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As Prisons Across US Report Surge in Covid-19 Cases, Supreme Court Rules Jail Does Not Have to Provide Basic Protections to Inmates

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/06/prisons-across-us-report-surge-covid-19-cases-supreme-court-rules-jail-does-not-have

An absolutely nutty decision by the SCOTUS majority of five.

There is a punishment mentality about people who go to jail among conservative justices (and in conservative/republicans in general) that goes well beyond paying a “debt to society” for crimes committed.


This is such an activist court majority. The Supremes in prison and jail cases have always ruled in the past that conditions must be safe and sanitary. What a bunch of monsters.


Time to require the court to go back to the bench, there’s no risk right?


Only a death culture would create this situation and all that preceded it.


This is the world that the Greedy Old Perpetrator party built.

Allowing them to inject the Supreme Court with their perverse hatred of the less fortunate has created a court whose ideological bent is similar to Medieval times.

Who’d have thought these subhuman justices could have risen to the legitimate standing of the most powerful court in the United States.

It’s clear that not all of the human race has evolved.

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This “Beacon of human rights,” is actually a bastion of human wrongs.

Basic human decency is null and void in Amerika. Has been since its inception.

Meanwhile, likely at least one county jail or state prison in USA is under a federal consent order to provide medical for each prisoner.

What bureau of prisons can do:

  1. release non violent low level drug offenders.
  2. Go to no bail for misdemeanors like shoplifting toothpaste or bread.
  3. Go to tents! Set up 12 ft fence, add constatina at top. Use porta potties.
    Again, this is for individuals who are not violent or dangerous.

Use rural area. Like unused farm land.

Another 4 years of trump & Co will surely repair this astonishing decision by the “conservative” court - yeah, another two justices to scrotus will be just ducky, far better than what the evil DP stooges Biden might nominate would be.

How sad that we have Supreme court whose majority is controlled by hate, fear, and ignorance. Trumps Great America?