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As Powerful Men Fall, Renewed Focus on Trump's Many Accusers and His Disgusting Admission

As Powerful Men Fall, Renewed Focus on Trump's Many Accusers and His Disgusting Admission

Jon Queally, staff writer

"One man continues to defy America’s new moral norm: its president."

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Trump’s strongest political base, the alt-right, is not just racist but also strongly supports male dominance. Trump needs to keep his base on board. Therefore, he cannot back down on his racist policies or his statements on sexual harassment of women by men. Anything that make him look weak in these two areas will hurt him politically. That means attacking political correctness which pretty much is the same as social and moral norms in American society. The white nationalist movement that Trump is leading needs to end these norms to achieve a white Christian male dominated America which is their ultimate goal.


My heart goes out to Jon Queally and the rest of the staff at Commondreams…I really do appreciate all of your hard work…but…I did not even read the piece…and…I am sorry…but I already know what a disgusting pig this man is and I didn’t need to re-enforce all of the negative vibes he brings to my mind, I am trying very hard to be kind and extend compassion to those that need it the most and trump is at the top of my list, he is very sick and needs our help before he destroys us all…as Robbie Robertson says “…with eyes of fire, no one can see…”


When will Anita Hill get her day in court of public opinion???


Yes, Trump is a very immature, dysfunctional and sick man no doubt about it! And you put it very well: “TRUMP NEEDS OUR HELP BEFORE HE DESTROYS US ALL.”

I wasn’t around during the Cuban missile crisis but this seems even worse!


Pence is Trump’s impeachment prevention.

Direct Democracy


The almost complete immunity of politicians and bureaucrats is a symptom of the disease that corporate rulership has implemented.
This has been with us for a very long time. Voting center only ensures this corruption aggression and violence continue.
Politicians and bureaucrats must feel the hearty sting of serious legal penalties. Only some independents seem willing to implement a platform where the majority can remove and punish these nasty, powerful elites who rule with impunity.
Take responsibility for your votes and don’t waste them. Fear the fear that enables ‘centrism’ to flourish and so many to suffer needlessly decade after decade.


“Seventeen women have accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment.”

A much better use of that number:

Trump does not need help or sympathy. Trump needs punishment. And the American public who continue to support him, especially those with mics in the media, should be ashamed. It’s a democracy: you get the leaders and the country you vote for.


I remember hiding under my desk very well and this is much worse, it is as close to insanity as I’ve ever seen.


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders …argued that Trump’s past behavior—unlike that of Sen. Al Franken’s, who Trump criticized this week as “really bad”—is not an issue because the president never admitted guilt and has always denied the allegations made against him. That stance, argued Hayes, doesn’t hold water given what Trump was heard openly admitting in the infamous Access Hollywood tape that emerged during the campaign.

In all my years of civil rights investigations, including sexual harassment allegations, I’ve never heard of anyone except Franken admit to any illegal discriminatory or harassment behavior. Never. So Trump just fits in with the crowd, like the little person he is. You learn to ignore it and keep on keeping on, finding them guilty if the evidence shows it. You might be surprised to learn how often it’s true. After so many years, you learn to recognize what is likely and what isn’t.

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As I said before, I am trying very hard…who am I to be jury and judge?

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And Pence is just the first line of defense. He’s backed up in the line of succession by Paul Ryan, Orrin Hatch, Rex Tillerson, Steven Mnuchin, “Mad Dog” Mattis, Jeff Sessions, Ryan Zinke, Sonny Perdue, Wilbur Ross, Alexander Acosta, Eric Hargan, Ben Carson, Rick Perry, and Betsy DeVos.


“America’s new moral norm?”

And what would that be?

Bombings of sovereign nations, OK;
assassinations, OK;
undermining sovereign foreign govts, OK;
subverting their own democratic processes, OK;
constant lies in the press, OK;
murderous police, OK;
unrepresentative political system, OK;
billionaire oligarchs, OK;
no health care, OK;
no job security, OK;

But… we draw the line at unwanted sexual advances…

Which are tasteless in the best of cases and criminal in the worst–don’t get me wrong–but fall into the category of private individual behavior, which normally eludes the reach of legislation.

The media obsession with this question is hypocritical in the extreme and a dangerous distraction from the perils threatening the planet.

I used to think Jon Queally was an interesting journalist. I don’t any longer.

Americans need to take a good long look in the mirror. What will they see there? Donald Trump.


Agreed. Racism and sexism are part of fascist ideology. We should call Trump what he is…

I’ve been meditating a lot lately. Because I want to learn not to hate. But I am only human…

As I have posted elsewhere, let’s carry all of this to the logical conclusion — anyone, anyone regardless of age ever accused of non-consensual touching, verbalizing or worse should become registered sex offenders. What should we do with the tens of millions who have done this?

Exactly my thoughts, the inmates have taken over the asylum!

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What?? What??? What??? …I …m. very …comassionate … …forgiving v person … People say this about me … BUT Hour o…e t is wrong … He needs to be out of the office… Period …if someone e wNts to help him after …so be it. …BUT LET’S GET HIM TO HELL OHT …THEN …WE SFART KN PENCE…

I don’t trust Soros anymore than I trust any other extremely wealthy person.

There may not be a connection but it’s interesting that Soros recently dumped or reduced shares in social media companies and increased Microsoft and Amazon shares and the ‘Resistance’ conference agenda included a caucus meeting entitled, “Social Networks and Politics: Dangerous Liaisons”.