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As Pelosi Unveils ACA Fix, Medicare for All Backers Say 'Now Is Not the Time for Watered-Down, Incremental Measures'

That is BS Guitman. Clinton of the 90’s push party to the right and was a republican wet dream. Clinton of 2016 was a flawed candidate some earned and some not. Ever since Clinton and Obama’s the party was reaching to the right. That has got to stop.


I’m not sure why you haven’t seen much of her, honestly. She’s been making appearances on mainstream shows like The View and Late Night with Stephen Colbert, as well as a number of appearances on cable news, where she is relentlessly peppered with the same loaded questions.

Rep. Gabbard has also granted interviews to internet sensations like Joe Rogan and Niko House. Jimmy Dore (with 500k subscribers) frequently sings Gabbard’s praises, as do Jamarl Thomas, Tim Black, and a variety of other independent progressive commentators. Plus, she’s been making well-received speeches and ads – and visiting early battleground states, where she’s moved up in the polling.

Also, because she’s perceived as a threat to the political establishment, TYT, The Nation, and Jacobin – most prominently – have gone out of their way to publish wild distortions of her record in their attempts to smear her. That alone should increase her name recognition – and the more people get to know Gabbard, the more they seem to like her… just like Bernie in 2016.


Incremental improvements to the Health Care System will allow the Democratic Corporate Puppets to continue receiving their Legal Bribes from every aspect of the Health Care Industries.

Their constituents will be fooled into thinking that the Corporate Dems are helping them get better Health Care than the Repubs are offering and the Corporations will continue to gladly hand over their Bribes, since the Dems are helping them to fleece their customers.

They will accept you with a pre-condition but nobody put a limit on how much they can charge for that service.

The Corporate Dems know that the high cost of Administrative salaries is raising the premiums of their constituents but at least the Bribes keep flowing, which is more important than saving their constituents money.

The Corporate Dems understand that the FOR PROFIT Health Care Business is driving the cost of Health Care through the roof, but we get useless double talk bullshit as to why they must move slowly before they can bring everyone under the NOT FOR PROFIT umbrella of MEDICARE. ???

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They are not the center, they are center right. The center is where the American people are or it should be and polls indicate a big majority of people want Medicare for All and Climate Green New Deal would/should be right behind that also.


P.E.L.O.S.I …
Obamacare to

I wonder how much money she gets from the Insurance companies.


Sorry I misinterpreted one of your other posts and came back at you thinking you had defended the Clinton.

I donated $25 to her a week or so ago. Looks like she’s now adding to her Website. The Tulso Bio page is new, I believe. That had to take some time to assemble.

Jimmy Dore has been giving her lots of push. Take a look at these YouTube videos

And, here’s a list I posted a couple of weeks ago. Start with the Joe Rogan interview. It’s excellent.

--------------------------Tulsi Gabbard - (takes no corporate PAC money)----------------------
Joe Rogan Experience #1170 - Tulsi Gabbard – Sep 10, 2019 - Joe Rogan - YouTube

Full Tulsi Gabbard Interview with Jimmy Dore – Jan 12, 2019 – Jimmy Dore - YouTube
(This video has all four parts of the interview)

Tulsi Gabbard has the BEST shot at beating Trump in 2020. – Jan 19, 2019 - Kim Iversen - YouTube

Morning Joe Attacks Tulsi For Opposing War – Feb 7, 2019 – Jimmy Dore - YouTube

Tulsi Gabbard evades the press, and for good reason. – Feb 17, 2019 - Kim Iversen - YouTube

A Key 2020 Issue That Bernie Sanders Refuses To Address – Feb 19, 2019 - Tulsi Gabbard - YouTube

Tulsi Gabbard kills New World Order bloodbath in thirty seconds – Feb 19, 2019 - Tulsi Gabbard - YouTube.
You may have seen this list of videos to watch that I posted a few weeks ago. She talks policy in all of them.


Plus, the 5 multinational corporations which own most of the MSM are invested in the MIC to the hilt; and, don’t want Tulsi Gabbard anywhere near the Presidency; so, the only air time they will spend on her is when they want to attempt an ambush, like MSNBC and ABC have done.


See the following, posted earlier:

The MSM will promote P’Loser and the “2020 Horse Race” (actually a Horses’ Asses race) between the two halves of the Duopoly and try to ignore Tulsi (and anyone else who can think) just like they ignored Bernie in 2016.


Don’t know why this thread is about Clinton at all. I never liked them either. Thought we were talking about Progressives ???

I like Tulsi just fine but not how she’s running her campaign. 2 separate issues.

Yes. This is why not many people have heard of her.

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I understand that you like Gabbard, but I feel that you’re blaming her campaign for the establishment’s blackout/smear of her (IOW, they never mention her except to smear her). Most of the time, they simply omit her name from the list of Democratic hopefuls, instead naming others who’ve yet to even declare their candidacy!

The MSM and establishmentarians like TYT/The Nation/Jacobin will tout Harris, Biden, Klobuchar, Booker, and Beto all day long. And they’ll give some airtime to neoconservative grandstander, Elizabeth Warren, who can’t remotely be trusted to give us single-payer or pull back from the regime-change agenda. They’ll even cover Bernie – albeit smearing him as “the socialist candidate” of “young, white-male misogynists” (when African-Americans and Hispanics are his top two demographics, and he does better with women than men) – because a media blackout of Bernie, as happened in 2016, simply isn’t an option. He’s far too popular for that now…

Which begs the question: Did you also fault Bernie for the campaign he was running in 2016? Because he wasn’t overcoming the media blackout and establishment smears… at least not enough to overcome a blatantly rigged primary?

IMO, it wasn’t Bernie’s fault in 2016 – any more than it’s Rep. Gabbard’s fault today – that the corporate media sought to disappear him and many voters hadn’t heard of him until it was too late… until after the primary had been thoroughly rigged for Sec. Blood n’ Guts. I thought Bernie ran an amazing campaign. And today, IMO, Tulsi Gabbard is also running a very smart, aggressive campaign… only she’s up against what Bernie was up against in 2016: the neoconservative/neoliberal media of the 1% – and they want her gone.

I believe she has started to do so. She was all over the place, the past couple of weeks, holding several town hall meetings a day.

And, this just popped up on Fort-Russ:

MAJOR: VIDEO Trump’s Exoneration Prevented CIVIL WAR, Says Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard – Mar 29, 2019 - Joaquin Flores - Fort-Russ

The specter of Civil War has just been raised by a leading American politician. Just hours ago, U.S Democratic Party presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard stated that Trump’s exoneration in the Mueller investigation has probably prevented a civil war . This speaks strongly about the times Americans live in, what many commentators are expressing as “surreal”. Across social media, tweets and comments were observed expressing support for her statement, (bolding here added) while a decade ago such a statement may have been considered shocking, relative to the pace and tempo of what was considered mainstream candidate discourse less than a decade ago.

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And why not go for the whole thing. The republicans are going to crap on it,large or small plans.

ESAD. I’m thoroughly sick of deranged “Leftists” sucking up to Clinton and Obama and calling me and others “Trump trolls” and “Putin puppets” and everything else under the sun. I joined the DSA back in the 80s, MFer. Clinton pushed laws through Congress that Republicans could only dream of (take NAFTA … please!). They were/are Nixon/Reagan Republicans at best. Obama even acknowledged it. So flag this or otherwise whine and cry, but I’m not taking that sh*t from the likes of you apologists any more.

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One doesn’t necessarily have to be a Trump supporter to intensely detest the Clintons.

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Trump is playing the age old dodge. Now hit with the pressure of liberals pushing for healthcare for all, his defense is to go on offense. Throwing it to the courts is his only play, that I can think of anway.

I don’t know where else to post this, so I’ll post it in this thread.

I was woken up early this morning by a phone call from a friend of mine I havn’te seen for years. He’s now a Trumpster and he wanted to talk to me about politics. We got in an argument of course and then I wanted to get off the phone with him. He said he’d let me go if I went to this web site he recommended ran by some guy name Mark Levin.

I agreed just to get him to let me go.

Well I’ve just spent 12 hours watching videos and I’m jettisoning my socialism, progressivism, and being a leftist. I’m now convinced that Mr. Trump is God’s gift to humanity, that the worse thing we could do is put a socialist in the White House, that we white folk have got to pull together to protect our white race from reverse racism, that Israel must have security at whatever the cost, that global warming is a hoax, that we need to cut taxes a lot more for the job creators, and that we need a 30 foot wall along the Mexican border.

Mark down this date. April First 2019. It’s when LibWingofLibWing turned into MissILoveHayek.

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Now that April Fools Day is almost over in my time zone… I hope you all realized that was a joke