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As Propaganda Rains Down in US, Real Bombs Kill Scores of Civilians in Yemen


As Propaganda Rains Down in US, Real Bombs Kill Scores of Civilians in Yemen

Jon Queally, staff writer

Just after a fear-soaked yet uneventful Fourth of July weekend was coming to an end in the United States, it was reported out of the impoverished and war-torn country of Yemen on Monday that a series of airstrikes by Saudi Arabia—which is receiving ongoing military intelligence and logistical support from the U.S. military—had killed one hundred or more innocent people, including men, women, and children.


So called news is just intended to control the public mind.

Real news has to be discovered. I am glad that CD is one of my venues for staying informed.

The MSM news outlets can be understood more by what they don’t say than by what they do.


Clicking on the CNN link a red flag (how appropriate) appeared in the lower left advising that terms of use and privacy policy had changed and that use of the site means you agree to the “new” (the word ‘terms’ is not included in the red flag message).
Given the institutionalized non-accountability ‘fine print’ thrust of state/corporate alignments, I briefly browsed both. It really is no wonder that financial institutions like Goldman’s Sacks assume that they can plow the world under, yank roots and take a collective dump wherever and whenever they choose. And those are choices that are made.
Never mentioned is the decades long, on-going plunder in most of the places and peoples native to them that are never mentioned. What was for a time touted to be to vast to grasp, too complex to understand, too powerful to resist is being increasingly un-touted. Ethics rooted in accountability, transparency, direct public engagement in governance might be at a nadir, but the solid ground of that, ultimately, does not change as long as there is life.
Gratitude to all those who work to make this sh!t into workable compost.

The entire structure of the ‘fine print’/secrecy mentality is like a set of branch feeding tubes from the centuries old colonization play book increasingly loading itself with toxic exceptionalism opiates apparently mistaking them for building blocks.


Dehumanizing our fellows is an ongoing societal problem. In my classes, I consistently encounter dismissive comments from students who do not feel they are in any way responsible for the pain of others, or acknowledge that their behaviors might either indirectly contribute to this suffering, or benefit from it. There is a tendency to avoid any kind of responsibility, while constantly and loudly clamoring to have their rights respected. So–the adults are teaching their children well, it seems.


Get them to check the clinical definitions of “Narcissism” and “Psychopathy”. Ask them if that’s the kind of life they want to lead.


The United States Fourth Reich is the greatest purveyor of mayhem in the history of the world. Every nation or movement that stands up to the Reich is immediately a terrorist nation or group and mercilessly attacked, either by the Reich itself, or one or more of the many sycophants in its “Axis of Evil”.

  • The PNAC plan continues to go forth, just a little behind schedule, to give the Reich Full Spectrum Domination of the world through military and financial control.
  • To achieve this goal, millions must die, of war, starvation, disease, their lands laid waste and sterile, their towns, villages and homes destroyed.
  • Hitler and the Third Reich could not even have imagined what the Fourth Reich has “achieved” in their wettest dreams.
  • Hmmm, I wonder when they will attack Greece?


Headline is right on the money and while bombs may not drop on innocents every day of the year, although it could be, the 24/7 propaganda bomb is neverending and does have an effect on people who might take it seriously. As I recall after 9/11/01, a pentagon spokesperson saying that in the future, around 93% of propaganda used by it’s psy-ops program would be directed at Americans and not our so-called enemies. What struck me then was the percentage, since I had thought all we received from corporate media was propaganda, not 93%.