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'As Pathetic as It Is Reckless': Mike Pence Ripped for Dismissing Alarm Over Surging Covid-19 Cases and Declaring Victory

New Zealand thought it had COVID licked until a Couple visiting from the United Kingdom introduced it back into the Country when they visiting a family member. They were infected and spread it to people they came in contact with.

Here in Canada the Western provinces have done a pretty good job containing the outbreak after initially being slow to act. When talks of reopening the border came up the provinces were opposed, even those deemed “right wing” because they feel there no containment strategy in the USA and US visitors would bring Covid with them.

COVID does know borders in other words just as Gun Control does. Those borders are important when a jurisdiction on one side of that border demonstrates incompetence.


To put it kindly, you don’t seem to understand math. In California for instance, 46% of all C19 deaths are in people 80 years old and up. Another 23% are in people in their 70s. Another 16% are people in their 60s. Another 9% are in their 50s. All other age groups account for 6% of deaths.


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I agree that Pence is really,really that stupid. Anyone that actually believes in the " RAPTURE" has to have the I.Q. of a moron!

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I swear this fool must be sitting with Trump’s tiny mushroom headed you know what up his anus. And he must be loving it so much that he is betraying us all with his unctuous lies and deceit, in his attempts to propagandize and brainwash us. Pence is the most immoral and unethical man to ever call himself a Christian, complete and utter blasphemy. He will rot in hell.

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Pence’s delusion is pathetic. Can we call the grassy knoll guys now?

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I do not have he CIA’s phone #… do you?

The death rate for those with the virus varies from locale to locale.



You’ve probably seen the reports by now from Alberta and B.C. that southern “neighbors” have been crossing the border by lying about going to Alaska, and then hanging out on vacation in Canada instead. Latest I read was a family from Texas boasting about the loophole in a diner in Alberta.

You’d think in a land obsessed with Law & Order, it would actually be criminal to allow 100k + deaths to occur due to negligence. Maybe it’s just me…

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it is a research letter.
you are correct that different areas, USA states and cities will have different numbers due to testings.

deaths are in rest homes, dirty hospitals, prisons, and at home too.

Chicago still needs caution, masks, safe distance.
And over 35% of deaths are amongst black people, another approx 37% Mexican heritage. I am darn tired of hearing ‘underlying conditions’.
White people have the underlying conditions also and are not dying in proportion to their neighbors.

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Yes there was a radio segment on that very thing yesterday with a number of Canadians calling in saying they seeing licence plates from a number of US states in various parking lots.

A couple of callers from the US called in to indicate that this was likely just members of the Military moving between bases due to transfers wherein they need to cross through Canada to get either back to the US or up to Alaska. I noted that the talk show host acknowledged that this was a legitimate reason. I can only wonder why those transfers deemed “critical”. There seems to be this thing down in the USA that if people mention “Military service” everyone is to go hush , nod their heads and agree with the need. This works to a certain extent in Canada as they try to glorify Military service up here as well but it gains no where near the traction it does south of the border.

The way I look at it, stop transferring people base to base if there a pandemic going on. That is exactly how the Spanish flu became so widespread.

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I called and that is the correct # . But the person that answered said I am not allowed to call that # because of national security.

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No. Two thirds of the United States agrees with you and I.

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Pence is just another Republican monster, totally unempathetic, venal, irresponsible, foolish, reprehensible and constantly touting discredited ideology to a brainwashed crowd of deplorables, you know the ones you see shopping at Walmart in outlandish outfits.

With 4% of world’s population USA has had 26% of all cases and 26% of all deaths (see NYTimes Corona Virus, world). This is the worst performance in the entire world. And 83% of US deaths occurred to those over 65 years old – web. cdc. gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm#AgeAndSex
The chart shows weekly deaths, March 21 – 500 deaths, April 18 – 16,000 deaths, May 16 – 9,000 deaths, June 13 – 450 deaths. So a big upsurge, and over next two months a sharp decrease. Upsurge means “exponential” growth. Between March 1, when there were 30 confirmed cases to April 1 with 213,000 cases-- that’s exponential growth. Studies (U.C. Berkeley and Imperial College in U.K.) claim that without social distancing by April 6 when 356,000 cases happened, there would have been 5,100,000 cases. The second study concentrated on Europe claiming a major decrease in deaths due to social distancing.
NYTimes (Corona Virus, World) also showed US had 6th highest rate of death per 100,000 among major nations. Belgium still has top rate (why?, they say they have most accurate reporting). And US had 5th highest rate of infection. NYTimes also says 40% of deaths happened to patients in nursing homes. The period after social distancing is a success story. The fact that the CDC knew about the Chinese outbreak on Jan 1, and Trump commented about it on Jan 31, saying it was under control and would turn out well – but a national emergency was declared 43 days later indicates a complete failure – his presumption of calling it perfectly was an overweening stupidity, and that’s the problem, his typical behavior is stupid, cocksure and wrong, and the rest of this federal administration has the same attitude and record. Calling the worst record in the world a success should be proof enough of this assessment.