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As Planet Heats Further, Even Davos Elite Warns Humanity Is 'Sleepwalking Toward Catastrophe'


As Planet Heats Further, Even Davos Elite Warns Humanity Is 'Sleepwalking Toward Catastrophe'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Ahead of the World Economic Forum's (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland next week—which convenes the world's wealthiest and most powerful for a summit that's been called both the "money Oscars" and a "threat to democracy"—the group published a report declaring, "Of all risks, it is in relation to the environment that the world is most clearly sleepwalking into catastrophe."



The point of no return was probably crossed half a million years ago (or thereabouts) when a new primate species learned to use fire. That gave the new species such an evolutionary advantage that it made the unlimited injection of fossilized carbon into the atmosphere inevitable. Unfortunately, long before humans came along, biology had already accumulated enough carbon to turn the planet into a hot house. Our fate was sealed back then, long ago. Please be ethical and don’t have children.



Buddha states his propositions - Oblivious of the suffering to which life is subject, man begets children, and is thus the cause of old age and death. If he would only realize what suffering he would add to by his act, he would desist from the procreation of children; and so stop the operation of old age and death.


“I will cheer on their demise as they go along with the rest of us.”

Haven’t you heard? They have a plan, and it doesn’t include us. It’s why so many of them have bought land and built underground bunkers in New Zealand. We’ll need to kill them and feed them to the hungry, before the take off in their private jets.


What matters to individual members of the “elite” group is whether a policy gores their personal ox.

It should be obvious that the sun falling on the roof of a house delivers energy to that house with less transmission cost than a fossil fuel. Heating that house with stored solar at night, or heating its hot water, will take 50% of the natural gas industry’s demand away forever and down to zero go a few stocks. Those inventions SHOULD be coming but the gas industry would pay billions to lock those inventions in the safe.

Solar thermal-based electricity generation at night will take away most of the other 50% of the natural gas industry. FERC is an aptly named acronym for an agency dealing with the industry’s bankruptcy.

I see a new transit system crushing the oil industry. The industry needs a bigger safe.



One thing we can agree on- child free by choice!


Hey, I am child free, and now we hear the criers yelling: “Fewer people in the USA are having kids- who will take care of the old people?” I have heard of people who solely have kids so someone can take care of them in their old age. My late parents did not think like that; nor does anyone I know- but seriously economists are now shouting in essence: “Wombs unite , we need more people.” Ugh!!!


Their materialism they think makes up for their lack of souls.


Another term for that operation is ‘life.’

All the religions, that I have any awareness of, have under all their precepts, nirvanas, heavens, paths, dogmas, gospels, vedas, hadiths, sunna, etc., a very basic anti-life, anti-female position. How could it be otherwise when they were all formulated by the patriarchal death cult?
Having children or not is a personal decision with political and social ramifications. But we all know what happens when something multiplies beyond the capacity of the petri dish to sustain them. We are still learning when that is. I might be good to know beforehand.


And now the british bullshit corporation comes up with this "infantile"advice. Had they published this 50 years ago it might be relevant. Too little too late methinks.


Yes, I have heard that as well. How about if we take care of each other first? How about if the people already here realize that the habitat is collapsing and it won’t matter for much longer that your kids will take care of us in old age, since old age won’t be a thing?

People REALLY want those gender reveal parties.


First thing we do is create a completely transparent economy. This means every single transaction is open to public scrutiny.Nothing breeds appropriate behaviour faster than the exposure to the light of public scrutiny .Transparency/Visibility is another word for truth .
Global warming has been mainly caused by " follow the money." Profit over planet !

The elites do not want you to find out how much they have,where and how they got it ,
and how they are using it ?



So how do you go about that fantasy policy of transparency? Right now even the coast guard is not getting paid. Yes, we have a crisis!


Anything to bring meat into the diet. From a 37 year vegan!


What is a gender reveal party?


The world has a problem. The green deals have to become worldwide. Everyone is doing it. This article is about gas. Gas is cleaner than coal, but it still burns. And liquefied gas can spill.


Even in Winter the Greenland Ice Sheet continues to Melt. Even if the Davos Orgy goes well and the Psycho Elites decide to pull their pants back up, the time has already passed on Global Warming. Even if They decide to cut emissions by 2050 who ever is left may be living in caves in the mountains. Even if…