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As Poll Show Nearly 90% Democratic Support, Biden Told Hostility to Medicare for All 'No Longer Tenable Position for You '

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/25/poll-show-nearly-90-democratic-support-biden-told-hostility-medicare-all-no-longer


Biden’s response:

“Really? You idiots all voted for me knowing I said “no”. You’ll vote for me again and I’ll say “no” again. Now get in line and obey your betters.”


Oh I see. It has “stirred fresh calls.” If I made a fresh call to a pig to whistle, would it whistle?


Biden knows that and unfortunately… Biden is right!


Typical election year d-party pablum espoused by Bernie and the other sheepdogs.

“We’re putting pressure on someone, except that pressure includes no leverage whatsoever.”

Yoo hoo, sheepdog brigade: Pressure without any threat isn’t actually pressure.


Medicare For All is the only way forward for this country! Wake up Joe and seize the opportunity to maybe beat the current occupant in the White House. Stop the madness! Peace


M4A Now, Joe! Take the whip of the boss and break it in two. Workers are people, First! In an economy that was already being “gig”-ified, there is no other rational solution. Read some Dickens, damnit Joe!


And this is the same intellectually challenged Joe Biden who picked neoliberal Larry Summers, a good pal of pedo Jeffery Epstein, as his economic advisor? We need better than this nightmarish sequel.


You would have Medicare for all down in the USA if those 90 percent of voters had went Green 12 years ago. Even if the Greens never took power the DNC would not be able to ignore that segment of voter because “They have no where else to go”. Biden would not be their nominee as in order to attract those voters back they would have not picked a person opposed to medicare for all.

This is not rocket science.

This does however make the results in the primaries in places like Texas where Sanders polled a huge lead even more suspect.

To those people still trying to sheepdog people into voting for the Democratic party out of fears of “fascism” what exactly is is when a Party ignores the desires of 90 percent of its voters? Is that a LOTE?


Since it appears that Biden has lost the ability to think for himself or for anything anymore, one may think smarter associates would think for him and guide him like a ventriloquist’s dummy to to at least SAY that Medicare for All is the way to go. Unfortunately, those appointed to think for him and guide him are against Medicare for All as well. So, my friends, the 90% voice of the USA citizens shall remain ignored in spite of the pandemic and our country’s desperate need of healthcare. In short, we’re screwed.


SO what…?
Dementia Joe has a Political epiphany and lubs him some MFA all of a sudden?

or Slo Joe makes promises but has to drop out of the race just in time for the 3rd Way to appoint Cuomo and Andy doesn’t have to go with it?

I can’t believe anyone would take 3rd Way Joe’s word for it - that he would follow through on MFA in ANY, ANY meaningful way
The talk is cheap in this one
this is really Phucked up!

LOL-- 90% Dems support Biden - but only 20% of them will vote


dont’ forget Jamie Dimon is in the running
Now that is some sic shit


Unfortunately, politicians stopped representing the citizenry 40 years ago.
“Forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea you have freedom of choice.
You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you.” - George Carlin - “The American Dream” (2004)


Would this mean Joe has to give back all that health industry money?


Here’s the leverage that matters to Joe, from the Seattle Times (link below):

“[The DNC] and the Biden campaign said they would sign a joint fundraising agreement Friday, called the ‘Biden Victory Fund,’ that will allow the unofficial nominee to raise $360,600 each from individual donors to help the coordinated campaign. Donors to Biden’s effort had been limited to donations of $2,800 for his primary and general election campaigns.”

Joe will sell himself to the highest bidders, and do what they say. That does not include M4A, no matter what people want or need. End of discussion.



Sounds illegal to me.


The resistance to medicare for all is purely psychological with no basis in reality .
Once people have it , they will NEVER want to return to predatory insurance . They will look back and say to them selves , “ why did i ever
resist something so spectacular .


Except Joe does not want to wake up. Trump labeled Biden " sleepy Joe" AND FOR ONCE I HAVE TO AGREE WITH HIM!


You can push a neoliberal to progressivism, but you can’t make him think.


If he endorses Medicare for all, can he change his mind on November 4?

If he promises to think about considering some adjustment to Medicare after he’s elected, will DP enthusiasts think that he’s sincere?

If he does change his mind, can the people who voted for him change their votes?