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As Planet Rages With Fires and Storms, Ire Aimed at Murderous Climate Denialism


As Planet Rages With Fires and Storms, Ire Aimed at Murderous Climate Denialism

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As Houston begins its long recovery from Hurricane Harvey, epic wildfires burn throughout the western U.S., and Irma charges toward Florida after devastating several Caribbean islands, while two other


Limbaugh is the radio version of DJT and TV’s The Apprentice: bloviating, pontificating, and LYING throughout. It is the hopelessly uninformed, ignorant, and outright stupid loyalists to these two that are responsible for the ongoing denial of the REALITY of climate change. They may just be converted when their homes and businesses are leveled by a series of Cat 5 (and higher) nuclear force hurricanes along with having no power, no safe drinking water, and dwindling supplies and no way to restock. For them, it has to strike home…hard and often…before they become believers of REALITY.


Inhofe, Puritt, and that yahoo Trump nominated for head of NASA, all from frack-quaked Oklahoma.


… and humans may be 30 - 40% above carrying capacity for the planet, of course we won’t think about that.
… all the while, having lunatic delusions about a Mars colony… but like war, it’s good for profits.


Actually, transportation, notably the personal automobile (which is harmful in so many other ways too) is tied with electric generation as the greatest emitter of CO2. Most manufacturing emissions themselves are from the factory’s use of electricity and transportation - the exceptions being cement and steel making where the process itself produces lots of CO2.


“Knowing what we know in 2017,” Hertsgaard concludes, “expanding fossil-fuel production is like Big Tobacco continuing to addict people to its cancer sticks: technically legal but, in effect, premeditated murder.”

Hey… predatory capitalism at its most intense!
In post-modern “society”, if it ain’t intense it ain’t a happenin’ thing.

Hmmm… does that mean there is a loss of scope of information and erosion of subtle discernment?



On Monday afternoon, the skies here in W. Pennsylvania got a strange milky haze and the sun turned into a red ball - from smoke coming all the way from the NW US. Odd thing though - everyone I asked when I went back to work on Tuesday did not notice a thing. In this age of the portable electronic device and titillating mass media bullshit, people have become so disconnected from the observation of nature - even the skies and weather - that very few people notice all the change happening around us.


Don’t forget that Woody Guthrie was also from Oklahoma. Progressives would be smart to fan the natural progressive and populist flames that still burn in rural America and not always bash those areas because their politicians are so far right.


I hardly recognize my beloved Northwest Montana these days as much of the landscape has now been scarred by the numerous “super fires” experienced since 2000. And not to mention the disappearance of snowfields and glaciers. Our actions are radically altering the environment and ecosystems. It’s all so tragic.


I think his point was more that they continue their agenda is spite of the alarming number of earthquakes - some even damaging - that the industries they advocate cause in their own home region.


Only 30 to 40 percent?   That Mother Earth is already overpopulated by a factor of three (150%) and it’s projected to grow to four (200%) by 2100 is a more realistic figure, but even that’s probably low for a planet that’s to be healthy long term.

Yeah, Good Ol’ Mars – the God of War – HE’ll save us!   As if there’s enough energy on Mother Earth to transport 7.5 BILLION humans to Mars (where there’s somewhat less water than here) without scorching Mother Earth to death with the exhaust from the vehicles that are going to take us there (which we don’t have enough resources to build anyway).  What a GREAT idea for saving humanity (or maybe the 0.000001 percent of humanity we might actually be able to send to Mars for a short “vacation”).

*  IIRC, the word “lunatic” refers to someone made goofy by the moon (‘luna’), so maybe we need a new word for someone made goofy by the idea of saving humanity by moving us to Mars.  How about ‘Maratic’???


Yep - I agree with that point. But I do think we tend to unnecessarily alienate rural Americans with consistent implications of geographical backwardness.


I am living in the midst of the burning forests in the NW and the smoke is coming from all directions: Oregon, Montana, within the state, and Canada. The air is choked with smoke, ash, and carbon monoxide making breathing it extremely hazardous to health. The sun and moon have been “orange balls” for over a week now and there is no let up in sight until fires are contained and/or put out. There is NO WAY that anyone can be oblivious to the intensity of the smoke pollution here. I wear a mask with a charcoal filter inside (used by bikers, motorcyclists, hikers, etc.) when I go outside and when I go to sleep for the night. I water down all my garden and yard everyday because the soot accumulates so fast everyday. Remember the ash cloud from the eruption of Mt. St. Helen’s making its way East all the way to Newfoundland in 1980? That’s the way the wind/air currents blow…and a toxic wind it is now.


Obama was for fighting climate change so the Republicans are taking the opposite view. It seems unlikely that the rational arguments put forth to get action on fighting climate change will be able to overcome the emotions behind climate denial. These emotions probably include hate of liberals, hate of blacks and especially Obama, hate of big government. We don’t need these storms to tell us something is wrong. The Arctic is heading toward being ice free in the summer. The ice on Greenland is melting at a record rate. The rate of sea level rise has tripled over the last several decades. Coral reefs are bleaching all over the world. The global average temperature has increased by 1C since pre-industrial times. The last three years were warmest ever recorded.


Living in a rural area, I can attest to their “geographical backwardness” and would add that far too many have no idea what states border our state, let alone where the “Middle East” is on the world map. I took my own “survey” just for fun and randomly asked folks (while waiting in a grocery line for example) if they knew what our state capital was (in Washington and very nearby Idaho), and a vast majority DID NOT KNOW. Remaining “provincial” to a fault adversely impacts their voting choices, to whit, DJT. Very sad, indeed.


But, hey, it’s all about those jobs promised with each new fracking operation that never seem to appear in the numbers promised nor with the “guaranteed pay,” dontcha know… Yet they consistently fail to make the connections.


Hmm. I tend to feel consistently alienated from Jesus loving, climate-change denying, evolution denying, war loving, white supremacist, anti-intellectual, stars-and-stripes worshiping patriots, but maybe that’s just me…


Best wishes to you. We had ash falling in Seattle a couple days ago. Can’t imaging what it’s been like east of here…


This one is complicated because natural gas has been replacing coal which releases twice as much CO2 when burned. Although there is the added complication of methane emissions from fracking which reduces the advantage of natural gas. Then again, coal releases far more toxins than natural gas when burned for energy. While there are good arguments against fracking not all the arguments are on the side of the opponents.


Oklahoma is also the home of one of the biggest Native American Rezervations, actually it was the end of the trail of tears for many tribes. Not to disparage rural America but Woody Guthrie didn’t stay in Oklahoma as did many hundreds if not thousands, he left.