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As Pence Attends Anti-Choice Event in North Carolina, Providers and Rights Groups Sue Over State Abortion Restrictions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/03/pence-attends-anti-choice-event-north-carolina-providers-and-rights-groups-sue-over

Question: why do evangelical hypocrites like Pence care so much about the abortions of unborn children, but once they are born they condone the abortions? If Pence and his fellow evangelicals really feel that way why do we never hear of them adopting any born children!

They are Pro White life. They care more about the unborn than the living while embracing war,the death penalty and poisoned food air and water and no M4all. It makes sense to them somehow. How about the right to a healthy life in a healthy environment?

I’ve brought up the adoption point to actual “Right to Birth” protestors, have yet to receive an answer.

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Mike Pence, a heart beat away from occupying the Oval Office.


Well said!