.


People are tired of hearing this idiot.



You could see this coming from the start of the task force and Fauci’s role on it.
I’m sick of these distractions and Fauci’s role in this. For months we’ve been hearing about this—their “relationship”. What a waste of time as people die and suffer.

You can’t be part of the malignant narcissist’s web and expect anything other than dysfunction, being smeared and left in the carnage of the narc’s wake.


Trump said: “People are tired of Covid. People are saying, ‘Whatever, just leave us alone,’ He’s [Fauci] been here for, like, 500 years. He’s like this wonderful sage telling us how—Fauci, if we listened to him, we’d have 700,000 [or] 800,000 deaths. If there’s a reporter on, you can have it just the way I said it, I couldn’t care less.”

If Biden and the Dems do not use this quote against Trump, they deserve to lose next month. They should broadcast it and put in on billboards in every swing state and red state.


Although we like to think of Trump as an aberration - the bullying, the know it allness, the hubris - he actually reflects part of the american character that has been here since the foundation. We need to face that and the fact that there is a base of americans that go with this program. They think they know it all and they are going to bully to the extreme to get their way. Think people like the crazy Joe Arpaio, or George Zimmerman or those who stalked and murdered Ahmaud Arbery. Of course Trump needs to go but that will not end the craziness.


The strangest thing about these trumpists is that, even according to their own crude libertarian philosophy, informing the public and issuing health advisories (recommendations – strong, scientifically corroborated recommendations, not commandments or orders) are perfectly legitimate functions of government.

Surely the “night watchman state” is responsible for public health and safety, even according to the libertarians. The state might not have the power/right to mandate masks, or to prohibit public gatherings of informed, consenting adults, but surely it still has the power/right (and even the duty) to issue warnings and advisories. “The state should inform its citizens about viral pandemics, and should advise them to adopt science-guided prophylactic measures” is a perfectly non-controversial claim, even from a libertarian perspective.

Mandating mask-wearing, shutting down public parks, prohibiting outdoor gatherings of consenting adults, shutting down peoples’ livelihoods… well, okay, I can see that a libertarian would be uncomfortable with granting those kinds of powers to governments. But whether governments have the power to do things of that nature is a completely separate issue from the issue of whether governments should inform and advise people about viral pandemics.

So, honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is about mask recommendations. That should not be, and cannot be, the focus of any reasoned discussion about the proper limits of government power. Quarreling with government officials about science-guided recommendations strikes me as an injudicious use of time, attention and resources, even for a garden variety, Randian-style vulgar libertarian. If the libertarians want to have a discussion about the proper limits of government power, they should present their arguments on that issue, and stop complaining about, stop resisting, the recommendations of experts.


Reminds me of a realization i had recently when i asked myself why do non-racist white Americans allow the deplorably racist ones to make it look like ALL white Americans are racist?

Here’s why: because the racist whites are willing to use violence, whereas the non-racist ones are by and large pacifists. The non-racists can only ever be as “good” of people as the racists allow them to be.

It strikes me as a profound tragedy for those decent, “good” white Americans that the parameters of their ethical/moral lives are ultimately dictated (to a certain extent) by the worst elements within their race. Wish I could pour courage into their collective veins…


The libertarian philosophy is very idealistic but not realistic. It assumes that everyone is enlightened…knowledgeable and educated…and will make the best decisions based on their knowledge and understanding. It also kind of assumes that people have choices in the world and they are in positions to accept or reject that which is not to their best interest. I appreciate the idealism but we live in a real world. Unlimited individual freedom should not be allowed to supercede science, knowledge and the rights of others to safety and security.


It appears this latest B.S. rant from Tweetle-Dumb just happened this morning (probably as a result of “60 Minutes” coverage yesterday evening).  Even the DimWit-Rats won’t miss this whopper — no doubt it’ll be the core of a new
ad by prime time this evening.

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I would say the vast majority of white americans in our historical past have been racists or they just don’t care. Or they are under a code which prevents them from acting as they might think it their own private thoughts. For some reason, white people like John Brown or Newton Knight are not given too much prominence in our history. There were whites who operated the underground railroad. I’ve read about slave revolts where some whites were hanged and I’ve wondered what that was about. We need to look at these people to understand that race does not have to define or had not defined behavior. But like you said…the virulent racist…were all so ready to bring violence to those who violated their code. John Brown was a example of a non-racist who was willing to resort to violence in the fight against slavery. Although the reasons for the civil war are complex, the massive loss of lives involved, was part of what brought about the end of slavery.


Totally agree.

And now you’ve made me curious. Here are a few questions I have no answers to. Please help me. What is the appropriate government response to people who insist on walking about in public without masks? What is the appropriate government response to adults who insist on gathering in crowds without distancing?

Should governments force people to wear masks in public? Should governments impose penalties (fines? imprisonment?) against people who don’t wear masks in public? Should governments prohibit gatherings of people? What would be an appropriate penalty for persons who insist on gathering in crowds?

Another question: Should measures such as the ones I just mentioned (mandatory mask-wearing, prohibition against gatherings) be subject to the results of popular referenda? Should these measures be put to a popular vote? Would the average anti-masker respect the results of that vote, if the results went against her own proclivities? Would the average pro-mask, pro-disinfectant, pro-distancing aficionado respect the results if the results went the other way?

I myself, for example, am pro-mask, pro-disinfectant, and pro-distancing; but I would respect the results of a popular vote if my fellow citizens decided to reject government regulations on these issues, and just go with advisories. Would you?

Thanks for the great reply!

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I agree. At the base of all the rhetoric is violence. The powerful are not powerful because they have money. They have money and power both because they are willing to use violence. Violence is what this country is “founded” upon, and violence is what creates all wealth, and violence is what maintains it.


And PRIVATE BUSINESS OWNERS–a group BELOVED by Libertarians_-certainly have the right to say “NO Mask NO Service”–but, some Covidiots have ASSAULTED & EVEN SHOT Retail Workers for trying to enforce masks in their retail establishments.
As for Trumpers gong to their Dear Leader’s Super-Spreader Rallies: I have no pity for them. Just hope they DON’T infect NON-Trumpers.


Good questions. No easy answers. Our mayor mandated masks in the city. The dumbass governor said, no you can’t do that; that made me determined to do it because I thought he had no right to supersede a local ordinance. (Yes, not because of safety). By then, most businesses were mandating masks so the question became moot. After reading that the Southern Hemisphere had less flu community spread during their winter flu season because of covid safe practices (masks, etc) i decided I’ll continue wearing of the mask past covid spread because it seems to be very smart scientifically. At least in stores and in crowds. Not a fan of crowds, anyway.

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