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As Party of Climate Denial Meets, Wildfires Rage and Hurricanes Target Gulf Coast

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/25/party-climate-denial-meets-wildfires-rage-and-hurricanes-target-gulf-coast


In California, Anne C. Mulkern at Scientific American reports, unprecedented wildfires are tearing through a million square miles of forest, leaving a blackened dystopia the size of Rhode Island in their wake.

That was a day ago. We’re up to scorched earth the size of Delaware now. On Monday, we caught a slight break from the weather, with no rash of new lightning strikes around the Bay Area. It’s possible we’re up to the stage where containment progresses on these monster fires, day by day, but we’ll have awful smoke around here for weeks, most likely.

There’s only so much firefighters can do, and our prison-labor forest firefighters have been sidelined by ubiquitous COVID infection in all our prisons. It’s mainly up to the weather, and the weather is very strange. We’ve never seen weather like this before. Even the cloudscapes around here (above the smoke) are bizarre, as if imported from somewhere else.


These massive events, like the fires in the west–California isn’t the only state on fire–will continue to worsen as time marches forward. Until those in power are actually threatened by these events they won’t be willing to take the, now, drastic measures needed to save the world. Many–myself included–feel it’s far to late to avoid a collapse of the environment we depend on to live. We see reports such as this every year, yet, no one in government seems willing to take a stand to address these crises. I think it’s hospice time. Find ways to enrich your own lives without further stressing Earth and the ecologic systems that work fine without human interference.


Hard to think that your comment is actually optimistic…

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