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As President, Trump Doing Exact Opposite of What He Promised on the CampaignTrail


As President, Trump Doing Exact Opposite of What He Promised on the CampaignTrail

Bernie Sanders

In the year since his election, Trump has repeatedly reneged on his promises by supporting the interests of the wealthy and powerful at the expense of working families


Well Bernie, that is what politicians do. If you haven’t learned that by now, then methinks you are a bit deluded. And that goes for both parties in the USA.


The promises of Candidate Obama were also unceremoniously dumped by President Obama, if memory serves. Both of the privileged parties are adept at telling the rubes what they want to hear, yet we keep voting for them. Why is that, do you suppose?


Bernie, I supported your candidacy in the last election and still support you but let me ask: Why oh why did you tell us to vote for crooked Hillary?


Well . . .  Um . . .  I mean . . .  “Our” electoral system couldn’t possibly be utterly broken and corrupt, could it?
(Please excuse my imitating a typical interviewee – or interviewer – on what passes for TV news these days.)

I too supported Bernie, and I think the answer to your question is very simple.  Bernie knew that Tweetle-Dumb was lying, and that Crooked Hilliary – awful as she is – was clearly the lesser of the two great evils.  (“Our” el­ectoral system, being what it is (see above), does not provide a realistic choice of a third-party or independent candidate – that’s why Bernie ran as a DamnocRat in the primaries.)


Big Money rigs the system, but what politician besides Bernie is willing to give it up?

Direct Democracy


Rule 1: remind the electorate that trump did not do what he said he would (effectively calling him the liar he is). This in a single sentence then drop it.
Rule 2: don’t run as the anti-trump. Lay out what you are going to do; use the Carter 1976 pitch, i.e., if you elect me this is the country you shall have. Stay on message and don’t waffle about your projections in light of attacks from the right. Indeed, call them out by striking back immediately at their lies and distortions. In other words do what you did in 2016, only this time more clearly advancing the idea that the days of victimization are over.


As far as last election goes we had the choice of Caligula I, HRC, the crooked witch, or the even worse, Caligula II, lying Trump and his merry cabal of robber barons. I often joked last year, aside from my major depressive episode, that Trump’s supporters are the very ones he exploits, and to top it off, they still do, go figure. The dystopia is fast and heavy these days, Trump still lies, and we’ll continue our decline toward destitution and despair. I don’t see much to be assured about the future for those that chose to reproduce, and for that I’m sorry for the toxic mess that passes for a destroyed habitat they’ll have to live in. We need a total reboot, soon, if not 60 or so years ago, or there’s really not much of a future to expect. The DNC blew it, when Sanders would have taken lying Donald to the woodshed, too bad.


Thanks…makes sense.


Hey Bernie, did you ever go under the bus to visit any of the supporters you threw under it?


Anyone know what Bernie has to say about Donna Brazile’s revelations about the DNC?!


I would like to know that as well. Brazile has quoted his reactions and I don’t trust her one bit, so I’d like to hear it straight from Bernie.


As much as I like Bernie Sanders, it is still a pet peeve of mine to not use numbers in a straightforward way. This means using yearly numbers and saying per year whenever it isn’t obvious. Or if it isn’t an ongoing expense but a limited time investment (as with the $1 trillion infrastructure package that, surprise, never happened), say how many years this is over. The numbers in “$473 billion in cuts to Medicare and more than $1 trillion in cuts to Medicaid” are not yearly numbers (I presume they are 10 year numbers).


Isn’t the job of Attorney General to hunt down fraudsters and put them behind bars? So, why doesn’t Little Jeffy Sessions grow a pair and arrest the Orange Swindler who defrauded so many American voters with his deliberate pre-election lies? Ask yourself what kind of sh*thole country you are willing accept, and if you don’t like what is happening, give Little Jeffy a call and a prod to do his job. I’m sure that by now he would love to be forced by irate voters to arrest the Abuser-in-Chief.


I have asked that same question in a polite, direct manner on other sites, just as you have done on this site. I have received no responses, which leads me to believe that Bernie has not addressed this issue. Instead, we get messages from him about working to reform the party, etc., just after Perez purged most of the progressives from the leadership committee and replaced them with establishment figures, including Brazille.


Sorry, but this Stuff from Sanders is complete bullshit. Trump absolutely never promised to be any kind of promoter of working class interests. If he had, then why does the “business community” - from mining to oil to manufacturing to Big Ag to finance, praise Trump over and over again for “keeping his promises”?

A certain, female presidential candidate DID promise strong support for the working class - starting with $15 per hour minimum wage, strong-pro-union and pro-labor NLRB and DOL appointments and a major program of renewable energy development that would have lifted the working class everywhere. Guess who that was? (Hint: Bernie after losing the nomination, asked his supporters to vote for her)


That certain, female presidential candidate did promise to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour sometime several years from now. How much of the buying power of that future $15 would have been eaten away by inflation by the time that the minimum wage got to $15? Now if she had been promising the future minimum wage would have the same buying power as it would in 2016 then her support for the working class could be seen as being stronger. We are still waiting for Obama’s oh so sincerely promised support of unions, but to be fair I guess we should not be biased by that from believing that a certain, female presidential candidate was serious and sincere in promising strong pro-union support.

My hindsight is not 20-20 but still I think it to be unfortunate that 8 years earlier that a certain, female candidate lost the primary to Barak Obama. It seems possible to me that she might possibly have given away less to the elites and may have bungled the rescuing of the financial industry after the 2008 crash with the result that the financial pirates were not made completely whole afterwards. At the least we would not have had the obscene choice foisted on us in 2016 of Clinton or Trump.

Sorry Yunzer but Trump absolutely deliberately gave the impression that he would be a promoter of working class interests. Little details like infrastructure jobs, repairing trade deals, cleaning the swamp, fixing health care. To the working class he was painting a pretty picture. He told us to trust him, that it would be amazing. (I supported Stein)


Then why is Trump getting praise from the “business community” for keeping his promises?
Who was right about the promises?

And “draining the swamp” can mean Althing the listener desire’s it to be! Don’t you think by “swamp” he meant government regulations and “special interests” like labor and environmentalists?

Why and how, for crying out loud, did you EVER think a criminal gangster billionaire could EVER be a defender of our interest’s,? Are the that big a gullible, stupid idiot???


It’s hard to believe progressives would actually defend a man who has spent the last decade-and-a-half running scams on retirees, stiffing contractors, and bankrupting companies while writing off massive debt. The guy is the epitome of haughty, inherited wealth. He has done zero to earn anyone’s trust, and everything for any sane progressive to doubt him. He’s refused to release his tax returns, treated financial disclosures as a joke, and most of his staff has done so too. His son-in-law, badly indept himself, is busy hanging with the new overlord of Saudi Arabia perhaps in the hopes of getting a payout. And, of course, the majority in Congress is busy writing a tax bill that basically legitimizes graft at the expense of the middle class—Trump will happily sign it.

But, yeah, we stopped the TPP and that vile Clinton, who would’ve vetoed the tax bill and put a horrible moderate on the court instead of a rightwing hack like Gorusch. Yay.


Trump is getting praises from the “business community” for keeping promises that he made to the “business community”. To us he gave a pipe dream. He is a con-artist, very good at conveying false expectations and preying on hopes. Did I think that Trump could ever be a defender of our interests? No. Did I think that Clinton could ever be a defender of our interests? No. Did I want a choice who would have defended our interests? Yes.