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As Paris Bleeds


As Paris Bleeds

Pierre Tristam

I can’t think of a more trite thing to say at this moment, or a more truthful: I love Paris.


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Before the author gets called to task for using the 'we' pronoun for actions that were outside most of 'our' control, I want to say that I agree with the ideas and concerns as well as the conclusions expressed. Paris represents very special aspects of western civilization, some I like very much, but let's let our hearts go out to all who are destroyed by the machinations of what passes for leadership and policy in our current times.


While I agree with this statement, I think it hardly goes far enough:

"We can fight back. But not by attacking in turn, and again, but by ending the murderous cycle to the extent we can and should: by closing Guatanamo, which has served as an excellent recruiting symbol for a generation of jihadists, by leaving Afghanistan, and by leaving Iraq for good. Syria and Iraq are Iran’s and the Arab world’s problems. They’re not ours. We’ve never won there. We’re not about to. Staying there is a guarantee of little more than western casualties–there and in the west."

Several more items are required:

  1. A World Crimes Court that can prosecute those who engender acts that fit the definition of War of Aggression = THE Supreme Crime Against Humanity

  2. Make massive restitution. Nothing says "friend" more, or promotes healing better than granting genuine aid; and by that I mean anything BUT the covert exchange of military hardware. Build hospitals, fund fresh water (or desalination) plants, send food and seeds that are NOT Monsanto's.

  3. Set up "Truth and Reconciliation" councils to give voice to the many atrocities that otherwise will fester in underground ways until they find an outlet for expression.

  4. Promote in ALL religious houses of worship--particularly among the Fundamentalists of all sects--a greater tolerance for Other.

  5. "Go and sin no more..." as the M.I.C.'s trained killers move away from the endless rites of destruction into the more creative realm of rebuilding... starting with works to regenerate our own nation's decrepit infrastructure


Wow! It's the resurrection of the Third Reich... this time branded as Freedom-Fighters!

"Two years ago the French legislature passed the Military Programming Law, whose Article 20 authorizes government agencies to spy on phone, Internet and any other electronic communications in real time, without a warrant or even a judge’s knowledge. That law was in effect when the attacks took place against Charlie Hebdo, and of course when they took place Friday.

"In May, the French parliament approved an even more sweeping spying law that gave police the power to install recording or video spying devices in people’s homes and cars, tap their personal computers, their cell phones and any other digital device, and to target associates of individuals under surveillance to be monitored with the same scrutiny."

Problem (created) sets up Reaction (major fear within the body politic) that leads to "Solution."

Naomi Klein laid out how the Shock Doctrine works. When a disaster occurs, the most bloodthirsty of capitalist entrepreneurs arrive first on the scene to claim the spoils.

And when disaster is not naturally occurring, it can surely be helped along.

One example is the relationship between the Prison-building lobbyists firms in Washington, D.C. and the increasing criminalizing of rather banal acts... like amassing parking tickets or smoking pot.

The problem--drugs/parking tickets is then emphasized (reaction) in order to come up with a solution (more prisons).

In a parallel way, the more injustices done unto foreign nations the likelier that some individuals will react. To then term THAT reaction terrorism and build up a massive military infrastructure to treat this problem is, as most of us realize, anything but a solution.

These Cancers (prisons, the military industrial complex, the gun lobby, the poisoners of nature, the anti-terrorists campaigns) all become institutionalized and since as institutions, these endeavors employ many, a lot of people become invested in retaining the status quo... ridiculous and lethal as it may be.


"It creates haystacks in the search for the few needles. Like the National Security Agency’s gathering of mass metadata, it dilutes the effectiveness of calibrated intelligence. Put another way: it stupefies intelligence gathering under the guise of omnipotence. To say that it doesn’t work is not speculation. Paris tells us: it did not work."

Ordinary logic would say you are quite correct, Mr. Tristam. But what if the "Conspiracy theorists" are anything but that, and their conjecture in the way of exposing the protocols of a New World Order are completely on-target? In other words, the rabbit hole goes deep and ordinary logic cannot penetrate it...

If so, then one would have to marvel at the way a formerly liberal society like France is buttoning down into neo-Nazi protocols under the guise of protecting its citizens from all this Terrorism.

"Coincidentally," the U.S. has been impacted... at least, according to the Official 911 narrative.

A Russian plane supposedly is taken down by ISIS.

... note the timing with neo-cons itching to spread war deeper into Syria and/or to provoke Putin, if not China in a major third world war. It's the sinking of the Lucitania plan, all over again!

And all of these things just so happen to "justify" tighter security which inverts on any civilian people in ways that put THEM under constant scrutiny.

What better way to control a population (it's arguable whether they "give up" their civil liberties or whether it's more accurate to assert that these are taken from them by muscular elites) then to tell them they are being protected... as rationale for the cessation of guaranteed liberties?

The German Nazis understood this well. It was Goebbels who said that most people do not WANT war, but they can be convinced of its need if they consider themselves under genuine threat.

So many wait to look backwards to admit that such things as the Gulf of Tonkin were devised as false flags for the purposes of starting or spreading conflicts. Yet those same individuals never stop to consider that the same modus operandi is operating right before their eyes in Real Time.

Separating the wheat (truth) from the chaff (falsehoods) has seldom been this tricky!


I thank Mr. Tristam for saying a great deal that needs to be said. There is only one thing I feel he did not specifically say. When he wrote, "What else can we do but weep and scream, show solidarity in what little ways we can. It’s not as if any of us, the commanders of every military in the world included, could up and strangle the perpetrators or carpet-bomb them back to the age of amoebas from where they came, even though it’s what most of us wish we could do. You can’t defeat kamikazes when they beat you to the punch," surely he is saying exactly what the Iraqis, Afghanis and others this nation has invaded and bombed said and felt. I cannot feel that we can call the acts in Paris "barbarous" without acknowledging that the official acts of the U.S. government also have been barbarous.


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WE or the military?


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Your arrogance is only exceeded by your misanthropy. So sure are you in casting onto all other citizens the castigation of sheep as make one wonder if you see yourself as part of the human family, at all.

Rosemarie Jackowski used to post these same kinds of redundant idiotic comments. Are you perchance, she, in name drag?