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As 'Petulant' Democratic Elites Howl in Protest, DNC Moves Ahead With Plan to Gut Power of Superdelegates

As 'Petulant' Democratic Elites Howl in Protest, DNC Moves Ahead With Plan to Gut Power of Superdelegates

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In the face of fervent opposition from Democratic elites who "think their vote is more important" than the will of the party's base, the Democratic National Committee's (DNC) Rules and Bylaws arm cleared a major hurdle in the fight to curtail the p


One “victory” or reform is NOT enough! The DINO elite corporate whores must be removed from the party, root and branch! Their power to undermine and subvert progressive, “socialist” change and reforms is still real and they will not give-up or work for the people’s issues, the environment, a sustainable future or anything that runs counter to their corporate masters wishes and the domination of big-money! Eliminate them all and let the chips fall where they may…it could hardly be any worse!

The RebubliCon majority in House and Senate must be defeated, but the DINO “leadership” is not up to the task, either mentally, ethically, morally, or in any way really…the Schumer, Pelosi, Cuomo, and all the others that can never be counted-on must be de-funded and progressive/radical candidates given that support! There is a corrupt stench in government and both parties, that much be excised and removed if we are to ever reverse the malignant destruction of trumps diseased mind, along with his Cabinet from Hell…I call BS!


“It’s a start. I believe in starts.”
–Joey “The Lips” Fagan

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Ahh, Joey…he had 'em all, even Imelda!

This won’t change much. It will still be the candidate who gets the most pledged delegates wins. And whomever is leading in the early polls will be seen as a favorite. I think the main result will be increased unification of the party. The main drawback is if by some remote chance some incompetent and unqualified populist candidate like Trump but on the left wins there will be no way for the party leaders to stop the nomination. The biggest problem for progressive candidates remains the many Democratic voters feel they have less chance of winning in the general election than a candidate more toward the center. No rule changes can deal with that. The general election generally comes down to winning the vote of independents and that is where the big concern is about candidates being too far on the left.

This does not “gut” anything, as both the super delegates and the electoral college remain intact.
That they do not get to vote first does not effectively change anything.
We are never going to get anywhere by pretending toothless reforms are major victories, or by pretending the DNC is in anyway beholden to the working class.


I’m sorry, but this is no victory nor is it a step forward. It’s at best a little bit of theatre. The fact that one establishment power elite who is chosen and appointed by others just like that still owns the same voting power as an average of 10,000 people… The fact that despite the DNC saying otherwise, the “pledged” delegates were counted all through the primaries by the press… What on earth makes you think this will be different? Super Delegates are un-democratic and need to share the blame for where we’re at today, and therefore be eliminated all together. But as with everything else in DC, money talks- and everyone else can go fuck themselves


If it changes reporting (if no news outlet includes super-delegate numbers anywhere in a story or graphic when discussing pledged delegate counts), then it will change something quite important.

However, this is still a stupid move from the DNC. The optics would have been so much better had they just eliminated super-delegates altogether. The solution to the problem of how to handle the case when someone doesn’t win a majority of pledged delegates is to use Ranked Choice Voting. Imagine the optics on that - the Democrats would actually be forward thinking!

Still I think this move is something, and I thank anybody who put in the effort to make a start at some positive change.


And I have asked you so many times; center of what? Too far to the left of what? What policies that people like Sanders support are deeply unpopular and don’t have popular support? This isn’t 1992, and maybe many of those in your party are starting to come to terms with that. You should too.

People will be united behind policies, or they won’t be united at all, nor should they be. The future is not with people like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton and their worldview. That led us here and that worldview has no solutions to our problems.

LOL! That candidate beat the candidate in your party that wasn’t “too far left” (of what?) this last election, and he was the most unpopular major party nominee in history. Just think what an actual, competent progressive candidate could do. People like you fear one thing really; losing your access to power and wealth. And if those running your party had this all figured out, if the power they had as far as superdelegates was justified, they wouldn’t have gotten utterly wiped out and they wouldn’t be so deeply unpopular nationally.


Pretty much, but even this is too much for the parasites in that party.


Sometimes, I get the impression that many commenters here despise any reform of the Democratic Party so they can cling to their cherished beliefs, kind of like the comparably advanced-age Gollum did that ring. Thankfully, things are, in fact, changing, led once again, by those under 30.

Let them eat cake.


I have joined the DSofA. If anyone is endorsed by them they have my vote. If not, too bad. It’s time to move on. The repub.'s are dead in the water. The dem.'s are dino’s and I need fresh air.


Well, an old man started this all, the guy that they rigged things against, and he had to fight the Clinton types in order to get anything. Polls also show that support for Democrats among Millennials has collapsed in the last year and a half. The support for Republicans is basically the same, Millennials have just left. And while I think this is better than nothing, you should be objective and realize why people, rational people, don’t have tons of faith in the Democratic Party. They have a history of putting in place changes that aren’t what is needed, maybe 25% better or something, which gives them some space to undermine the modest improvements they approve. Do you acknowledge that the Democratic Party is largely responsible for people having little faith in them and for people being cynical with stuff like this? If so, you might want to actually articulate that a bit.


Hey, I’m 68, opposed this “middle of the road” shit all my life, supported Bernie, and knew he was ripped off by DWC, HRC, and the DNC. I had friends who went to the convention and told me how screwed up it was. Hillary beat Bernie in the south; so what, she couldn’t win the south in the general anyway. I’d prefer that the powerful in the Democratic Party saw the light, but they don’t seem capable of it because the light leads to where regular people have more power than they want us to have. We need to primary every DINO.


Though I’m with you on the opinion that the primary had problems, letting states that are clearly red still vote in the primary isn’t one of them. What are you proposing exactly?

They might believe that, but only because you and your ilk continue to peddle that nonsense. Why are you so afraid putting forward a real policy platform? Afraid your big dollar donors will abandon you? Oh my, what would you do then?!

Turns out, of course, that a majority of people support the policies put forward by progressives. For example, see the polls cited here: Americans overwhelmingly support Bernie Sanders’ economic policies and here: Polling Shows Running On Progressive Policites Would Work In Swing Districts.

So running to the left is the smart thing to do, it’s just that you’re too cowardly have the courage of your convictions.

Oh wait! That’s not right! If forgot, you don’t have any convictions.


Replying to Lrx, like trying to reform the Democratic Party is like pissing into the wind.


Democratic elites are nothing more than spoiled children used to getting their way, not because of anything more than seniority.



Lrx is Hillary attempting to make her 3rd run.

Occasionally, she has an idea worth some consideration, however, if she was destined to grab the top rung, so to speak, she wouldn’t be a two time loser.

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