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As Progressives Nationwide Urgently Mobilize to Block Pompeo, Hillary Clinton Reportedly Gave Him 'Advice'


As Progressives Nationwide Urgently Mobilize to Block Pompeo, Hillary Clinton Reportedly Gave Him 'Advice'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As civil rights organizations, LGBTQ advocates, environmentalists, and progressive lawmakers continue their urgent push to prevent the confirmation of torture-supporting warmonger Mike Pompeo as secretary of state, at least one prominent political figure has been perfectly "willing to help" Pompeo survive his upcoming Senate hearings: former Secretary of State


Clinton is perhaps a slight shade of difference from Pompeo. Hard to discern, really.

Why wouldn’t she wholeheartedly support Pompeo, like countless other Democrats will?


I can’t believe the irony in this scolding of the Red Queen. For months, many of us were subject to whips of “lesser evils” and now we are supposed to genuflect when its proponents scold HRC (after she is safely out of the picture). U.S. ‘progressives’ make me puke. As for the rest of you



Hell, she did the stuff (as ‘co-president’ and SoS) that the pissant Pompeo has wet dreams about.


Two peas in that particular pod.

Recall when she reacted with glee over arms sells going to Saudi Arabia?


Did she ever call for prosecution of torturers? Did any Democrats call out for prosecution of torturers?

Clinton, relative to those who tortured during the Bush Administration…

She… “didn’t want people to be criminally prosecuted, people who were doing what they were told to do, that there were legal opinions supporting what they were told to do.”

Sound familiar?

Obama, Feinstein, Clinton, Pompeo, Haspel, ad nauseum.


Yup. Hard to keep from choking on the bile that your ‘elites’ produce.


"Why is Clinton even taking a call from such a monstrous person?"

Because they both serve basically the same masters with only limited differences…beside gender.

"We came, We Saw, (We lied), He Died - quote from just such a “monstrous person”…


Just more evidence that the Dims and Reps are simply two sides of the same bad penny. Please join us in the Green Party, a party of peace, that is trying to end business as usual and end and replace the Democratic Party. We will end our financial and military support for governments that oppress their citizens and neighbors (especially Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia), and work to make life better for average people and tax the rich, because we don’t take big money, or the influence that comes with it.


Nothing says more about you than the company you keep:


‘our’ elites. sorry


Well, 2 of her most ardent supporters seem to be MIA today. Interesting!


Nobody is blocking anything…the democrats will make sure to supply just enough votes to ensure he is confirmed. As always…


Of course she gives Pompeo advice, he will serve the interests that she served…and didn’t she
puff out her chest in Election 2016 when debating Bernie, and proudly BOAST how
Henry (war criminal) Kissinger admires her…and doesn’t she vacation with boyfriend Henry??
Show me your friends,as they say, …and “Cry for Me” Clinton’s friends have stunk for
30 plus years…with very few exceptions and those were only to serve her ambition…


“Why is Clinton even taking a call from such a monstrous person?”

Why are you surprised by this? Hillary got her advice from Kissinger, her BFF.

That she isn’t in prison for her “pay to play” money laundering shows that justice is dead in this country.

But for some reason Mueller is going after Trump for supposedly taking $150,000 from the Ukraine government, while Hillary who took millions from foreign governments and people who had business before her state department hasn’t even been investigated for that. Russia gave her foundation millions and Bill $500,000 when they were negotiating the uranium one deal, and she is still walking around and blaming everyone for her loss and giving advice to war criminals.

Thank Gawd she is not president!


I hope that you are not serious about not criticizing Herheinous. She is not out of the picture, she’s involved in many things behind the scenes.

She is the only candidate for president that after she lost the election hasn’t faded away in the background. She’s out telling anyone who will listen that the only reason she lost is because of numerous outside interference. Did Gore whine after he lost to Bush? Nope and he had good reason to do so.
Hillary’s going down in history as the biggest sore loser ever!

My bad. I read your comment incorrectly. Apologies …


Agree with you 100%…
however, if she was president, she wouldn’t be torturing everyone with endless
boring theories of why she is not in the White House…
why doesn’t someone have the guts to say to her, "hey, “Cry for Me”…
and using her own words (Benghazi hearings)
`at this point what difference does it make’??


That is why I came up with the title of “Cry for Me” Clinton…
she has been referred sometimes as the U.S. Eva Peron…however, unlike
Peron (at least the Musical, Evita)…where Peron, dying of cancer in her early 30s, had
the courage and nobility to say, “don’t pity me, …don’t cry for me”…
“Cry for Me” Clinton WAILS non-stop and calls everyone a sexist who doesn’t rip their
clothes, dust themselves with ashes and wail along with her…
anyone else would be told to get over it already…


The only thing that really matters at this point is telling our representatives to vote no on this nomination. This administration is becoming scarier by the minute.



With all due respect, your appeal is too calm, rational – and correct.

I mean we all know that Trump won because Dr. Stein and Ajamu Baraka led the Green effort that destroyed the noble Red Queen and the Dems are the true party of the people. You must learn to be pragmatic and realistic.

…and so your 15 seconds of hate is ending for the moment… LONG LIVE OB AND BIG SISTER!!!


Madame Mayhem meets Monsieur Malevolence