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As Presidential Bid Takes Off, Scott Walker Takes Aim at Women's Rights?


As Presidential Bid Takes Off, Scott Walker Takes Aim at Women's Rights?

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In a move that was blasted by reproductive rights groups and the state's medical community, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on Monday signed a bill that bans abortions in the state after 20 weeks of pregnancy, with only a narrow allowance for medical necessity.

The ban makes some exceptions when the woman's life is in danger, but not for cases of rape, incest, or when the fetus has severe abnormalities.


I don’t understand his hatred of women, families, the working poor, minorities and, well, really anyone who isn’t rich, white & paying him. His incredible insensitivity to everyone outside of his little enclave is past comprehension. I wonder if they people who voted for him 2x, ever really expected to be absolutely crushed by his hatred.


How about a boycott of Wisconsin - tourism, goods, etc.?


Walker is one of the more eminent sociopaths amongst his fellow sociopathic Republican “candidates.”
He’s starting to manifest in ways as the new Nixon. Of whom: Even though Nixon’s machinations were well known by the 1972 presidential election, he was re-elected in forty-nine states.


I’ve never been there & won’t go. I would boycott anything made there. If I had the time to really delve into the products from there, I would gladly give up my favorites. I’ll sign petitions, make calls, write letters. But, I’m not a resident, so it wouldn’t go far. But, I’m willing to ban him & his state.


I agree! Boycott everyone of these bastards. For the life of me I cannot imagine why any woman would vote republican.


► He’s banking there are plenty of people in America who think the hatred is for someone else


Every time I see this guy’s sorry puss, I think “who put this ahole in the office of governor?” I believe more and more that the major part of the US voters are either gonifs or Neanderthals.


Too bad Walker has single handedly decimated the great reputation Wisconsin has always had in education and progressive politics. well, except for that one Anti-Communist nutcase. Walker is playing to his far, far, far right base that is losing its strength by being so absolutely out of touch with the majority of Americans. By making the abortion issue one of their top priorities they are failing to address the issues that really matter to most of the people, good paying jobs with decent wages, etc.etc fill in the blanks_____________, The abortion issue does nothing to promote a more solid economy nor does it make any progress in moving the state forward. However, with the Big Bucks Banking on Walker and insuring his nomination by Swift Boating the opposition we can be assured that whatever has gone down in Wisconsin will be coming to a state near you soon.


What happened to republicans being against overreaching and intrusive government? What happened to republicans being against regulating businesses, health care, and personal lives? Oh right, they’re only against those things when they’re puppet masters tell them to be against them. Talk about fragmented and disconnected political beliefs/practices; these guys exemplify it! Hypocrites!


Actually, they weren’t that well known by most at that time. I remember having Sunday dinner at my mom’s house shortly after the Watergate break-in. We were, of course, discussing the latest news. I was chortling how Nixon was finally going to get his (although it wasn’t that obvious at the time.) My mom looked at me with a horrfied expression and said, “well…you know the president didn’t have anything to do with that!” She said the words “the president” like we were talknig about god in church. I couldn’t believe she was that naive (I had lived in DC for a year) about the govt., but she was serious and has never apologized for accusing me of treason for suggesting the president might not walk on water. It really wasn’t a done deal until Nixon actually came on TV and resigned. It kept looking like he might pull the rabbit out of the hat (like he did during the Hugh’s Tool Co. scandal) and come up smelling like a rose. If he hadn’t taped his own crimes and failed to destroy the evidence, we’d never know about the real Nixon.


That’s it in a nut shell. Thanks for your spot-on analysis.