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As Press Swarm Greta, Fellow Youth Activists Stage 'Powerful and Strong' Silent Protest at COP 25

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/06/press-swarm-greta-fellow-youth-activists-stage-powerful-and-strong-silent-protest

I thank these young people for their courage and “awakeness”! They are, literally, fighting for their futures. Stay strong, young people and do NOT give in to the propaganda, verbal assaults, and put-downs you are sure to face from the establishment “elite”.< (HATE that word when describing “RICH PRICKS”)

ALSO: If you are old enough to vote in the U.S., remember this word: SANDERS!


I have long called for silent protests and have in the past contacted those that needed the message. See how well it works?

The movement must escalate to acts of civil disobedience.


Recent Global CO2 Trend (NOAA & ESRL)

~ 2.3 ppm CO2 increase averaged over the span of the graph above (2009 thru 2019).

And no hint of a reduction.

This is why the Greta led school strikes -

That curve has to stop rising, asap !

Some parts of the climate crisis are pretty simple. Your school is probably burning fossil fuel for heat and so is your house. The technologies for displacing that fuel are around, and better technologies are coming.

Thank you Greta and fellow youth activists. Many are tired of the raging ones like Trump, but SILENCE can sometimes be the very best tool. SILENCE is golden, that can be true-----but SILENCE as in the future sousnd of a dying planet---- that is more powerful than any words.

Not sure about you but for me “news” by tweets is getting mighty old. How about some depth??

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