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As Pelosi Unveils ACA Fix, Medicare for All Backers Say 'Now Is Not the Time for Watered-Down, Incremental Measures'

As Pelosi Unveils ACA Fix, Medicare for All Backers Say 'Now Is Not the Time for Watered-Down, Incremental Measures'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week unveiled legislation to shore up the Affordable Care Act, Medicare for All supporters made the economic, political, and moral case that Democrats should go all the way for single-payer instead of pushing incremental change.


‘Watered down half measures’ would make a great campaign slogan for most d-party candidates.

Hell, it beats ‘We suck a bit less.’


I’ll keep this simple. Pelosi is a PIMP for for the ‘bad health care’ industry, as well as for the warmongers. She should go down in flames.


No Congress people want us to have all of that “ Free Stuff” do they? … When Health Care is a Right! Only ones who do are Bernie and AOC. I’ll put my full support towards them and give Pelosi and Schumer the Coward nothing! Our first order of business is to get rid of Trump in 2020…


And just why do you think, “impeachment is not on the table” Nancy was made Speaker again?


“Centrist” Dems sucking big-time again. Not even a plan to expand the ACA even slightly, just bringing it back to the crap-show it was under Obama. They are so bought-and-paid-for by the insurers. I’m so sick of Pelosi, et al running interference between the people and the Republicans. They never attack them, just stand in place while they run over us. Worse than useless.


“Democrats” and “Real Leadership” are mutually exclusive terms.
(Except for AOC, Omar, and Bernie, and Bernie isn’t even a Democrat.)


“Only ones who do are Bernie and AOC…”

You left out Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who is also running on single-payer healthcare… and election reform (replacing unauditable, hackable, proprietary voting machines with reliable voting mechanisms, and more)… and a $15/hour minimum wage… and free public education… and a much stronger Green New Deal than AOC’s vague proposal… and ending the neocons’ bloody regime-change wars.

Gabbard is actually the most progressive, viable candidate in the race – despite whatever smears against her that you may have heard.

And since “our first order of business is to get rid of Trump in 2020,” I’ll add that Rep. Gabbard is the one candidate on the left who promises to draw independents and conservatives away from Trump while energizing the progressive base of the Democratic Party.

In my estimation, Tulsi Gabbard is to the 2020 race what Bernie Sanders was to the 2016 race: the progressive powerhouse who the establishment, left and right, hates and fears the most. She authored the Stop Arming Terrorists Act. She resigned from the DNC when they were rigging the 2016 primary against the left. She refused to support the left-demolishing/Trump-vindicating RussiaGate propaganda. She stands up for Palestinians. She stands with the Standing Rock Sioux. She opposes Trump’s white-supremacist coup in Venezuela.

No Democratic candidate has been as courageous or demonstrated this kind of integrity. That’s why the establishment is smearing her so relentlessly. They’re scared out of their wits.

I hope that CommonDreams’ readers will donate to Gabbard’s campaign and get her on that debate stage!

Gabbard/Sanders 2020… (because the rest are neoliberal, warmongering frauds).


And Bernie Sanders thinks these watered down democrats are the party to try to work with.
The democratic party will never allow Bernie to be the 2020 candidate.
Run as an independent .


The Corporate Dem ‘Leadership’ is still going for Status Quo. They are desperate to keep the bribes coming in from The Industry.

This is lame, uninspiring, won’t fly. This shit won’ get anyone off the couch

That sign should read #protectourbribes


It’s the right thing to do, but we aren’t quite revolution-ready yet.
We do need to stand up to any garbage the right-wing - wing nuts toss out.

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Not saying I don’t like her, but where is she? Never hear anything about her. Why?.. I know she’s done good stuff, but in order to be a candidate the goal is to get as much Media attn as possible. She’s not doing that. Most people have no idea who she is. Gotta be in peoples faces constantly. It’s called Brand Recognition…Look at Bernie and AOC… they are the ones who are playing the Game right, as Trump sure is… every second of every day on every news site, we see a pic of Trumps puss! Tulsi needs to Up her game.

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I’m sure he is not putting in all of his time traveling around the country unless he has a better plan than he did in 2016. He knows what he did wrong. Besides, who else is there to vote for? Beto? Please …

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That’s why they want Biden in the game… to protect their status quo. U bet it’s all about their money train. And don’t believe the numbers that say he’s ahead of Sanders when he never declared he would run. All Media lies as usual.


It is just the skeptic/cynic in me that translates the sign in front of Nancy, “#ProtectOurCare”, to “#ProtectMyPortfolio”?


Glad you brought up the term, “ Revolution Ready Yet.” This generation will never be ready. They have no idea what’s coming down the pike… Most wont know what hit them when they are whacked with a 2 x 4 when the Sh^t Hits Their FAN…

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You need to keep plugging Tulsi. She must be doing something right, Joe Biden hasn’t asked her to be his running mate (yet ) and hasn’t rubbed his hands all over her while making the sign of the cross, either.
I’m expecting the Biden " touch " to land next on The South Bend Buddha.Though, I’m betting he’s more of a hands off guy than a hands on guy,
with The Mayor.
On Wednesday, another media darling Sen. Bennett of Colorado, nixed the Sanders/Jayapal approach to lengthening and improving the lives of many, many millions of Americans. He says we first need to " clean up Washington, end gerrymandering and protect the golden insurance policies of ( certain ) unions " before tackling the tough issues of M4A, etc. Nancy & Chuck’s Best Gatekeeper? Sen. " Best Boy " Bennett reporting for duty and at your service ( doing his John Kerry salute imitation ) to the MSM cameras.


The Democratic Establishment is timid. Don’t rock the boat, and after they lose in 2020, they will wonder why.


“If not us, who? If not now, when?” - JFK

The Clintonites have suppressed a political shift back to the left for far too long - and they’re still clinging to their own power to the last. It’s past time for these corporatists to go. I think this current generation does know what’s coming down the pike - that’s why they’re being marginalized at every turn by the corrupt fossils in power.