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As Prices 'Skyrocket,' 20 States Sue Drug Companies for Collusion, Conspiracy

As Prices 'Skyrocket,' 20 States Sue Drug Companies for Collusion, Conspiracy

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Twenty state attorneys general filed a lawsuit on Thursday against several pharmaceutical companies, accusing them of entering into "numerous illegal conspiracies" to fix generic drug prices at consumers' expense.


And, of course if they are found guilty, it will be appealed up the line until it reaches one of the many “bought” courts, where the case will be dismissed as having no merit or some such, and the prices will continue to rise.

  • That’s life in the Fourth Reich!

Surprise, surprise, surprise…


Sorry, but there’s not tons that can be done to lower the prices for drugs unless institutions like the WTO are radically changed. Research TRIPS at the WTO and how hard developing countries had to fight to get public health exceptions when it came to things like generic drugs. Also, research how patents are treated by the WTO. The TPP would massively increase corporate protectionism in regards to patents too, allowing things like “evergreening”, where if a company changes something small about the drug, the patents could be extended further, giving a monopoly on the drug itself for decades. Given that the US government pays a large percentage of R & D costs, it makes no sense and is just another sign of systematic corruption that neither party is capable of, or interested in, addressing. Doubly given that the corrupt bastards in government have made it illegal for many US government agencies to use their economies of scale to negotiate down the prices of drugs with these crooks, and also bars re-importation (our system is so insane that it would be cheaper to import drugs bought by foreign governments made by our drug manufactures than to buy the drugs by any other means). As with many other issues, these types of problems are self-inflicted and easily corrected. The people in government are some of the worst people our country has to offer, which says a lot about us.


Bitter pills at a bastardized price

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We really need to figure out how to dismantle Big Pharma or it WILL kill us. These CEO’s need a long walk off a short pier and a bitch slap or two along the way. If they have no qualms about hurting us knowingly, then I have no hesitation in feeding them to the wolves.


define “free market?”.

When one can freely murder and “disappear” tens of thousands of people with total impunity, while building your kingdom out of the most free market capitalism in existence, then you are a Mexican drug warlord kingpin.

Although, possibly a country such as Somalia or South Sudan may have markets more “free” than even Mexico or any South American country.

Yep. Those regs really suck.

But for true motivation, lynching upon trees and street posts as the whites did to the blacks throughout the 20th century in the south. Would be such rich irony.

tit for tat

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I had brought this up before on this website and was assumed to be making things up. Maybe this article will help anyone that questioned me. But unlikely.

Look for a lot more of this rampant corruption as the new conservative regime will be taking over total control of everything…Skullduggery’s only limits will be their imagination…You think Trump cares what you have to spend on medicine.

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I dont mean to be objectionable, but your wrong. The dreason why drug prices are going up is because several months ago big pharma lobbied congress to embargo India’s generics and won. It was on this website and even mass media outlets, so not sure how this was missed. Although i do like what you wrote. I agree about the lack of care and concern. The embargo would not have gone through if ANY politician cared. But they also invest in these companies, so its hard for them to care when money is more important than the people that elect them.

What you are saying is wrong, sorry. There is zero denying that the WTO and how “intellectual property” is treated at the WTO and within bi-lateral trade agreements is a dominant reason why drug prices are insanely high. When the WTO was created, the Clinton administration fought against there being public health exceptions, and it was beaten back by developing countries. The big fight then was on access to generic AIDS drugs. Well, the corporate protectionism has spread, and the gains since then have been whittled away. To claim that drug prices are insanely high and growing is because of one single incident isn’t accurate. It’s a systematic thing and isn’t anything new.

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http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/26721-big-pharma-lobbies-hard-to-end-india-s-distribution-of-affordable-generic-drugs. Heres a source of many. So, no, i’m not wrong.

Here are some things vital to U.S. and Israeli interests. That is the interests of the U.S. and Israeli People. As opposed to the trans national interests of subsidized GENERIC PHARMACEUTICAL corporations named in a 20-state CARTEL GENERIC DRUG PRICE-FIXING scheme. Namely TEVA LLC and the institutionally corrupt interests of Israel’s oligarchs and TEVA’s U.S.-based cartel partners in trans national GENERIC DRUG PRICE\PRIVATE PROFIT BOOSTERS dba MYLAN LLC and HERITAGE PHARMACEUTICALS LLC in New Jersey.

It wasn’t AIPAC that paid for the English sub-titles so the enablers of Israel’s kleptocratic oligarchy could receive their day in the sun! Add former Israeli Accountant General and now gifted Macro-Econ Professor Yaron Zelekha, willing to sacrifice his political career in a Mediterranean nation-state where trying to play GOOD GOVERNMENT whistle-blower in the tradition of such under-appreciated U.S. Public Servants as General Smedley Butler, Daniel Ellsberg, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden can be hazardous to your health.

Has anyone checked on the health of another U.S. Armed Forces Procurement Abuse Whistle- Blower who stood her ground and after much travail triumphed? DEMOCRACY NOW’s Amy Goodman opened her broadcast of July 26, 2011 with this lede:_ “Bunnatine “Bunny” Greenhouse, the former chief oversight official of contracts at the Army Corps of Engineers, has reached a $970,000 settlement six years after she was demoted for publicly criticizing a multi-billion-dollar, no-bid contract to Halliburton—the company formerly headed by then-Vice President Dick Cheney. Greenhouse had accused the Pentagon of unfairly awarding the contract to Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root.”_**

For a Micro-E-con explanatory look at how the pauperization of a diversified economy occurs via Corporate Coup D’Etat, and also for an example to the French and EU on how to successfully prosecute heads of state and mayors of capital cities like Jerusalem on charges of Government Malfeasance and corruption while actually jailing these White Collar criminals (like former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former Mayor of Jerusalem Uri Lupoliansky) turn to YOU TUBE where the 2015 Israeli Arutz (Channel) 8 investigative series MAGASH Ha’KESEF\THE SILVER PLATTER has at long last added its first 3 hour-long episodes with English sub-titles.

The political economy of our globalist Corporate Coup D’Etat and the cost of institutional corruption can and have been measured. Even NY TIMES Nobel E-Con Prize-winning calumnist Paul Krugman has cited the numbers now that his DEMOCRATS are out of the running and he can keep his incisive if sadly selective partisan gaze trained on the GOP and SWAMP TRUMP. Economists and State Prosecutors of White Collar Crime don’t like to refer to these measurements. This results in either declining to prosecute, as in the case of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice after his boss, President Obama succeeded the Bush-Cheney-Paulson TARP bail-out of clearly fraudulent business models as practiced by the profit-maximizers. Or as in France and the EU conducting a trial and finding the defendant, IMF central banker Ms. LaGarde guilty, yet not sentencing her to a prison term. Not even setting back her career in Global Banking!

CORPORATE PRIVATIZERS and the pay-2-play governments who enable their anti-competitive consolidation of capital needed yet again to socialize their costs and shift their entrepreneurial and de-regulated innovative risks from themselves and their investors to the tax-payers. Now we see in France and the EU that a guilty verdict against a central banker can be accomplished, but without a jail term being imposed.

As though that is going to address the moral hazards of Corporate Welfare and what a very insightful WW II Vet turned Ivy League academic named Sheldon Wolin termed INVERTED TOTALITARIANISM. Search YouTube for the series of 1-hour interviews with Sheldon Wolin at his assisted living facility in Salem, Oregon just before he passed a couple years ago. Where only off-the-reservation journalist Chris Hedges dared to wander and express interest in understanding the outcomes of our Cro-Neo-Lib\Con economic policies. Crony Capitalism at its most stark, as our U.S. cities turn into Neo-Liberal E-CON Sacrifice Zones.

Hedges took a film crew to interview Shelly Wolin on the Ivy League professor’s model of INVERTED TOTALITARIANISM in the decades since the CORPORATE COUP D’ETAT commenced. Which I date to the Reagan-Bush years with de-regulation accelerated by the HOUSE OF CLINTON and the Coup De Grace of Globalism, President George HW Bush’s bail-out of the collapsing Savings & Loan industry in 1989. Including the collapse under bad loans provided to Friends of the Bush, a group of venture capitalists chartered in Belize but banking in a Colorado S&L presided over by the President’s son, Neil Bush, SILVERADO BANK.

That’s an eye-opening Wikipedia page as well and I don’t think Hollywood will be churning out any historical dramas explaining how the CORPORATE COUP D’ETAT was enabled.

The U.S. with its reserve currency for the world and safe-havens for the now un-fettered flows of global capital concentration could provide any serious inquiring documentary journalists or film\tv dramatists with a Macro-Economic view. But we don’t have Educational TV or any studio insulated from MARKET FORCES, so the dumbing down has carried U.S. as far as President-elect Trump’s Team.

Now there is an illustration not of the ending of Institutional Corruption, but of how its destructive effects pauperizing an economy can indeed be measured which is the first step to providing a body politic with a rip-rap back to PUBLIC INTEREST policy-making. See especially Episode 2 focusing on the running out of the Israeli government of its whistle-blowing young Accountant General, Yaron Zelekha and the background on the Public\Private Partnership that provided Israeli-based Generic Pharmaceutical trans national corporation TEVA with tax-breaks and other subsidies and incentives in the name of creating jobs and building Israel’s economy only to have TEVA’s corporate board decide to relocate their production facilities off-shore where labor and manufacturing costs were cheaper. Ka-ching!

Episode 3 focusing on E-CON Professor Dani Gottwein’s interview with various trans national CEO’s and documenting the socio-economic engineering that went into converting Israel (including the majority of the founding state’s population of North African and Muddle Eastern Jewish emigrants who after decades of structured racism by the then Secular Ashkenazi Zionist founders formed the PANTHERIM HA’SHECHORIM\ BLACK PANTHERS modeled after Oakland’s finest who now are bribed by the oligarchy a la Minister of Culture Miri Regev to help keep the BIBI coalition in power) from a collectivist socialist state with social safety nets in place and in terms of income equity ranked nearest to Sweden, to the familiar to U.S. cut-throat Neo-Liberal FINANCE SECTOR-dominated oligarchy PRIVATIZING LIKE BANNSHEES. Also now ranked down in income equity and distribution among such THIRD WORLD nations as those from under-developed Africa, agrarian Asia and, ahem, the U.S.

The SILVER PLATTER\MAGASH HAKESEF episodes will clarify and help fill in the highlights to yesterday’s story about the 20 U.S. states suing Generic Drug corporations TEVA, MYLAN, and HERITAGE alleging they colluded in a GLOBAL PRICE-FIXING CARTEL. Also some insight into the 7 U.S. Hedge Fund directors of PLATINUM PARTNERS that were trying to get to Israel for sanctuary ahead of the SEC and U.S. Justice Department…

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