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As Predicted—and Because 'Pipelines Are Bound to Spill'—Existing Keystone Gushes 200K Gallons of Oil


As Predicted—and Because 'Pipelines Are Bound to Spill'—Existing Keystone Gushes 200K Gallons of Oil

Jon Queally, staff writer

'With their horrible safety record, today's spill is just the latest tragedy caused by the irresponsible oil company TransCanada.'


Apparently, only complete catastrophe will slow the Earth-raping looters in their orgy of greed.


What an excellent opportunity to help these pipeline investors understand we are serious about protecting the planet and the tribes they so willingly abuse. Simply take whatever amount of that 200,000 gallons that can be scooped up and feed it to the investors! It isn’t as if nobody told them leaks like this could happen. Actually EVERYBODY told them that leaks like this WOULD happen, and they abused the demonstrators and jammed through completion of their pipeline, anyway. Greed has its consequences. In this case, being forced to gargle some of their leaking crude should be among those consequences. And the guy who gave them the OK, after wiser heads said “DON’T!”, well, maybe he needs to drink some, too.


Point to ponder. Ogallala Aquifer, the worlds largest known aquifer, covering eight US States,174,000 square miles, 3 billion acre-feet of H2O water, sits directly underneath this pipeline.


Poverty doesn’t exist in a healthy environment.


The aged pipeline to be concerned about is

Enbridge Line 5 is a major oil pipeline in the Enbridge Lakehead System, which conveys petroleum from western Canada to eastern Canada via the Great Lakes states. Line 5 is particularly notable for passing under the environmentally sensitive Straits of Mackinac, which connect Lake Michigan to Lake Huron. As of December 2013, the line carries 540,000 barrels (86,000 m3) of oil per day. It carries synthetic crude, natural gas liquids, sweet crude, and light sour crude.

It is well beyond it’s design life


The word spill is implanted in human minds by the civilian morale management department.

Babies spill milk on their high tray.

Oil companies burst flood gush crude.

Oil companies are uncouth crass obscene and crude.


Here’s a timeline of the 2010 spill of Enbridge Line 6B in Marshall, MI. This occurred within a residential area where it was possible to access the area for abatement and deal with the spill within a limited area. If Line 5 ever breaches, there is no limited area that a spill could be contained in, and it’s damage would forever impact the environment of at least the shoreline and bottomlands of Lakes Huron and Michigan. Should a spill occur during the winter when ice covers large areas of the northern lakes, any plan to contain or recover lost petroleum will be impossible to implement.


Honor The Earth might be a good place to send money, for those looking for a way to help:



Let’s make the GOP senators and oil executives lap it all up with their bare hands.


Native Americans didn’t know such things as poverty or wealth, they didn’t even know about the common cold or small pox, diphtheria, chicken pox malaria or for that matter any disease. They simply lived off nature’s bounties.


You cannot drink oil; but how long before you cannot drink the clean, pure water contaminated by these oil spills? It is only going to get worse until it is stopped!

Water is life; oil is death!


Whenever and however We the People finally get rid of the foul parasites that have invaded and infected this nation, we’ve got to make sure that all of the garbage they have infected the nation with is rolled back and cleaned up.
*If we get them all out, and leave their crooked laws and poison permits in place because “Its the law and we have to obey it,” then we will never recover, never cease war, and will never even attempt to heal the planet. The housecleaning will have to be soon, and thorough. We’ve about run outta time. I’ve already seen and felt the alternative at Bikini, and once is too many.


Well chosen words mini- I am in total agreement!


Thank you for that essential reminder.


The entire sphere of fossil fuel regulation has become a cost “externalized” to the health of all creatures on the planet in its path in a game of russian roulette - with the cost a weapon “externalized” onto all life in a conceptually and ethically corrupt socialism for the cancer of economic model “permanent growth”. A satanic demonic brain cancer of the ‘economics’ genus.

The theorists need to be publicly pilloried and the oil companies’ “profits” returned to where they belong. IN THE GROUND AND IN FULL REPARATION.

Truth is - NONE of us should be using private vehicles anymore - even electric - the mining on the planet has become INSANE - quite literally the staus quo will continue to deform and/or wipe out all life on the planet.


There’s an old saying in the Navy that it only takes one drop of oil in a ship’s water system to make the ship’s drinking water undrinkable.


That crap is really hard to drink, doesn’t compost well and isn’t biodegradable. Why don’t they refine it in place? Oh, and it has to be pumped hot at high pressure.


Unless we stop them. It is inspiring to see the earth defenders in Germany recognize what is at the heart: A rapacious, exploitive system called capitalism that needs to be overthrown and are confronting it with their lives. Time we collectively stopped apologizing for capitalism and engage in effective action such as massive non cooperation.


“NONE of us should be using private vehicles anymore - even electric.”

Spot on. When the Wildlife Fund report on decline of wild animal populations was published a couple years ago - noting a 50% decline in wild animal populations on Earth, in just 5 decades - the primary cause they noted was land use: development, agriculture, transportation. NOT climate change. Land use, driven by agriculture, development, and transportation.

Electric cars WILL NOT “save us.” We need a massive RAMP DOWN in “economic activity,” in industrial activity.