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As Pelosi Unveils ACA Fix, Medicare for All Backers Say 'Now Is Not the Time for Watered-Down, Incremental Measures'

If you would like Gabbard to gain exposure, make a contribution to her campaign. She needs something like 25,000 more individual contributors to be invited by the DNC to the d-party debates.

Here’s the website, get busy with a 10-spot:


The Democratic Establishment can’t stop comforting the comfortable because the comfortable, through their $$$, ensure that the Democratic Establishment remains, living quite comfortably.


More Republican than Democrat, Neoliberal Democrats now primary progressives and keep those corporate bribes rolling in.


You are calling out the Clinton’s for the mess we’re in? Why not come out and say you are a Trump Suppoerter so the community knows who you are?

OK, so I tossed a few bucks her way, mostly in the interest of getting her on the debate stage. That said, I couldn’t find a single item on her website that says what her policy positions are. It seems to me she needs some serious help on getting the substance of her campaign out there where everyone can see it.


I just did. Used https://secure.actblue.com/donate/tulsi-eoq which makes it easy for candidate to supply data to FEC. After reading http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/03/2020-democratic-debates-which-candidates-have-qualified.html, it doesn’t seem like she’s safely in the debates yet. Go Tulsi!


Sorry, no Ten Spot for any candidate. Let them use their own money. Much better to put that $10 towards gas.

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You don’t think Clinton’s tack to the right and his triangulation theory of the world contributed to the “moderate” problem in the Democratic Party? Seems to me he just about single handedly created the problem. No, that’s too strong. He had plenty of help from the other corporate Dems.

Nor am I sure how you can equate that assessment with being a Trump supporter.


You get no argument from me. But isn’t that a common tactic? Stay low on specifics, talk a lot about freedom, unity, and opportunity?

I want her on that debate stage even if I no longer vote for Democrats.


I’m cool with that. I’d rather spend my coin on booze. Just don’t complain about lack of exposure.

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The picture is an excellent representation of a rogue’s gallery of soul-less, bought-and-paid-for, conscience-free ASSHOLES! How did they get there? They were elected by brain-dead, unconscious, easily-programmable. “my party right or wrong” ASSHOLES!


So now we know what you are all about as well. Good to know about the posters on the board. Blame the Democrats for everything if it floats your sinking boat, when both parties are to blame as they are one in the same.

If there was anything left of the young and new Pelosi from so many years ago it is now gone. Body snatched and replaced with a congressional maneuver-bot Pelosi. Truth be told, I remember when I thought she was promising but I’m not sure at this point whether she ever was or whether, even then, she was just an artificial construct of campaign checkboxes.
Regardless, she is now a hollowed out Maneuver-Bot Nancy.
Time to go. Long past prime.



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I have been thinking of trying to send her a carefully written letter advocating for just this. I have a few things in mind:

  1. Create a policy outline with level 1 headings being the typical ones people discuss:
    Foreign Policy
    Health Care
    Political Reform
    Federal Budget/Taxes
    (am I missing anything?)

  2. Then under each level 1 heading, begin to create level 2 headings and solicit input from voters for issues not covered to see if a new heading is needed or add to an existing heading.

  3. Create a position paper, referencing legislation proposed and co-sponsored for each level 2 heading. Create a video where she speaks directly to the camera outlining the position paper for those who don’t want to read, but always have all the info in text form. Put audio podcasts on iTunes or other podcasting sites.

  4. At rallies, take questions that are submitted a few days in advance and let people upvote questions and hopefully cover new points at every rally (I hate to say this, but Bernie who is my #2 and maybe he’ll be my #1 was way too repetitive at his rallies - people I knew thought he pushed inequality so much, they hardly knew what he thought about anything else - after the primary was over, he put out his first decent speech on foreign policy that I heard).

If you, @LibWingofLibWing, @SkepticTank, @Callmeskeptical, @x1jodonn, @AlanMyron or anyone else interested in seeing Tulsi communicate to us better wants to coordinate, I can be reached at dara.parsavand@yahoo.com (I wish there was a sticky thread concept here where we could just do it in the open but the only opportunity I see to post is on a per story basis - and CD is particularly bad about putting out Tulsi stories unfortunately).


According to Open Secrets, here is what Nancy Pelosi got as a 2018 candidate from the following economic sectors related to health insurance:

Finance/Insurance/Real Estate: $394,790

Health: $450,081

Source: https://www.opensecrets.org/races/sectors?cycle=2018&id=CA12&spec=N

Here is Nancy Pelosi’s personal net worth as of 2015: $100,643,521

She ranked 6th in the 435-member House of Representatives in net worth.

Source: https://www.opensecrets.org/personal-finances/net-worth?cid=N00007360&year=2016

Multi-millionaire politicians deciding the fate of everyday people is what the U.S. political system is all about, and why it does NOT work for ordinary people.


Her being heard is pretty much based solely on what candidates the MSM wants to push. Tulsi?..not so much.

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Done and done

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Tulsi will be featured on The Young Turks at 5:30 Pacific time today.


Like your writings and been reading your articles before you became staff of Common Dreams. Thank you all for what you do.

My wish that all writers, pundits, radio hosts, et all would redefine the middle or centrists as you referred to Pelosi and Hoyer and blue dogs.
They are not the center/middle any longer when anywhere from 55 to 80 % of Americans want real change not status quo which these so called centrists belong to.
I wish lamestreet media would define the center/middle, of course, I wish the lamestreet media would divulge all the facts and all the news going on in the US and World. We only get what they want us to know about/hear. Do they think were stupid? I guess they do as they know a large part don’t pay attention to all the news.