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As Planet Warms, One and Six Species Face Total Extinction: Study


As Planet Warms, One and Six Species Face Total Extinction: Study

Jon Queally, staff writer

One in six of all animal and plant species on Earth could become extinct from impacts related to climate change if human society does not dramatically reduce its emission of greenhouse gases, according to new research published in the journal Science on Thursday.


I read this sci-fi story about a guy faced with mass extermination on his home planet, so a divine being gives him the high technology needed to save all the animals. It’s called “Noah”. If you’re into the divine being, go and do likewise. Hurry up!


All the while those reaping the benefits of a toxic system are angered by the simple message the species facing extinction are sending them.


I read an article written by a person belonging to one of those institutions promoting “Libertarianism”. He was speaking to the drought in California.

He claimed it the result of Environmentalists and Government regulations that had put the kibosh on a multitude of large engineering projects that were designed so as to bring in more water from elsewhere. He went on to the example of water being FORCED to empty into the sea and thus get “wasted” so as to protect species at risk and deltas which as far as he was concerned had no “value” because the market deemed them to have no “value”. Apparently if a species can not be UTILIZED so as to increase profits for a firm or to fill a belly than the species in question is of little utility.

This is the mindset we are dealing with. It sheer insanity.


I really hope and pray that one of the six is Homo sapiens.


Couldn’t one of those 6 please be the 1% – especially the CEOs of the corporations that are causing this???


What’s the point of that dismal comment? Is that supposed to be “enlightened”? Will you be asking as you “pray” that the great creator nix one of the creations at your behest?


Seriously, you are keeping your fingers crossed that the entire of humanity goes extinct?


Hi, yes “This is the mindset we are dealing with. It sheer insanity.” But by labeling it Libertarian and not Rightwing Libertarian it denigrates many of the great thinkers and their ideas.
IMO i have the inalienable right to breath unpolluted air, to drink unpolluted water, to eat food grown on unpolluted land and in unpolluted water and those who destroy the environment infringe on my rights.

The folks who advocate for the mindset you correctly despise would be better labeled as corporatists or dominionists IMO.


I understand the various wings of the theories of Libertarianism and that one reason I put it in quotations.

It very much like so many “progressives” claiming to belong to the Democratic party.

In any case any economic theory premised around something called a “market” is hogwash and I would want to see the term “Personal Liberty” expanded upon by those claiming to be left-libertarians.

Too often that “personal liberty” comes at either anothers expense or at the expense of our natural world.


Hi again, i agree, hopefully libertarianism has lottsa wings, especially a personal liberty one as that’s what i was trying to refer to in my non-polluted explanation.
i agree too that the neo-liberal ‘the market solves all’ mentality is as dangerous or more dangerous to the biosphere.


We know what we’re doing. Not only those who study and quantify - each and every one of us knows the dominant culture is a threat to Life on Earth. Even the perverse work of denialists is motivated by knowledge they possess, but don’t acknowledge.

We have a world of reasons to push this knowledge away. Were we to own up to predation against our children, against our great Mother, the source of all beauty, how could our pretense of conscience survive? Were we to confront our culpability and undertake to stop doing things which result in the extermination of Life, what would we have left?

To keep going, we simply look the other way, perhaps wincing for a moment. And this is the way the world ends: not with a bang but a whimper.


I presume the human species has not been accounted for in that 1-in-6 calculation?


“its conclusions are considered “predictive” and based on various models of what the future may look like”. In other words, it’s not a fact, just a guess (computer model’.
Funny that he is from UConn. I was at the first Earth Day at UConn in 1970. I remember a huge banner across the speakers’ platform warning about the “Coming Ice Age”. That was the bogeyman of the decade. now we have Manmade Global Warming, another Chicken Little event that never happened so it was renamed Climate Change.
What would all these people do if they didn’t spend their lives reacting to imaginery threats?


Imaginary threats? You really think the climate change situation is imaginary? And… Thus we see the profound ignorance and obstinacy that will cause our ruination…


So far the computer models have been 100% wrong. It has been cooling for 19 years, not warming.


Just keep shopping and having kids. You don’t need all those silly species.



I think it’s just gallows humor. Nobody really wants the Naked Ape to go extinct, but it would be poetic justice if he did…


Yes we do need all those silly species. Where are we going to get Leopard covered shopping goods?

Oh, that’s right: Synthetic simulated wild beast products. Silly me.


Apparently you fail to understand the research… Likely willful ignorance - a product of your political leanings…