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As Powers Inch Closer to Nuclear Deal, Groups Call for Diplomacy, Not War


As Powers Inch Closer to Nuclear Deal, Groups Call for Diplomacy, Not War

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

With a nuclear deal between Iran and other world powers "tantalizingly close," civil society groups on Tuesday urged U.S. lawmakers to embrace the diplomatic process, back the agreement, and reject the "new push for war."

In a letter released Tuesday, 40 U.S.-based organizations called on lawmakers to "vote in favor of an agreement when it comes before Congress and to commit to vote to uphold a Presidential veto should Congress vote against the agreement."


REALLY??? our choices are agree or go to war? How about increased sanctions? How about letting Israel bargain for itself? How about we just keep sanctions for another 40 years or so, worked well in Cuba.

How about the US takes it own advise and exposes it’s military bases, the whole country, to unsupervised inspections?

Perhaps this is the time the USA will take it’s own advise and give up the bomb?

FOOLISHNESS Sarah. If Iran or the USA wanted war, do you really think ongoing negotiations would have stopped them? Iran has no desire to invade the USA. For sure there is virtually no support to waste American lives in Iran. No rational politician thinks that after guns are drawn, the USA can govern Iran better than Iranians can (see Iraq).

Where is the proof that if Iran had the bomb that it would be more likely than any other country to use it? Where is the proof that if Iran actually used their bomb, they would survive? If this was about the bomb, then the obvious people to negotiate are those with the bomb today, agreeing that if Iran used the bomb, all others would be obliged to retaliate. MAD has stopped Russia, and it would stop Iran as well.


I can’t agree on continued sanctions. I know Mad Albright, when questioned about the Iraq sanctions killing a half million children, said, “We think it was worth it.”

  • Iran is not an aggressive nation, though it is quite good at defending itself. No intelligence agency in the world has been able to find evidence of nuclear weapon development. The Ayatollah has issued a fatwa against nuclear weaponry. Iran is sponsoring nuclear disarmament talks to at least rid the Middle East of nuclear weapons.
  • For this, Israel is demanding that the United States Fourth Reich go in and destroy Iran. It is calling in all its markers, pressuring those elected to represent the people to promote another war instead. Many of the billions the US taxpayers annually give to Israel comes right back, to bribe the Congress, the Senate, the Executive, through AIPAC, to do what Israel wants. Much of the rest of it goes straight to the arms manufacturers. You think the MICC doesn’t consider this a golden shower?
  • Some of the big problems with Iran is that they are independent, have a wealth of oil and gas, and would like to be part of BRIC and get rid of dependence on the dying dollar.
  • For this, they must be sanctioned, starved, harassed and threatened. They might even become a world leader and a leader for the peace movement.
  • Do you realize what that would do to the profits of the MICC?
  • Nope, I guess the Iranians must be starved and killed, or forced into a war. After all, a buck is a buck and the US Reich doesn’t want that factor to be touched at all.


You cannot argue that we need to grow our economy, honestly attempt to resolve problems in the MENA, and pivot to the Pacific while not taking this deal. Cognitive dissonance doesn’t stretch that far, even in America. Nobody is that good at multi-tasking endless wars, either. s/ Follow the money to Tehran and you’ll find people thinking the same things, wanting the same things and telling their leaders the same things. Take the deal. The down side is listening to Bennie the Net, Sheldon and Pamela snivel, whine, cajole and threaten: wait, they do that and way worse things already. Sec of State Kerry and Barack can then windsurf the entire month of August, too. Such a deal. Take the deal.


The only reason the Usrael hasn’t taken the path of war is the relative strength of Iran’s military causing a huge headache and perhaps a reversal of US control over Saudi oil fields. The power of a Shias uprising all over the the middle east cannot be dismissed.


Shi’a exercise of power, and maintenance of military capacity certainly is a geopolitical reality. Not sure i’d say it’s “the only reason” the USA and Israel (and edit to add Saudi) so far forbear a military assault against Iran, but it’s a good strong reason.


“nope, I guess the Iranians must be starved and killed, or forced into war”

Forced into war? and exactly how or who would they attack? Do you or anybody in Iran actually think they could win a war? You think your leaders are stupid enough to enter into a war that no “win”, even symbolically, is possible? You are farther out of line than Sarah.

Sanctions harm those who impose them as much as those who they are imposed upon. If there are sanctions, those who imposed them don’t get the stuff they were buying before.

Have not sanctions limited the number of dollars going into Iran? This is good right, giving Iran the first place in abandoning the failing currency, as you say. Some good has come of it.

And yes, I fully agree that the decision to go to war is not one made by assessing the threat but instead the profits of those who supply armies. I might also say that this holds just as true inside Iran. Nobody foments change internally when under attack externally.

And, lastly, I think you misunderstood my post. I am suggesting that sanctions are useless (Cuba). I am saying that Iran has nobody to A bomb without a devastating reprisal. I am saying that the US position requiring something of Iran that the US would never, ever agree to is misguided and ignorant. Thus, as the US and it’s allies are not stupid, war is not a logical choice for either party. SO, Sarah’s point in her article and title is bombastic and misdirected, my point.


“power of a Shias uprising all over the the middle east”? I sleep without fear. You guys have been fighting, what, 1500 years? Stupid bigots arguing in a distant desert has not yet interrupted my commute to work, or play.


Yeah, I was being a bit sarcastic. There is no problem that cannot be solved by nations or people sitting down at a table, discussing the problem, working out solutions that will not cause hurt, or harm to the people, or degradation of the planet’s ecology, then shaking hands and implementing it. Rational people do it all the time.

  • Unfortunately, we are dealing with huge egos and greed, which is unable to do any of the above except for show, with nothing accomplished except more assuaging of greed and power.
  • Someday, I hope six billion people will wake up and realize that control and governments and nations are not the property of a few hundred people in the world who own a bunch of paper.
  • We the People of the World will, some day, wake up and take it back!