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As Predicted, Trump and His Billionaire Cabinet Poised to Save Many Millions Thanks to #GOPTaxScam


As Predicted, Trump and His Billionaire Cabinet Poised to Save Many Millions Thanks to #GOPTaxScam

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Donald Trump's biggest achievement so far is giving himself a $15 million tax break."


Dear God that was a nauseating show by the asswipes. I feel sorry for my senator Susan Collins. She may have just signed her own death warrant. I have voted for her every election, but I can’t vote for somebody who gets rolled by old turtle mug.


Take heart and fight!


Mr. Mueller: please add Conspiracy to Defraud the American public and Theft to that indictment.

This Tax Scam Bill is nothing but pure thievery.


I just posted the New York Times article that had researched what Trump was getting out of this tax scam, and their estimate was his saving over a billion dollars. Above and beyond everything else is is Trump being a high functioning con artist scammer, and this is clearly an example of him scamming America for his own benefit as president with a cabinet full of Republican scammers.

They need to get impeached out of office, but we will have to wait for the 2018 and 2020 elections to have a chance to vote Republicans out of the majority in congress and then vote Trump out of office. WE CAN’T REPEAT OUR PATHETIC LACK OF VOTERS AT THE BALLOT BOXES THAT WE HAD IN 2016. That was the worst voter turnout in 70 years. And that was a big part of why Trump was elected.



Now, all we need is candidates for office who will represent the vast majority of their constituents, instead of the donor class that funds their campaigns. I don’t know that I’m desperate enough to vote for Democrats, but I’d consider it if they dared to adopt this radical approach to running for office.


I’ll second that Joe.

No more Corporate Tools.

To get a job done right, you need the right tool. And Corporate Tools are good for nothing but Greed and Corruption which must be made illegal as soon as We exterminate the Pests we currently have.


Yes, the truly needy ultra-rich, barely scraping by, will finally have enough cash
to make ends meet. My heart goes out to them, in their pitiful time of need.
It is indeed a stalwart Congress that has found its courage and is at long last
looking out for them, righting the terrible inequity they have suffered in quiet
dignity for so long.
Their friend,
Croesus, the Sort of Humble


As much as I detest Trump, I have to admit from his greedy perspective, becoming POTUS was a great business decision.


run some candidates and you might get people to show up.


It is like we just has a coup and government has changed over to being a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. How did they deal with that throughout previous history? Crucifixion, heads chopped off, the rich fed to the lions, etc…Unfortunately that is politically incorrect in 2017.


with respect, Mike, if you’re under the impression that we only now fell under the control of oligarchs, I’m not sure your daily sources of information have served you very well.

we’ve generally been like this since 1776.


With respect I just don’t see where you could have read what I have posted here and get the impression that I am saying that only now we fell under the control of oligarchs. Trump seems to be the most blatant flim flam sociopath con artist president in our history.