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As Pentagon Spins US Media, Doctors Without Borders Demands Accountability for Bombing

As Pentagon Spins US Media, Doctors Without Borders Demands Accountability for Bombing

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The foreign aid agency whose hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan was bombed over the weekend is refusing to let the U.S. military forgo responsibility for the attack even as the Pentagon changed its story again on Monday and tried to pass blame to Afghan forces.

The U.S. military admitted on Monday that its initial account of its bombing of a hospital run by Doctors Without Border/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) was false.


“the deadly attack was not in response to fire from the facility, but was “called in” by Afghan commanders.”
Means, We don’t check call ins, we just open fire.
Really Means, It’s just a case of friendly fire, no big deal…

“the military will release a “preliminary report” in a few days.”
Means, WTF, we’ll come up with a better lie, give us a few days.

“contrary to the military’s initial claims”
Really Means…Find the As_h_le who told the truth and bust him…

And these are “Our Boys Fighting for Liberty”


This human should be on trial and in the Brig, over night, under his watch and command so much damage, with this there can be no spin or damage control…we just gave rise to 1000’s of enemies, in 1/2 hour. We have become the vast waste-land of Mad Max, everyone hates us and they want heads to roll, we’ve all seen the video’s of that, who’s next? me?, you? or someone next door?


Our government lies about everything. If, upon reading any government statement you immediately assume they are lying, you will always be closer to the truth than if you believe a word they say.


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Watched “American Sniper” last night. It opens with the shooting of a boy and his mother about to throw a grenade at American troops invading their country. An American sniper is the shooter credited with the killing of over 160 Iraqis to protect our troops, is deemed a hero by Republicans posting on Facebook.

This post actually belongs on an article proving that Bush/Cheney should be tried as war criminals, but this bombing would include the present administration as related to ongoing atrocities.


a great reason to never vote for HRC.


The evil that is imperialist amerika seems to have no bounds! The World sees again, the murder and terror that the amerikan empire brings on the World! These terrorist acts will speed up the long overdue collapse of the empire!


Everyone up and down the chain who knew what the target for the attack was should be arrested and charged with something like a war crime. That includes the pilots and their commanders and the people who planned the attack. Is there really any difference between the 9/11 attacks and the attacks on a well known hospital facility. We think attacks like this and almost random drone attacks are somehow alright for us but acts of war and war crimes when our enemies do the same to us.
People responsible should be charged and prosecuted. NOW!!!
This is why ISIS exists - our allies and war makers are no better than ISIS so people choose ISIS.


" We murdered some folks," the President of the country said quaintly."


This is the second time that I am reading about this incident.

In a word, disgusting.


There no conceivable way the US Military did not know this was a hospital. They had all of that information and were given the coordinates many times.

Suggesting the US Military not to blame because their Military Allies called this in is like a guy who murders his friends ex-girlfriend claiming he not to blame because his friend asked that he do it.

This is a war crime. It is murder.


Started to read the book and threw it away. Didn’t even think about going to the movie. People like him and his ilk make me sick.


A great reason to never vote for the duopoly …


The US is truly perverse and its military completely compromised. But as the World turns, the US is starting to reap what it has sown. A mass murder every week in America mirrors the murders the US carries out on a weekly basis elsewhere.


ha ha :O)

Republicans still hate the French.

Not for you nature boy.

How amazing it would be if posters could make an all out effort to try to stay on the topic of the thread rather than faster than any possible investigation go immediately to their personal gripe or complaint. However, for those who read
it can be very amusing. Better than what one might find on Comedy Central.

I just hope that MSF and other organizations like it don’t cower and leave with their tales between their hind legs and instead increase their presence everywhere.


Spot on!