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As Poor and Working Class in US Face Financial Cliff, Bezos Grew Record-Setting $13 Billion Richer on Monday

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/21/poor-and-working-class-us-face-financial-cliff-bezos-grew-record-setting-13-billion

It only causes more pain and angst to keep a mental tally of rich peoples incomes.
That borders on envy.
Oh, the neighbor has another new car.
The browns are sending their kids to Harvard, ours gets to go to community college etc.

Tooter Turtle says, “Those who is happy with what they got, those is the happiest lot.”

Let the wagering begin. Will Bezos reach 200 billion dollars before COVID reaches 200000 deaths?

The prick is making his money on those deaths.

The Trump administration wants to cut taxes so guys like this can get richer yet but it still hard to tell where they have wagered their bets. It likely they have their money down on both . It sort of like how the Corporations donate both to the Democrats and Republicans. Hedge your bets is their motto.

The reality is this is the new reality they try and shape. A world where everything based on more money and more killing. The expression “they are making a killing” takes on a different meaning.


Trump delights the purchasing of properties that are in mortgage default.
That is why he wants families out of their houses and apartments empty in NYC.
His son-in-law has cash ready to cash in.

The market share price for Amazon will decrease.
Bezos replaces Sears and Roebucks as consumers choice.
Let me know when he sells house kit that builds in 700 hours compared to 2,000 hours normal.
Walmart is coming into this quick delivery service over the next three years.

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This is plain madness. And out of these 13 billions, he won’t even pay the 2.3 billions in taxes - while the unemployed pay taxes even on their meager unemployment benefits.

The Republic is a democracy? All persons are created equal? Can we keep a straight face next time we hear these?


A report in from the US labor department suggests that if the US Economy does recover the vast majority of US workers can expect to return to work at a lower wage. This will be due primarily to two factors. One an overly large pool of unemployed workers all competing for the same job and secondly the Corporations needing to recover lost profits through the pandemic. There are already a large number of “white collar workers” who have taken wage cuts so as to keep their jobs and those Corporations will not restore those cuts when (IF) the economy recovers.

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How do you spell obscenity? B-e-z-o-s and the system that makes this kind of shite even possible! The tax rates from Eisenhower era of about 90% for this tax bracket made some sense but have been gutted ever since - and as more and more wealth of this sort became more widespread enabled the purchase of our civilian nation, the media, politicians, elections, and the legislation they would pass to serve wealth of this obscene sort and grow more wealth inequality and lack of the Common Good based society representative government should provide - if it had any goddamn money or politicians of integrity!!
As Cee-lo Green sang in another vernacular and for a different target, forget you! Jeff Bezon and your billions!


Yes, obscene. I had the same word in mind…


Does naming said “system” help?

I’m utterly confused as to what to call this diabolical, pathological (and obscene) system that is the “government” of the “United States” for it seems to change each day. Personally I like to have a name for things that also has a specific description of what that name means.

I’ll once again use the mental illness analogy that I use so often in this space.

It’s clear our country is mentally ill so accurately describing and naming the disease is important for diagnosis and (if possible) treatment or preferably a cure!

Today’s latest name is featured in a piece, “Rising Autocracy” by Richard Gross in Counterpunch.

We’ve heard that the u.s. is the following: plutocracy, autocracy, corporatocracy, totalitarian state, (or has inverted totalitarianism), fascist, oligarchic or a dictatorship.

I’m sure I’ve left a few out.


It might be different as to how the rich spend their money these days, but the rich have been here all along. Big oil, the iron horse monopolies, steel, high finance. We’ve seen it all, including insurance, government contracting, and the tech boom-bubble-bust.

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No one earns this kind of money. No one. And the final rub? His billions will not keep death from eventually claiming his ass too. Maybe it is time to re-asses what constitutes wealth.


Capitalism, Neoliberalism, Colonialism. Etc.

Naming a thing gives it power over you. It gives it solidity, an ability to enslave you. The Mi’kmaw people have no nouns, only verbs. They refer to process, to a continuing and changing way of living.
To Wiccans/Pagans, to name a thing is to give it power over you as well. We, too, have a language of process, of weaving, of continuing creation.
Western cultures have formed a language and culture of boxes to control and establish power-over people. What’s the first thing that comes to mind if I say the word “darkness”? Or “magick”? Or “The Great Mother”?
What if I say “sin”. Or “homeless”. Or “wealth”.
May I humbly suggest the very difficult unlearning of the language of conquest, of domination. And relearn a language of sensation, of beauty, of interconnection.


My god, how could I forget neoliberalism and colonialism and patriarchy??

Thinking of the reality of all of those burns through me and leaves my stomach in knots. Somehow it is easier on my psyche to sit with just “capitalism” even though that is the black slime oozing out of patriarchy and colonialism. We could go on . . .

Maybe that is why I left those out, I can’t feel sick today, too much to do but they are always there . . . . same with neoliberalism evidenced in the good ole DJIA up 300 points today.

Is it coincidence that it always rises with DT’s “press conferences”? He is back on today----woo hoo!


Important to love yourself and take care of yourself Caroline. If it helps to drop the news feed and do what you need to do for your health. Super appreciate all your posts here. Best,

On second thought:

Wall street trading gamblers have gifted Amazon with accepting an amazing amount of future profits that will be distributed to share holders.

Not so fast. Traders do not wait to receive dividends. They want their share of future profits put into their wallets today, right now. The 401k retirement savings is inside this up slide also.

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The dollar is collapsing just as the country is. Regular folks are busy try’n to get by the best they can, And we all gotta duck when the shot hits the fan…

Some time ago I recall reading the words of an old First Nations Chief who was quoted soon after the first Europeans arrived. It was in regards to the written word that the Europeans were so found of.

He suggested that as soon as a thought was written to paper it became a distortion of the truth. He was referencing the way the Europeans used treaties pointing out that what the Chief might speak to orally and what those Europeans agreed to orally in the treaty making process , all became a lie when those white men later returned, in violation of the treaty and while waving that paper around claiming those words meant something else entirely.


The US is collapsing economically and politically. And there is no political force that is willing or able to stop it. Trump style Republicans believe they can control the impact with military force internally and abroad. While Biden-Obama Democrats believe they can tic a box in November and return to normal. And Progressives have no power, they are divided, too many are standing in line waiting to click their heels to return to Kansas, and not enough are rising up.

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Expect another wall street hurrah when Bezos learns that robots with vision assist to read bar codes and zip codes inside the warehouses and cross docks will lay off 86% of the current workers in these facilities.

Amazon is the big delivery player for 1.5 to 2 years, and then Walmart takes over the volume. Please notice how e-bay has declined.

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