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As Pro-Trump Mob Boasts About Roles in Deadly Capitol Invasion, Indigenous Water Protecters Charged for Peaceful Keystone XL Protests

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/08/pro-trump-mob-boasts-about-roles-deadly-capitol-invasion-indigenous-water-protecters


Where is everybody? This is a really important issue…sigh…


All people and all living beings owe great gratitude to Jasilyn Charger, Oscar High Elk and others for their actions on behalf of our water and planet.

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“Felony aggravated eluding?” Are you kidding me? This charge represents their ire that they cannot control the water itself which is ever flowing and eluding. We have seen over and over again, most recently in D.C., that what they cannot control they want to destroy.


Many of those white protestors were allowed to leave Washington DC and return home before they were arrested. A legal type pointed out that this would make convictions less likely. Were they arrested at the scene of the crime in Washington DC they would have had to stand trial in Washington DC with a jury selected from residents of that city. If they are arrested in Mobile Alabama they would stand trial in a Court there and it much more likely they be let off by a “jury of their peers”

North and South Dakota are very right wing “white” states. This peoples charged will not be facing a jury of peoples off their reservation. They will face a jury of white people who do not much like them. The Justice system itself is racist by design.


and assault.


The first 5-10 mins is good with a lot of repeating after that. Facebook will not let me stream the other people involved in the video (cannot process request popups). An interesting inside look and vibe.

I wonder how many of them were allowed to board airplanes.

remember when Obama said to let things play out at DAPL and then let the militarily armed corporate thugs assault the Water Protectors–this is the “playing out” with the government once more protecting the corporate thugs and punishing the people working to make life better-thank Obama for what is happening to the indigenous peoples–a design feature --same as the continued assault on other minorities — a design feature of the real American paradigm–the exposure of the real soul of America–

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Inside job. That investigating has to continue so we can get a commission going.
Then we can get answers like with 9-11 and the JFK assassination. NOT
This is the escalation that has happened partly because no action was taken against the Bush Administration.
Thank goodness trump will be out of pardon power very soon.

The president and president of vice, have been mute thus far.
Maybe they should enlist Perry from Texas to come out and declare an 'OOPS!"

Just wait until Joebama’s new “domestic terrorist” policy gets enacted in reaction to the King Kon Konfederacy. These people will be labeled as domestic terrorists and get 20 years in federal prison as soon as they knock over a traffic cone. The left, not the right, is going to pay dearly for the recent Washington fiasco and it will be the Democrats to blame.

I’ve heard the KKK got its name from the sound of a rifle cocking - klu klux. Some on the Left probably will be harmed by the same batons and guns pointed oppression. In response some will break glass and spray vulgarities, and others will make an attempt to try those who abuse their authority in some courthouse of public affairs.

The Left learned that a long time ago, these bozos must be learning disabled.

Unfortunately there is good reason to believe your post is substantially accurate.