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As Patriotic As Ever


As Patriotic As Ever

Monday marks the 15th Memorial Day since "the dawning of the same damn movie (playing) in America since 2001, that revenge-and-war-porn blockbuster," from Iraq to Syria, that is the Era of Endless War. Rather than waving flags, a look at the "unhinged fantasizing" that has led to it, and a warning we don't need more magical thinking or clueless pols - cue Drumpf as "bog monster of the American id" - to perpetuate them.


Yeah Trump sure clarified how he will see things with his Memorial Day speech. More war and amazingly he wants more military spending! Just what does Trump say that is any different from what any and all of the repubs always say? In fact Trump is just more extreme in what he says.


Did you hear the quotes from Trump in his Memorial Day speech? How our military has been decimated and he will restore it (he will further increase the military budget is what that means)? Reagan talked like that. Pure sound bites no substance but the money flowed like water into the MIC. There is one place Hillary didn’t go. Increasing the military budget.

His talk about getting ISIS and finishing them off? Again, of course, no substance as to how but he is really going to get them or so he says! (That translates as expanded war or increased deployments or more likely both) ! He is speaking the neocon republican language like did the clown car btw. The republicans arefor more war and bigger military budgets.

So how is he better? Is it because he pretends to think twice about NATO and Putin? Oh so you have some defined agenda or position from him that we could analyize or just some vague side comments about he would talk to Putin? Nothing concrete though, just that maybe he would. Meanwhile where is Trump going with the Chinese? He wants a confrontational posture but where does his arrogance end if he thinks he is a strategist? He seems from another era concerning the Chinese and he hasn’t caught up to speed yet.

So tell me where Trump isn’t just another Repub? In fact if you look at what he has said he comes across as an uber republican conservative. Put him in the White House and he will very quickly morph into a super repub oligarch and see how in touch he will be with the people who voted for him then? His familiarity with the little guy is strictly to give him orders that Trump expects will be obeyed.


The stench of battle field dead is one only war veterans know. The carnage of children and women - so many innocents - is beyond appalling. There is no honor in war. It is murder. There can be no justification to conspire to knowingly kill another. The monsters intimidating the young to war is sick.

The real monsters of war have clean hands. They occupy the marbled halls of power and drench themselves in blood money. Their conspirators protect them from the evil they do and dupe the masses. They send our brothers to the other side of the planet to fight our “enemies”? How can anybody support the politically powerful.


See I respond with a serious post which took at lest some effort to compose and you respond with a little snippet of nine words. You do not even respond to my points. This isn’t serious debate.


You think this is intelligent debate? You could have simply googled what he said and then offer comments on it. Instead you take sentences out of context from my post as to what was said? Nevermind. This is not how I work but thanks anyway.


Oh America


Peace has not been exactly a high priority expressed by any of the candidates running this year save for one, Dr Jill Stein. Campaign bombast aside, we have little to go on other than that revealed from records of the past. Suffice to say that the Democrat’s hands are every bit awash in blood as the Republicans.
Should the practical choices in November boil down to Clinton and Trump, one remains an unknown whereas the other has already demonstrated a marked propensity towards ‘intervention’, hegemonic overreach, and militarism. We needn’t go back very far to look, just consult the citizens of Paraguay, Honduras, Libya, the Ukraine, and Syria. Presently the Obama administration has been reshuffling diplomatic and military posts, and key among these appointments is the number of individuals closely associated with Hillary Clinton’s Department of State, as well as, those strategists associated with the ‘Liberal Interventionists’—neo-cons by another stripe, directing US foreign policy for the past several decades.
Point being, Hillary would step into office with a fully primed military machine, locked and loaded, willing and able to meet her beck and call.
Trump on the other hand, would conceivably not be a beneficiary of such enthusiastic support, and instead, likely be confronted with hostility, suspicion, and general lack of cooperation thus impairing, to some degree, his potential to immediately inflict very much damage. The Democrats could decide to act as Republicans, stonewalling Trump for the duration, rending his office impotent.
It’d be a four year stalemate, but perhaps that’s better than a near certain World War III. You decide.


Kind of the Fox News style of debate?


No…but, then, you don’t feel obligated to find out.


But you felt obligated to comment anyway? Are you joking?


True, if “war veterans” is correctly construed:

No uniforms required.

There’s a soundtrack, too. Mine starts with the incredible Mary Black.

The linked essay at The Guardian, Endless war: Trump and the fantasy of cost-free conflict, by Ben Fountain, is stunning. I encourage all CD citizens to read it.



That was my intent in any case.


You are spot on about Trump. The Trump apologetics is getting pretty thick.

I can’t however muster voting for the war criminal.

As to the anti-Trump arguments Wereflea, keep up the good work my friend!



What claims have I made against Donald Fucking Trump that aren’t true?

Simply state that argument, and I’ll gladly refute it. It’s easy.