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As Pope Francis Arrivesin DC, Federal Workers Strike Against Poverty Wages


As Pope Francis Arrivesin DC, Federal Workers Strike Against Poverty Wages

Jon Queally, staff writer

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he will be among those joining federal workers in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday as they seek to leverage the much-anticipated arrival of Pope Francis as a way to lift their ongoing campaign for better wages and treatment.


Fantastic! Good on you all! And good on you, too, Bernie!


Pope Francis seems to be trying to say that there is dignity in all life. I hope that he realizes that there is life amongst the bugs and the bunnies. I am not a follower of him, but am beginning to be an admirer.


There will be so many that want the photo-op with The Pope that most of what he says will only be heard by those in need. As such, I wonder what behind the scene actions are really taking place? The Pope has a strong voice and a is a popular man but he is just a man and part of an institution with an ugly past. I wish everyone health and good luck. It is encouraging that Bernie is right there along side those that need, as he has been in the past. It's real to him and always has been, I hope others see that.


Funny how Bible thumper republicans attack the Pope for his views on climate change!
Forget the Pope listen to the idiots on Fox!


There is no ONE that will "save" us (and the planet, etc.), but maybe there are those who can serve as galvanizing forces to help the motivated join in unison to try. It is all we have, except for each other.


Jesus protect me from your followers!


Just what did Jesus do to deserve Christianity?


Good question!What did Jesus do to deserve republicans?


It is a shame it would take a sitting Pope to persuade the fat pigs in congress to inquire about the personal lives of the very people who feed and serve on them daily. I didn't know a congressional chef made just 13 bucks an hour and has lived in an abandoned apartment to save money, what about the janitors, the grounds keepers and the rest who probably make even less than that chef?


Wonder if the fat pigs in Congress ever bother to leave a tip for those who wait on them or the taxi cab drivers that get them to their next do nothing meeting??


Dear Francis, while you tell people to have more kids, while you keep women as second class citizens in your church, while you keep gay people as less than human, the population of the planet increases at three additional people per second.

Exactly why do people turn to this guy for answers? He believes he has personal contact with a magical sky deity.

Also the bible supports slavery, rape, incest, and all sorts of other civil rights abuses.

And the Vatican invests in all kinds of horrible corporations that destroy the planet.

But yeah, he has the answers and he's progressive! There's a sucker born every minute.


Yes, it's so much better to support a guy who says he talks to god and reads from a book that supports genocide and violence without any democratic process.

Because thinking is hard.


The most important people in an industrialised world are the cleaners. We can manage easily without pompous overpaid politicians, but without cleaners and those who take our rubbish to the tip?